Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXIII

Once again, I've let too much time pass between doodles. But I think you'll appreciate the one I've got for you, even with the long wait. It's another doosie from Lou Myers. I found this on the flip side of Johnny Vadnal And His Orchestra-Carefree Polkas (RCA Victor LPM-1911, 1959). You get some great dancing in there, and some stuff that probably doesn't count as dancing. But everyone seems happy and carefree, as if they were listening to a polka record.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two For Tuesday, Episode Four

How's about a little twistin' this week? I've got a couple of floor-shakin' twist tunes here that I know you'll enjoy. The first is from the McGuire Sisters as they reinterpret their big hit, Sugartime, as Sugartime Twist from McGuire Sisters Showcase (Coral CRL 757443, 1960-something). And since one is never enough on a two-for-Tuesday, I've also got Astrotwist by Steven Garrick And His Party Twisters from Come On Everybody Let's Twist (Golden Tone 14092, 1962). The back of the record credits Myrna March with Vocal Chant, which I assume means that's who you hear singing. I assure you that both of these tracks will get you to shakin' what your mama gave you. Go download 'em now!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Next To The Last Week In January

I know you're itching to see what pictures I've got on the calendar pages this week, so here you go. The photo above shows the mountains to the west of Las Vegas. I can't remember if I shot this from the top of the Stratosphere Tower, or from a parking garage near the mall... Either way, same picture. I'm going to have to get back out to Vegas some day. Below is a frog giving the camera the evil eyeball. I shot this guy in a fountain at Stan Hywet, up in Akron, Ohio. I didn't notice him at first, but I noticed some kids paying a lot of attention to the fountain. Sure enough, this is what was attracting their attention. Pretty cool, eh?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Volume 4 For Hi-Fi Living

Here is the fourth volume in the series, and probably the most out-there yet. This one features some odd instrumentation and some different arrangements. It's the second volume to feature Hill Bowen, too. I'm not going to lie and tell you this is straight out of the Space Age Bachelor Pad, but it's decent. Please download and give a listen to Hill Bowen And His Orchestra-I Married An Angel, Volume 4 For Hi-Fi Living (RCA Custom RAL-1004, 1957).

Those of you just joining the party, you can work your way backwards through the series here.