Thursday, December 20, 2007

26 Days Of Christmas-Day 20

Another real treat for you tonight on 26 Days Of Christmas. Everybody knows the name Jimmy Boyd, but I've got a great track that most of you have never heard. It was the flip side of a song that some of you may have heard (but not many), I Saw Mommy Do The Mambo (With You Know Who), which is really a great track, but I wanted something a little more obscure. This song is a sort of cross between white-boy blues and a public service announcement. You'll see what I mean when you download Jimmy Boyd With Mitch Miller And His Orchestra-Santa Claus Blues (Columbia 4-40365). There's a copy of this on a 10" 78 with a picture sleeve up on eBay right now, but it's a little expensive. Great cover art, though! Why hasn't anyone put together a CD of Jimmy's Christmas sides? There look to be more than enough for a decent collection. Oh, this jukebox title strip fell out of the sleeve when I went to scan the record. I don't think it's original, but I thought it was kinda cool.

Previous Tunes:
Mickey Gilley-Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Christmas Time
Scott Fagen-Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer
Russ Morgan-The Mistletoe Kiss
Sascha Burland-The Chickens Are In The Chimes!
Commander Shea School Boys' Choir-Chree-See-Mus
The Crew-Cuts-Dance Mr. Snowman Dance
Tennessee Ernie-A Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
Arthur Godfrey-Christmas Is Christmas
Sue Powell-Kiss Me It's Kiss-mas
Eddy Howard-Uncle Mistletoe
Lonzo And Oscar-Jangle Bells
Margaret Whiting And Jimmy Wakely-Christmas Candy
Joe Dowell-A Kiss For Christmas
Connie Landers-I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
Joe Ward-Christmas Questions
Molly Bee-Willy Claus
The William Dawson Chorus-Merry Are The Bells
The Roy-Cliffs-Marshmallow World
Cricketone Chorus & Orchestra-The Snowflake Song


adrienne said...

I got to your blog while looking for a Christmas song that might be called Let's Ring the Bells All Around the Christmas Tree. I thought the name of the song was All Around the Christmas Tree, but perhaps not. There IS a song with that title, but not the one I'm looking for. The singer sounds like Bing Crosby. It could have been recorded in the '40s or 50s. Some of the lyrics are close to:
"Little boys, little girls don't be late, this is your Merry Christmas date" also "Grandma and your grandpa, too, will gather around the Christmas tree with you."
I've been looking for years. If you can help, I and my brother and sister would be very grateful.

Ernie said...

Not ringing any bells, sorry. You might try your request over at, they know more than I do by far.

Commander Salamander said...

In answer to adrienne, The Starlighters Chorus had an EP entitled "Carols For Christmas: Gather around the Christmas Tree/+ Five selections" Capitol 9007

That would be my best guess, but then I'm only guessing.

adrienne said...

All Around the Christmas Tree OR?
Thanks to Ernie and Commander Sal for your comments; I'll follow up on them. I KNOW that someone out there is going to have the info I'm searching for.

Just got lyrics from my brother who found an old cassette that my father copied from a 78. It is horribly scratchy, but it brings back memories of holding hands around the tree before we opened presents on Christmas morning. Still don't have the correct title or male singer. I figure someone out there has the info. From my searches, I believe others have looked also. Remember, this is an old recording. Likely 40s or 50's, on a 78. Don't know if anyone else has recorded this song.

Here are the lyrics:

Title: ??? All Around the Christmas Tree ???

Little boys, little girls, don't be late,
This is your Merry Christmas date.
Come along, join the family
And gather around, all around the Christmas tree.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, cling, clang, cling.
Dolls, wooden toys and everything.
Old Saint Nick may be there for me,
So gather around, all around the Christmas tree.

Mother, Dad and brother Bill,
Cousin Jack and Uncle Will,
Grandma and your Grandpa, too
Awaitin' around the Christmas tree for you.

Little boys, little girls, hand in hand,
Hop, skip and jump to fairy land.
Santa Claus comes but once a year.

He's comin' around the chimney,
Comin' right down the chimney,
He's comin' around, all around,
All around the Christmas tree.
Ding! Dong!

I'm getting closer! adrienne

elysehawks said...

I have been looking for this song also. It is the song we put on every christmas morning to wake everyone up. We have it on record back home but it doesn't say who sings it.

Unknown said...

I have been going crazy trying to find this song! We had it on an album that had a lot of other songs on it, but we can't find it and we don,t know the name or who sang it...
I can remember the tune..let me know if you find it, I will keep looking also!