Saturday, August 13, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 33

I have got an absolutely amazing set of 78s for you this week, all featuring non-American versions of Christmas music. Everything is from overseas, or in a language that I don't speak. I hesitate to use the word foreign, but much of it does sound very foreign to my ears. There are some familiar songs here, but not in a language I'm used to. I think there's even one familiar American Christmas song here that will surprise you if you haven't heard it this way before. But the whole set is designed to surprise and delight you if you like Christmas music that's a little different than what you're used to. I did screw up in that I've got multiple versions of a couple of the songs, and I see that I even included both sides of a couple of records. It's tough to keep track of what's in the pile when there's so much in it, and I always feel like I'm putting this together in a hurry at the last minute. I have plenty of time to work on this little project all week, but I wait until Saturday to put it together. Shame on me. But anyhow, hope you enjoy the tracks in the pile today. Have a look at the labels to see what's in the download. Enjoy!


Also, an update on my fridge. You might remember the door falling off of it back at the beginning of the year, and my fruitless efforts to buy a new one. Recently, it decided to quit defrosting, so it eventually ices up and quits cooling the fridge side until I manually defrost it. I've got the part in my hand that I hope fixes it, and I hope to get that installed this weekend. The unit was manufactured in 2004, but I'm determined to get as much life out of it as possible. We'll see if this part fixes it, or if I have to keep trying. 

Update-4 Jan 2023-Added tracklist for searching.

1. Mde Ed. Bolduc Et Sa Famille-Bien Vite C'est Le Jour, De L'an
2. Henry Salvador Avec Géo Boyer Et Son Orchestre Et Les "Voix Du Rhythme"-C'Est Noël M'Amie
3. Kinderchor Mit Deklamation, Harmoniumbegleitung Und Kirchenglocken-Christkind Kommt!
4. Los Jíbaros, Cantado Por Vilar Y Dávilita-Decimas De Nacimiento
5. Jens Warnys Soloist-Ensemble-Det Kimer Nu Til Julefest
6. Ilja Livschakoff Dance Orchestra-Die Parade Der Zinnsoldaten
7. Gerd Mertens-Dis Moi Oui I Dis Moi Non I-Cae, Cae (Tchi Tchi Chiquita)
8. E. Deridoux et F. Terwagne Avec Rythmes-Dis-Moi Oui...Dis-Moi Non... (Jingle Bells)
9. Conjunto Tipico Ladi Canto Por Chuito-En La Navidad (Aguinaldo)
10. Michel Ramos À l'Orgue Électrique-En Traineau ("Souvenir De St Petersbourg")
11. Sundquist Och Berg-I Vinternatt-Vals (In The Winter Night Waltz)
12. La Famille Larin-Norma & Joe Larin, Solistes-La Lettre Du Pere Noel (Chanson A Repondre)
13. Johnny Albino Y Su Trio San Juan (Alvarado-Ola-Johnny)-Merengue Navideño
14. Mary Halaksin-L.O. Kozar-Violin: Frank Prigoda-Organ: Mary Martemz-Nad Bethlemon Čo To Za Blesk
15. Bobby Capo With Luisito Capo Y Sus Borincanos-Navidad Contigo
16. Tino Rossi, Orchestra Dir. Raymond Legrand Avec Les Petits Chanteurs De Saint-Laurent-Petite Etoile De Noel
17. Comedian Harmonists-Gesandsquintett-Schlaf Wohl Du Himmelsknabe
18. Folke Jonsson-Stilla Natt, Heliga Natt (Julhymn)
19. Seidler's Orchester-Weihnachts-Fantasie II
20. Los Jíbaros, Cantado Por Vilar Y Dávilita-Aguinaldo De Nacimiento
21. Les Petits Chanteurs À La Croix De Bois-Ave Maria
22. Staś Jaworski-Dana Orchestra-Bozé Narodzenie-Koleda (Polish Christmas Song)
23. Claudio Ferrer Y Sus Jibaros Allegres, Canta: Ada Carrillo-Cantos De Navidad
24. Kinderchor Mit Deklamation, Harmoniumbegleitung Und Kirchenglocken-Eine Weihnachtsbescherung
25. Koncertsanger Anders Brems, Tenor, Med Harmonium-Julen Har Bragt Velsignet Bud
26. Jens Warnys Soloist-Ensemble-Julen Har Bragt Velsignet Bud
27. Sid Merrimans Danseorkester-Sang: Ibeth-Kender De Den Om Rudolf? (Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer)
28. Childrens Chorus And Ding-Dang Orchestra-Kinderjubel Am Weihnachtsabend (Children's Joy On Christmas Eve)
29. Rosita McManus & Robert McManus-Las Posadas
30. Pasquale Feis (Tenore) Con M. Lentine E A. Papariello-Novena Di Natale Con Zampogna E Ciaramella (Christmas Hymn)
31. Max Kuttner-Tenor With Organ And Bells-O Du Fröhliche, O Du Selige (Christmas Hymn)
32. Manhattan Quartett Mit Orgel Und Glocken Begleitung-Oh Du Fröhliche
33. Andrej Pelak, Bariton-Z Panny Pàn Zežiš