Saturday, May 28, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 22


Week 22, 22 Christmas songs from 78 for you. No more, no less. I get excited every week to be able to share such great music with you. I never in a million years dreamed that I would be able to share so much Christmas music from such rare records, but thanks to the largess of The Internet Archive and their Great 78 Project, these things are being made available. You'd spend a fortune acquiring all these records on your own, and a huge amount of time trying to digitize all them yourself, so I'm super grateful for their work. All I have to do is find them, clean them up a little bit, and I'm able to share a large chunk each week with you. It's a great deal for all involved. I hope you're enjoying the music!


No crazy stories this week, I'm afraid. Fridge is working, no birds needed rescuing. We'll see how my luck holds out. I should note that the IA is late this month with their usual music dump. I'm thinking that may be because they had to go back and redo some dodgy stuff from last month, but you never really know. Most months it's about a week earlier than this that they start adding new stuff, but once in a great while it's the first of next month. That's looking to be the case for this month. But that's OK, I've got plenty in the pile already to last months and months.