Saturday, March 26, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 13

I'm sure I say this every week, but once again, I can't believe how far into the year I've gotten with this little project. Today marks 25% of the year, which means it's three months past Christmas and only nine months to next Christmas. Time flies when you're having fun. So in honor of this little milestone, I'm sharing a giant batch of 25 songs with you today. Lots of interesting stuff from 78 RPM shellac records ripped and archived by The Internet Archive as part of their Great 78 project. I don't think I duplicated any songs this time, though I did inadvertently include both sides of a Will Glahe record. I need to do better quality control on these shares. I hope you enjoy the hour plus of music here today, and if you haven't been playing along, go back to the old posts and grab the twelve earlier pieces of the set. And if you keep going, you'll find years worth of Christmas posts back in the archives, just waiting to be discovered. You never knew there was so much lost Christmas music out there!