Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where The (Stereo) Action Is

Over the past few days, a remarkable collection of old albums has been posted to a few music blogs. A nearly complete collection of the classic RCA Victor Stereo Action series can now be downloaded from these various blogs. Even I don't have all of these LPs, so I'm in the process of downloading the albums, most of them via RapidShare (which means I can only download one per hour without paying to join up).

The blogs in question are Rock Over Graceland, PixelMutt, Realm Of X, These Records Are BenT and Xtabay's World. Please visit these guys and thank them for their generous shares, and congratulate them on a great feat of record collecting!

So what are these albums? Here's the list (courtesy of Exoteque Music):

Ray Martin And His Orchestra-Dynamica (RCA Victor, LSA-2287, 1961)
Marty Gold And His Orchestra-It's Magic (RCA Victor, LSA-2290, 1961)
Dick Schory's Percussion And Brass Ensemble-Runnin' Wild (RCA Victor, LSA-2306, 1961)
Vic Schoen And His Orchestra-Brass Laced With Strings (RCA Victor, LSA-2344, 1961)
Leo Addeo And His Orchestra-Music Goes Round & Round (RCA Victor, LSA-2353, 1961)
The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor-Sounds Terrific! (RCA Victor, LSA-2365, 1961)
The Guitars Unlimited Plus 7-Crazy Rhythm (RCA Victor, LSA-2371, 1961)
Bernie Green And His Orchestra-Futura (RCA Victor, LSA-2376, 1961)
Marty Gold And His Orchestra-Stereo Action Goes Hollywood (RCA Victor, LSA-2381, 1961)
Dick Schory's Pecussion And Brass Ensemble-Stereo Action Goes Broadway (RCA Victor, LSA-2382, 1961)
Henri Rene And His Orchestra-Dynamic Dimensions (RCA Victor, LSA-2396, 1961)
Leo Addeo And His Orchestra-Paradise Regained (RCA Victor, LSA-2414, 1961)
Esquivel And His Orchestra-Latin-Esque (RCA Victor, LSA-2418, 1962)
Ray Martin And His Orchestra-Excitement, Incorporated (RCA Victor, LSA-2422, 1962)
The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor-Sounds Sensational (RCA Victor, LSA-2425, 1962)
Manny Albam And His Orchestra-More Double Exposure (RCA Victor, LSA-2432, 1962)
Dick Schory's Percussion And Brass Ensemble-Holiday For Percussion (RCA Victor, LSA-2485, 1962)
Various Artists-Stereo Action Unlimited! (RCA Victor, LSA-2489, 1961)
Manny Albam And His Orchestra-I Had The Craziest Dream (RCA Victor, LSA-2508, 1962)
The Three Suns-Movin' N' Groovin' (RCA Victor, LSA-2532, 1962)

Whew! That's a lot of records. I couldn't find the links to the other Dick Schory or Manny Albam, and the Various Artists record is just tracks from 14 of the other releases.

Update-I've posted links to the last two unique Stereo Action releases. Have at them!

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Green Week In May

What have I got for you this week? Oh, it's a litte green heron down at the Venice Rookery. You can't see it in this shot, but there is a 12" neck on this bird.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Neck (Not Lace)

I've been trying to catch one of these green anoles in mid-throat thingy for a while now, and today I finally got it. I wish I could do that with my neck. Well, maybe not...