Sunday, February 21, 2010

While Bathing At Daytona

Well, I guess Daytona Beach isn't the safest place in the world. Not now, not then. Especially if then is 1890. I spotted this headstone in Pinewood Cemetery, near the water in Daytona. You may have never heard of this cemetery, but you've probably heard of the bar across the street, Boot Hill Saloon. That's the epicenter of many of the Bike Week festivities around these parts. Their slogan is "You're Better Off Here Than Across The Street". Well, this is in the cemetery across the street.


Look! I saw the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile! It was right there in downtown Sarasota today. There was an art show being held nearby, but I don't think it was there for that. I think it was just passing through. It may look like something out of the acid-drenched sixties, but this vehicle was built in 2004 on a GMC light-truck frame. I asked. The girl seated on the steps is from the local ABC 7 News. She actually got to ride in the Wienermobile. All I got was a sticker.

Wisconsin plates that say YUMMY? How odd. And in case you stumble across this post sometime in the future, the Go! Team USA is because the Olympics are going on up in Canada right now. Are those Trans-Am taillights? Hmmm....

Both the instrument panel and the glove box are large wieners.

The front end reminded me a bit of the nose on a monorail up at Disney. Heaven knows how those wiper blades maintain contact with the glass. The two folks driving the giant dog were Torey Toppings (Go Gators!) and Atta-Dog Adam. I'm sure those are their real names.