Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Central Park East

OK, I guess there really isn't a Central Park East, but I was in Central Park at the wrong time of day to get a shot this nicely lit of Central Park West. This is the skyline along, I think, 5th Avenue, looking out East across the Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. (You can call her Jackie O. for short.) Is the Guggenheim in this shot?  Yes, I think it is, but only the roof, which doesn't stand out like it should.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Surprise Gehry

I didn't have much of an itinerary when I visited NYC recently. I had a short list of places I wanted to visit, but no map or timetable to see them. One of the items on that list was a new park that runs up the West side of middle Manhattan called the High Line. It's an old railroad thoroughfare that's 2-3 stories off the ground and had been abandoned for some time. They've recently opened sections of it up as a park, and I was able to walk the whole length of it one morning. At the time, I didn't know anything about this white building that I saw from the High Line and took exactly two pictures of, but I recognized it from a picture someone showed me later on while we were discussing a lack of Frank Gehry architecture in the city. Turns out, this is one of his buildings and I didn't even know it. I believe it's called The IAC Building, and from the looks of some other pictures I've seen around the web of it, I'm looking at the wrong side. I saw at least one other Gehry building in NYC, hopefully I'll get that one thrown up here for you someday.