Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Roundup Week 4

Another week down the tubes, and I'm further behind than ever. I didn't post a blessed thing on Friday, and I am three or four days behind on both of my compilations. At least I can say that I actually bought a couple of Christmas presents. Usually that has to wait until the weekend before the big day, but I'm a little bit ahead of that curve this year. I don't care how much I prepare, I just can't seem to get enough music ready to go for the holiday season. But none of that matters to you guys, you just want to get some great Christmas music. Let's take a look at what got shared in the past week:

Two Sides Of Christmas
The Idlers-The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Country Christmas
A Different Kind Of Christmas
USAF-Holiday Greetings And Best Wishes
Eddie Arnold Sings Christmas
George Feyer-Echoes Of Christmas (rerun, but remastered!)
Grace Castagnetta-Christmas On The Siena Pianoforte
Eddie Layton-Organ Music For Christmas (rerun)
The Best Of Christmas In July 2006 (rerun)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Carols (rerun)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Songs (rerun)
Dominic Savino-Hi-Fi Christmas Party (rerun)
Christmas Favorites
White Christmas
Bianco-Joy To The World (rerun)
A Family Christmas (rerun)
Buddy & Bunny Burden-Christmas Favorites (rerun)
The Jack Halloran Singers-The Little Drummer Boy
The Jack Halloran Singers-Christmas Is A-Comin'
Fred Waring-Nutcracker Suite (rerun)
Fred Waring-Christmas Time
Fred Waring-Twas The Night Before Christmas (rerun)
Dick Leibert-Christmas At Radio City
Dick Leibert-The Happy Hits Of Christmas (rerun)
Dick Leibert-The Sound Of Christmas (rerun)
Dick Leibert-Sing And Rejoice (rerun)
Dick Leibert-A Merry Wurlitzer Christmas (rerun)

Week The Third:

The Three Suns-Busy Holiday (rerun)
The Three Suns-Raggin' The Scales (rerun)
The Three Suns-Silver Skates
The Three Suns-Uncle Mistletoe (rerun, newly recorded)
The Three Suns-Sleigh Ride
The Three Suns-A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!
The Three Suns-The Sounds Of Christmas (rerun)
The Three Suns-Christmas Party (rerun)
The Three Suns-Your Christmas Favorites (rerun)
The Blackwood Brothers And The Statesmen-A Musical Merry Christmas
60 French Girls & The Christmas Bell Ringers-Joyeaux Noel (rerun)
Raymond Lefevre-Merry Christmas (rerun)
The Shepherd's Children's Chorus-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
The Moog Machine-Christmas Becomes Electric (rerun)
Frankie Yankovic-Christmas Party
The Moishe Oysher-Chanukah Party (rerun)
Eddie Dunstedter-The Bells Of Christmas Chime Again (rerun)
Eddie Dunstedter-The Bells Of Christmas (rerun)
Merry Christmas From The Command Family Of Recording Stars (rerun)
When Christmas Comes To Our House
Songs To Sing At Christmas Time (rerun)
The Eric Silver Chorale-Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly
Snap-On Male Chorus-Carols Of Christmas (rerun)
John Donnelly And Sons-Sing It Outdoors
Merry Christmas With The KE-Notes (rerun)
David Rose-Little Drummer Boy
David Rose-A Merry Christmas To You (rerun)
George Wright-Christmas Time (rerun, in mono, but new in stereo)
George Wright-Merry Christmas (rerun)

Week Two:

Christmas In Hi-Fi With Ramona Gerhard
The Ramsey Lewis Trio-More Sounds Of Christmas
Paul Mauriat-The Christmas Album (rerun)
Christmas With Big Tiny Little (rerun)
Pete Fountain-Candy Clarinet (rerun, but now in stereo)
Dorothy Collins-Season's Greetings In Song
Blue Barron-Christmas EP
Seeburg Music Library-Matching Christmas Library
Muzak Christmas (rerun)
A To Z (Not Q Or Z) 2007
The Mike Douglas Christmas Album
Mike Douglas-My Kind Of Christmas (rerun)
Christmas With The Don Les Harmonicats (rerun)
The Medallion Orchestra And Chorus-The Sound Of Christmas-Deck The Halls
Ruth Welcome-Christmas In Zitherland (rerun)
Ethel Smith-Christmas Music (12")
Ethel Smith-Christmas Music (7" EP) (rerun)
Charo-(Mamacita) Donde Esta Santa Claus? (rerun)
Disco Belles-Tis The Night To Disco
Holiday People-Holiday Disco (rerun)
Max Fagen-Christmas Disco Party (rerun)
Montana Orchestra-Merry Christmas
The Glen Riddle Franciscans-Choral Group-Sisters Of St. Francis-We Sing Of Christmas
Norman Luboff Choir-The Night Before Christmas
The Merriest Of Christmas Pops (rerun)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (rerun)
Union Central Chimes-Christmas Carols
The Bison Glee Club-The Joy Of Christmas
Leo Addeo-Organ And Chimes Play Christmas Carols (rerun)
Gary Mann-Blues For Baby Jesus (rerun)

Week One:

Christmas Party
Christmas Classics 1963 (rerun)
The Pete King Chorale-Christmas Time
The Jimmy Joyce Singers With Billy May-A Christmas To Remember (rerun)
Frank Chacksfield-Music For A Merry Christmas (rerun, but now in Stereo!)
Arthur Godfrey-All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Christmas With Arthur Godfrey And All The Little Godfreys
Christmas Greetings From The Town Pipers (rerun)
Christmas Favorites Sung By The Magnificent Magnavox Chorus
Swing Along With Santa's Snowmen
The Ray Charles Singers-Christmas At Home (rerun)
The Ray Charles Singers-Here We Come A-Caroling (rerun)
The Ray Charles Singers-Winter Wonderland (rerun)
The Mundell Lowe Ensemble-The Sounds Of Christmas
Greetings From The McGuire Sisters (rerun)
Christmas 1968 With The Going Thing
Gisele MacKenzie-Christmas With Gisele (rerun)
The Joy Strings-Well Seasoned

I just can't believe how much music that is. I'm out of control!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie!

Has anybody have an request for a hard-to-find LP called "Ed Sullivan's Music of Christmas"? It has Tom Gregory on it, but many of the songs came from the Main Street Christmas Music Loop at Disneyland.

If you have it, please post it on your blog. Thanks!

And by the way, great collection. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about falling behind. It gives me a chance to catch up on the downloading.

Dainon. said...

My ma is in search of any old Doris Day albums that never saw the light of day on CD. In case you know of anything along those lines, that is.

Anonymous said...

Paul Cz, Dor.Day you can find on the blog named " The viage musical" . Si sinorina,ok.