Friday, March 03, 2006

March, Smarch

It may be the third day of March already, but I've neglected to get you a monthly calendar page. Until now, that is. Here's a great shot of the Cleveland skyline reflected in the Cuyahoga River. This was shot from the Hope Memorial Bridge (again) one day last year. Hard to believe that this is the same river that you've seen in some of my other pictures taken in much more rural areas. At one time, this river was so polluted, it actually caught fire. Not much chance of that these days, though. I waited and waited to try and catch one of the huge ships that ply up and down this river, but to no avail. They are so large I can't imagine how they traverse the winding river, but they do, with the help of very experienced tugboat drivers. Hopefully I'll catch one of those next trip.

A Little Bit Of March

For the beginning of March, I've got this great shot of a large fishy swimming across the front of a large glass tank. Look closely to the left, and you'll see a girl who's entranced by the sight. I shot this at Disney's Animal Kingdom, which is pretty neat, if you've never had the pleasure.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Last Little Bit Of February

Another week, another photo. We're back in Ohio this week with a quaint barn I stumbled across while slightly lost. I think this was somewhere off 303, but I'm not sure. That dome you see near the center of the roof is actually a silo behind the barn. I think the unique roof shape is due to the need for it to shed snow in the winter. We certainly don't see barns of this shape in Florida. (Hmmm, I seem to have shared this picture before in a different format...)