Sunday, August 09, 2020

Thanksgiving In August

Well, here it is, the last three tracks from the Christmas in July 2020 folder, and they just happen to be for Thanksgiving. Some things that I recorded since I shared out the first few Thanksgiving tracks back at the end of June, so I suppose it's fitting that we end at the same place we began. I had really hoped to bring you 1000 tracks this season, but I didn't get quite that far. I think we're just a little over 900, which is still a record, but not quite to my goal. And I figure it's as good a time as any to tell you that this is most likely going to be the last Christmas in July celebration for the foreseeable future, at least in this form. It's a huge investment of time and energy and money that I don't think I can continue.  I love going out and finding these records, but I've finally run out of space in the condo to store them all. And for every record I buy with a Christmas track or two, I usually buy ten more that just go into the stacks.  Being stuck at home during the pandemic has shown me how much money I was spending on these records, and it's no small amount. With my girlfriend moving in with me next month, I figure I can put my money and my space to much better use.  The records are going into storage, and that means I certainly don't need more of them.  I'll miss it, believe me, I already do.  But things have to change.  It's been fun, I hope for you as much as it's been for me. I'll be back at Christmas, but things aren't likely to be the same then, either. I have big plans, we'll see how that goes. And I owe you a best-of from last year and this year, at least one of which I am almost done with, so you'll see that someday.  So until next time I see you, thanks for all your support, and I'll see you around the thrift stores!