Friday, June 19, 2009

Arby's Roast Beef

How many Arby's do you know of that still have their original big hat sign? Well, the one in Bradenton, Florida, still does, so I figured I'd better stop and get a picture before it disappears. These things tend to disappear when you least expect it, so I need to do a better job of stopping and shooting the things I take for granted before they go away.

Handyman Special

Down the street and around the corner from work sits this old house. The lot is for sale, and has been for some time. But the house isn't on the market. They're going to tear it down in hopes of enticing a buyer for the property which is now zoned light industrial. So I figured I'd take a picture of this grand old mansion before they demolish it. I'm tempted to call the seller and ask if I can do a little trespassing to get some close-up shots. I'll probably never get around to it, though. I barely found the time and drive to stop and take this picture today with my rental lens.

Temporary Glass

Sorry about the lack of updates this week. I've been really busy with work and here at home, too. I'm on the road all next week, so I've been trying to get prepared for that. And one of my preparations was to rent a fancy lens for my camera. It showed up yesterday, but weather issues kept me from shooting anything until this afternoon. It's a Canon L series lens, EF 24-105mm f4 IS USM. Gotta love all those initials making the end of the glass heavy. The most important of those letters is the L, that means this is a professional lens that should yield some really sharp, bright pictures. Check out the bird of paradise above, zoom way in, and you'll see it's really sharp. And I hope that with some experience, I'll get even better shots. Stay tuned for more samples! And see you next week in Ohio!