Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ernie Wants

I've been thinking for a while about creating a list of Christmas records that I'd like to find, and sharing it with the world, in case someone stumbles by and happens to have an extra copy of, oh say, Ed Sullivan's Christmas album.  I know it's unlikely, but it's possible.  And if you don't know what I want, then how do you know I want it.  Let me see if I can't think of a few things off the top of my head here, and I'll try to update the list as I think of new things.

The De Paur Chorus-The Spirit Of Christmas/God Is With Us, Columbia CL 725
Ed Sullivan-Music Of Christmas, Columbia CS 9543 (even mono would tide me over a while...)
The Quinto Sisters-Holly Jolly Christmas, Columbia CS 9054 (Stereo, please, and any of their non-LP singles) Found the LP up in St. Pete in the dollar bin.  I might need a nicer cover, though.
James Brown-Any of his Christmas vinyl, I don't think I have any...
Del Reeves-Santa's Boy, United Artists  UAS 6528 (my copy is pretty hosed...)
Ferrante & Teicher-Adventure In Carols, Westminster WP 6021 (nope, never run across one!) Got it at the Goodwill store yesterday!  $0.99 + tax!
A Big Christmas Album For Merv Griffin & TV Family, MGM SE-4401 Scored this one!
The Brothers Four-What Child Is This/Christmas Bells, Columbia 7" 45, 4-42235 (Already had it in the collection but didn't know it!)
Truman Capote-A Christmas Memory, United Artists UAL 9001 (does this exist in Stereo?)
The Beers Family-Christmas With The Beers Family, Columbia Masterworks MS 6935
Ken Darby-The Spirit Of Christmas, Decca DL 8939
The Glad Singers-Swing Bells, Columbia CL 2391/CS 9191
The Ames Brothers-The Sounds Of Christmas Harmony (Coral CRL57166, the original, not the Vocalion release)
Guitars, Inc-Guitars At Christmas (Warner Bros)
Bonnie Guitar-Merry Christmas From Bonnie Guitar
Seeburg Background Music-The Sound & Color Of Christmas (Stereo, please!) Found it!
Jan Garber-Christmas Dance Party (in Stereo) or any of his earlier Christmas stuff
The United States Air Force Presents Christmas (Featuring The Airmen Of Note, Nancy Wilson, The Doodletown Pipers, 1967)
Marcy Tigner-Christmas Is On It's Way With Little Marcy (Word, 1969).  Yes, she had two Christmas albums!
Axel Stordahl-Christmas In Scandinavia (Decca DL78933, 1959).  I'd prefer the Stereo, but I could live with a mono if need be.
John Facenda-The Nativity (RCA Victor LOP-1504, 1958)  The voice of NFL Films does Christmas.
Marais And Miranda-Christmas With (Decca DL 9030, 1955)

Keep in mind, I can't pay you a fortune for any records.  I'm big on trading.  I've got a huge collection of records, and many duplicate copies of things.  Need a copy of Christmas At Radio City Music Hall, the big fold-out one with a giant picture of the Rockettes?  Got four in stereo, a couple more in mono.  Why?  Someday I might find someone who needs one, and I'd like a copy of Giselle MacKenzie's Christmas LP on Vik, not RCA.  That's the sort of trade I'd love to make.  :)  And I don't need mint copies of things, either.  It needs to look decent, but I can work wonders sometimes with old vinyl.  It just makes me happy to look at it sometimes.  :)

PS-I'm talking about hard copies here, not MP3s.  There's plenty of stuff I have MP3 copies of, but I like to be able to hold things in my hand, turn it over, read the label, smell the old dust, you know.  Maybe I'll start a second list of things I'd like to hear or own, but I'd eventually want a hard copy anyway.

Drop me a line at ernienotbert (at) gmail (dot) com if you've got something I might need!