Saturday, January 29, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Week 5

Moving right along, we're at week five already this year, and it's still only January! The Christmas goodies from 78's just keep right on a'coming even though the season has long passed. As you can see from the labels, it's another varied collection of songs from a wide variety of artists. You never know what's going to turn up at The Internet Archive, and I'm trying to bring you the very best of it. Wait, who am I kidding, I'm not trying to bring you you the best, I'm trying to bring it all to you. Or at least all the Christmas music. So enjoy this latest taste of what I've found, and come back in another week for more!


In other news, I'm still recovering from the heart attack, but that's moved to the back burner lately. My girlfriend's parents were in town, and one of them got a little ill. He took a Covid test, no sign of that. But the next day, he tested again, and it was positive. So then there were three of us in my tiny condo with a positive Covid patient. Luckily we're all vaccinated and boostered, and after after almost a week together, no one else got the Covid. I got whatever he had on that first day, and tried to cough myself to death for a few days, but I'm still testing negative, and the cough is almost gone at this point. It's an adventure around here every day I tell you!