Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 17

Uh-oh, missed a day.  I was so tired last night, I just had to give it a pass.  Oh, well.  Something a little special for tonight, though, a handful of Christmas comedy for you folks.  Here goes...

Track one is The Old Philosopher himself, Eddie Lawrence, performing That Holiday Spirit from the LP The Kingdom Of Eddie Lawrence (Coral CRL 57203, Mono, 1958).  I knew he had a handful of Christmas singles (which I don't have), but I didn't know of any album tracks.  This was a bit of a surprise.

Track two is Christmas Dinner by Jerry Clower from An Officer And A Ledbetter (MCA 5602, Stereo, 1985). Ha-ha-ha.

Track three is Stan Freberg With Billy May And His Orchestra doing Abominable Snowman Interview from The Best Of The Stan Freberg Shows (Capitol 2xLP WBO1035, Mono, 1958).  Funny stuff, but reminds me of a very similar Jonathan Winters skit I shared out years ago.  Not sure which one came first.

Track four is a rerun, but it's still hilarious to collectors of Christmas music from a certain era. Christmas Is Our Business is by Charlie Manna and I pulled it from his album Manna-Live! (Decca DL 4213, Mono, 1962).  Again, this reminds me of another track, this time by Anna Russell, from a few years earlier.

Lastly, a classic bit of fun from Irving Taylor called Department Store Santa Claus (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells) from his LP Garbage Collector In Beverly Hills (Warner Bros BS 1254, Stereo, 1959).  I seem to recall I paid real money for this one, as I wanted a stereo version and stumbled across it in a record store somewhere.  This stereo version was something I recorded a year or two ago, but never shared.  Glad to finally be able to get it out there.

There you go, something to tickle your funny Christmas bone.  Here's the download, have a nice night.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 16

Something a little different tonight, just to shake things up.  From December of 1967, a radio show for The National Guard featuring Ed Ames doing three Christmas songs, or at least playing three Christmas songs from his new Christmas LP, Christmas With Ed Ames. The songs are Do You Hear What I Hear?, Deck The Halls & Ballad Of The Christmas Donkey.  There's also plenty of chit-chatting with show host Martin Block, and the usual promo stuff for the National Guard.  (Some of those promos are almost exactly word-for-word the same as a record of promos I shared out some years ago for the US Navy.)  Anyhow, the LP is titled Guard Sessions, and features sessions 305, 306, 307 & 308.  I'm sharing 307 with you tonight, that's the one with all the Christmas music, and I'm going to throw in 306 as well.  That one has Ed's hit When The Snow Is On The Roses, which just happens to have a wintery title.  And you have your choice, you can download the individual tracks here, or you can download the full shows here.  The choice is yours. (I included the non-Christmas tracks, What The World Needs Now & Try To Remember in there as well, just for the sake of completeness.)  I researched this record a little on Google and found a Billboard article from September 30, 1967, about the passing of Martin Block.  That was several months before this show was released, and the article actually mentions that he had recorded a few shows prior to his death, this one and one with Judy Garland.  You never know what you might find out on the interweb!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 15

Not many of my nights have a theme, but the theme tonight is more shares from albums that you've already seen this month.  Lots of the records I pull tracks from have more than one holiday related track, so tonight is made up of many of those other songs.

Track one is Little Baby Jesus, directed by James A. Miller but performed by a whole gaggle of other people who's names I'm too lazy to type in.  The LP, you may remember, is Happy Time Nursery Songs (Herald Press 10" 33 RPM HP 1001-33 1/3, Mono).

Next up is White Christmas from Red Carter and Santa's Musical Grog (Frog Recording, Ltd. RG 001, Stereo).  I really like this one, they're fun arrangements.

Thirdly, we have Connie Francis singing The Bells Of St. Mary's from In The Summer Of His Years (MGM E4210, Mono, 1963).  I'm going to have to dig this one up in stereo.

Fourthly, it's Snow In Lover's Lane, another great track by The Anita Kerr Singers With Orchestra from the lost LP Love--Well Seasoned (Sesac N-2609/10, Mono).  Really good stuff here.

Last, the track that Buster has been most looking forward to, a giant medley of For You A Lei, An Old Hawaiian Custom & The Hawaiian Christmas Song by The Banjo Barons, pulled from the LP Golden Hawaiian Hits (Columbia CL 1983, Mono, 1963).  I keep finding typos in my track tags tonight.  I'm trying to correct all those before I send these things out, but if they're getting to you in poor form, I apologize.

That's it, all new tracks, but all secondary tracks.  Here's the link, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 14

Almost halfway there.  Trying to save some good stuff for the second half of the month.  What do I have for tonight?  Let's take a look...

The first is something I was very excited to discover, I had no idea it existed.  Over the years, I have shared every album, single and random Christmas track I could find from The Three Suns.  Except this one.  It's buried deep in a medley, and it's very, very, very late in their career, but it's there.  From the LP Country Music Shindig (RCA Victor LSP-3354, Stereo, 1965), give a listen to Wagon Wheels/Please Help Me, I'm Falling/Till I Waltz Again With You/Jingle Bell Rock.  How about that!

Up next is I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm from Bill Dayton And His Orchestra from their eponymous LP (Private Pressing BD-1, Stereo, 1977).  A little later than the usual share around here, but a throwback to the music we visit a lot.

Track three is from old favorites Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians and their Broadway production Hear! Hear! (Decca DL 9031, Mono, 1955).  This is a version of Dance Of The Sugar Plums.  Not sure if this was recorded just for the show, or if they pulled tracks from his discography to mimic the show, but it's worth a listen either way.

Track four is a nice jazzy take on Baby, It's Cold Outside by Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery from their album Jimmy & Wes-The Dynamic Duo (Verve V6-8678, Stereo, 1967).  Gotta love that swingin' sound.

Last is a rerun, but it's now in stereo, a version I've been looking for since the very first year of Christmas In July.  Finally found it this year, and now I can share it with you.  You're really going to enjoy White Christmas by Steve Lawrence from Eydie & Steve Sing The Golden Hits (ABC-Paramount ABCS-311, Stereo, 1960).  Been waiting a long time for this one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

There you go, another really strong night if I do say so myself.  Here's the download link, see you all tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 13

Lucky number 13!

We begin with Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan With The Texas Playboys and their version of a song that previously showed up here in an instrumental, Snow Deer.  This is from the LP Mr. Words & Mr. Music (Liberty LST 7194, Stereo, 1961).  Not sure how holiday sounding this is, but it has the word Snow in the title...

Track two is The Christmas Wine by The Voices Of The Accademia Monteverdiana-Music Composed And Conducted By John Barry from the soundtrack to the film The Lion In Winter (Columbia Masterworks OS 3250, Stereo, 1968).  Interesting.

And speaking of The Lion In Winter, track three is The Lion In Winter by Sandy Nelson from Rebirth Of The Beat (Imperial LP-12424, Stereo, 1969).  I doubt if this is anything like the version from the film.

Track four is version of Ave Maria by Connie Francis taken from her Kennedy tribute LP In The Summer Of His Years (MGM E4210, Mono, 1963).  Solemn stuff.

Track five, the only rerun of the night, and not really a rerun, since it's never been featured during Christmas in July, is Chree-See-Mus by The King Sisters And The Children.  I pulled this from a 45 and shared it years ago, but this one came from a collection of King Family stuff called Love At Home (Capitol DT 2352, Duophonic, 1965).  Such a great song that's never really gained any popularity over the years.

There you have it, three songs for the 13th day.  Here's the download link, enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 12

Another day, another great collection of Christmas music.  Here goes...

Track one is an interesting little medley I found on a radio station promo that doesn't seem to exist out there on the internet anywhere.  If you can find anything more about this disc, please let me know.  The track is called The Sound of Christmas, the artist is 101 Strings, the album is called American Holidays on one side and American Holidays And Special Occasions on the other.  No catalog number, either, I'm afraid, it's in mono, and each track is a locked groove so the DJ doesn't embarrass himself if he forgets to stop the record.  Nice track, and I've got a couple more from this disc that I'll share later.  I'm trying to figure out if these tracks are unique to this record, or if they were just retitled and released elsewhere.

Track two is a gospel bluegrass version of Children, Go Where I Send Thee, and it's just just as nice as that description makes it sound.  I found this on an LP from The Marshall Family (their first, apparently) entitled Come Springtime (Rebel SLP-1541, Stereo, 1975).  I don't know anything else about these folks, but this is a nice version.

Track three is a seasonal song called When Winter Comes A'Calling by Peter Todd And His Orchestra from the LP Till We Meet Again (RCA Camden CAL 418, Mono).  Again, I have no idea who this artist is, but I saw the winter song on there and grabbed it.

Track four, which I think is a repeat is from Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians.  It's Hanover Winter Song from the LP Alma Mater Memories (Capitol ST1949, Stereo, 1963).  Good stuff.

Lastly, a rerun that I think is showing up for the third time around here, but I can't pass it up when I see a copy.  Blue Christmas (not the song you're thinking of) by The Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Mitchell Powell from the soundtrack LP The Apartment (United Artists UAS 6105, Stereo, 1960).  I like it, I hope you do, too.

There you go, five more selections for you.  Here's the download link, enjoy!