Saturday, December 17, 2022

Saturday Filler-Part 15

One last record before the clock strikes midnight. From the Beatle-adjacent file, this is a Christmas record issued to fans in 1979, Billy J. Kramer-Blue Christmas (Hobo 7" 45 RPM HOS 010, Stereo, 1979). Enjoy!


Saturday Filler-Part 14

It's getting late, but I still have Christmas music to share with you. From the forgotten files (if it was ever known at all), this is Jimmy Myers-Is There Really A Santa b/w It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You) (Lou-Neita 7" 45 RPM LNS-0203, Mono).


Saturday Filler-Part 13

From the label that brought you the biggest Christmas single of the following year (The Chipmunks!), this is Kathy Nelson-Orchestra Conducted By Johnny Mann-Santa Dear (Liberty 7" 45 RPM F-55115, Mono, 1957).


Saturday Filler-Part 12

Here's another Christmas-adjacent track for you, possibly a little closer than the last one. Snowmen don't really have anything to do with Christmas, but they're very seasonal, and love is always a good thing at Christmas. This is Millie Small-I've Fallen In Love With A Snowman (Atlantic 7" 45 RPM 45-2266, Mono, 1965).


Saturday Filler-Part 11

Time for a seasonal track, something I like to consider Christmas-adjacent. There's only so much Christmas music in the world, but when you start lumping in all the stuff that sort of fits in with the season, you get twice as much material. This is Moonquake-This Winter (Gamma (Canada) 7" 45 RPM GA 5038, Stereo, 1973). You can see how it fits right in around here.


Saturday Filler-Part 10

The next record in this endless train of Christmas records is Tommy Mercer-Jingle Bell Night (Plantation 7" 45 RPM PL*213 Warning Not For Sale Loaned For Promotion (Same on both sides), Stereo, 1983). There are a lot of Christmas singles from Plantation records that I'd like to find as they signed up a lot of country artists who were a little past their prime and tried to return them to their glory days. As far as I know, this fellow isn't one of those artists, but being a completist, I was happy to find a Christmas single on the label that I didn't have. It's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it.


Saturday Filler-Part 9

Time now for a single from Webb Foley called Littletown Christmas b/w Extra Christmas (M Records 7" 45 RPM M-50-666, Mono, 1966). I keep looking at this artist name and confusing him with Webb Pierce and/or Red Foley. I'm wondering if that's name's not an intentionally misleading. I see the name Jim Reeves on there, too. Odd... Cute songs though. Enjoy!


Christmas Chocolate

I think this single will fit in well right about here. This is Chocolate Williams With Casino All-Stars-Put The Merry Back In Christmas (Casino 7" 45 RPM ATP 225, Stereo, 1987). Looks like I may have missed the label credit for The World Famous Ink Spots. Interesting...


Some Disco For Christmas

I've been sharing a bunch of Christmas music today from 12" singles, and some of them have featured Disco versions. But I have a few disco tracks here that are from plain old ordinary 7" inch singles that I didn't want to leave out. Note that one of these isn't disco music at all, but it's, well, you'll see...

1. Chris Hill-Disco Santa
2. Memphis Sounds Orchestra-Sleigh Ride
3. Memphis Sounds Orchestra-Winter Wonderland
4. Walter Murphy Orchestra-Disco Bells
5. Walter Murphy Orchestra-Deck The Halls


Huh, looks like I shared one of these from 12" at one time, I should have put that one into the 7" vs. 12" folder.

A 12" Saturday-Part 7 (Solomon Special)

I found another pair of 12" singles for today, both of them by Solomon Burke, and both of them featuring his take on Silent Night. Lucky for us, the flip sides are different, though I'm not sure their entirely unique. You'll have to give them both a listen and see what you think, they're probably more preaching than singing. But I like to throw a little bit of everything out there, and this is certainly different from what I was expecting when I put the needle in the grooves. These are Solomon Burke-Silent Night (Savoy 12" 33 RPM SCS-0002, Stereo, 1982) and Solomon Burke-The Silent Night Story (MCI 12" 33 RPM DGE 501, Stereo, 1985). Note that his phone number is there on the second label. Give him a call, tell him I sent you.


A 12" Saturday-Part 6

Is this the first rap title I've brought you? Just this season or ever? Not too sure, but it's certainly rare to find some Christmas rap, and be able to afford it. There was a pretty solid tradition of Christmas rapping back in the early days, though it can be hard to find. That's why I'm so excited to bring you Billy Jackson And The Citizen Band Featuring Little Rodney C-'Twas The Night Before Christmas b/w Christmas Rappin' (Euphoria 12" 33 RPM ER-422, Stereo, 1982). Don't get too excited about that B side, since there's not really any rapping on there. It's just an instrumental version of the A side.


Gospel Week-Part 7

Here's another record that's tied to a mega-church preacher from back in the day. I shared out two other albums tied to Rex Humbard back in 2019, but I don't think there's any overlap with this one. So if you need more Rex, I've got it for you. This is Christmas Greetings From Rex Humbard & The World Outreach Ministry Staff (Cathedral Of Tomorrow CT 272, Stereo). As an interesting aside, Rex Humbard was the officiating pastor at Elvis Presley's funeral. Betcha didn't know that!

1. The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Staff-Joy To The World
2. Maude Aimee-Bless This House
3. The Cathedral Singers And The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Choir-Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
4. The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Staff-O Holy Night
5. The Cathedral Singers And The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Choir-Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful
6. The Cathedral Singers And The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Choir-Silver Bells
7. Rex Humbard-Christmas Message
8. Elizabeth Humbard-Happy Birthday, Jesus-A Christmas Prayer
9. The Cathedral Singers And The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Choir-I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day


A 12" Saturday-Part 5

This next 12" single is pulled from an album I shared out a few years ago, but it features an instrumental version on the B side that wasn't on the LP. Actually, I think the vocal mix is longer than the one found on the LP, so you've got all exclusive content here. I like it when that happens! This is Jonah Ellis-Christmas Won't Be Christmas Without My Baby (Regular & Instrumental) (Total Experience 12" 33 RPM TE01-2611, Stereo, 1984).


2022 At 78 RPM-Part 51

My goodness, this is a lot of music. I'm trying to clear out the download folder for the end of the year coming up in a couple of weeks, and there's a lot of music to get through. As usual, it's all courtesy of the good folks at The Internet Archive. They offer these and many more old scratchy 78s as part of their Great 78 project, an attempt to save the music on these fragile old discs before they all disappear. Well, I don't think they're ever going to disappear completely, but they do have a point. Most of these records have disappeared from the wild and are tightly help by collectors, and that kinda limits the access to these great old tunes. Not all collectors are sharers like I try to be. Many of them are hoarders, and what they have is theirs and they don't want you to hear it. The Archive has been able to acquire hundreds of thousands of these old 78s, and they don't just put them up on a shelf, they record them and make them available on their website. It's a great place to go do research on an artist, look for some old song or check out the discography of some obscure label. You can easily loose a few hours just searching through their vast collections. Each month for the past year, I've downloaded all their new stuff that fits into the Christmas genre, then cleaned it up a little and shared it here with you. I've found some amazing stuff, and I think you'll find plenty to enjoy in this, and the 50 other collections that preceded it. Have a go and enjoy!!

1. Boston "Pops" Orchestra-Arthur Fiedler, Conductor-Ave Maria
2. Gaylord Carter At The Pipe Organ-Ave Maria
3. Galli Sisters-Orchestra Under Direction Of Radd Greene-Because! Because! Because! He's Santa Claus
4. Men Of Texas, Director-J.T. Adams-Christmas Time Is The Best Time Of The Year
5. Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy And His Guitar-C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
6. Blue Barron And His Orchestra-Vocal By The Bluenotes-Christmastime
7. Bernie Knee With The Hi-Liter's-Four Little Orphans (On Christmas Eve Meet)
8. Kathryn King-Savoy Orchestra-I Want A Puppy (In My Stocking For Christmas)
9. Vera Lynn With Rhythm Accompaniment-Jolly Jolly Jingle
10. The Honey Dripper (Roosevelt Sykes)-Let Me Hang My Stocking In Your Christmas Tree
11. Marty Roberts-Let's Give Santa Claus A Christmas
12. Betty Clooney-Orchestra Under Direction Of Joel Nash-Let's Go Home For Christmas
13. Timesteppers Orchestra-Mr. Dancing Santa Claus
14. Jacqueline Valois-Orchestre M. Pomès-Noel Alsacien
15. Al Smith, Baritone, Herman Voss At The Great Organ-Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
16. Paulette Rollin Accompagnée Par l'Orchestre Jeff Davis-Petite Étoile De Noël
17. Bobby Doyle With Neely Plumb And His Orchestra-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
18. Phillis & Jeffrey Carlyle And Russ Carlyle Orchestra-Santa Claus Looks Like My Daddy
19. Lee Richardson With Wen Talbert's Male Chorus, Organ Accompaniment By John L. Motley-Silent Night, Holy Night
20. Robert Mitchell Boy Choir-Silent Night
21. Westminster Choir-John Finley Williamson, Conductor-Sing We All Noël
22. Albert Campbell And Henry Burr-Snow Dear
23. Babs Gonzales-The Be-Bop Santa Claus
24. Alan McGill, Baritone, With Carmichael Singers-The Birthday Of A King
25. Ray Haney With Instrumental Accompaniment-The Picture On The Christmas Card
26. Gale Storm-Orchestra Conducted By Billy Vaughn-Winter Warm
27. Angelo Ferdinando And His Hotel Great Northern Orchestra-Winter Wonderland
28. Eleni Bartseri With Popular Orchestra-XAPOYMENA XPIΣTOYΓENNA (White Christmas)
29. Kukla-Music Directed By Carolyn Gilbert-A Good, Good Boy
30. Toby Deane With Enoch Light And His Orchestra-Are My Ears On Straight
31. Walter Scanlan-Tenor Solo-Orch. Acc.-Bells Of St. Mary's
32. Luis Russell And His Orchestra, Vocal By Lee Richardson-Christmas In Your Heart
33. Doye O'Dell-Dear Mr. Santa
34. Spillet Af Organist Paul Nicolet-Et Barn Er Født I Bethlehem
35. Major Records-Gloria In Excelsis Deo
36. Nelson Eddy (Baritone) With Orchestra Conducted By Robert Armbruster-Good King Wenceslas
37. Jimmy Etta Orchestra, Vocal-Franky Day-It's Christmas Again
38. Betty Lou-The Voice Of Tommy Riggs-Jingle Bells
39. Jose Ferrer With The Quartones, Orchestra Directed By Sid Feller-March Of The Christmas Toys
40. Trio Los Panchos Con Acomp. De Guitarras Y Ritmo-Navidad Y Año Nuevo (Son Huasteco)
41. Chor Der Staatsoper, Berlin, Mit Orchesterbegleitung Und Glockengeläute-O Du Fröhliche, O Du Selige
42. Carmichael Singers-O Holy Night
43. Jimmy Boyd Accompanied By Norman Luboff-Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney
44. Connie Boswell With The Lyn Murray Singers-When Christmas Is Gone
45. Morton Gould And His Orchestra-Serenade Of Carols For Small Orchestra IV-Gay And Jubilant (Irish Carol; God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Wassail Song; My Dancing Day)
46. Silver Burdett Records-We Wish You A Merry Christmas
47. Louis Garisto-Chimes With Organ-The Twelve Days Of Christmas
48. Mount Holyoke College Glee Club-Ruth Douglass, Conductor-Solo By Patricia Crosby-Carol Of The Birds (French)
49. The American Singer-The Birds
50. Arthur Godfrey-Orchestra & Girls' Chorus Under The Direction Of Archie Bleyer-The First Nowell