Monday, August 24, 2009

Mysterious Mickey

This is the roof of a building near the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. I shot through the window of a moving monorail hoping that I would be able to capture an image of what I saw. This odd Mickey Mouse cutout was perched on the side of the building facing a parking lot. That alone was cool enough, but I happened to pass overhead at the exact correct time to catch the shadow on the opposite wall of the building, making two Mickey's for the price of one.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Look over the shoulder of Unconditional Surrender and you'll spot an odd little piece of a rainbow I saw yesterday. Clear blue sky, lots of little fluffy clouds, no rain in sight, but there was a rainbow in the sky. I guess it was somehow raining in just the right spot to produce some diffraction. I thought it was pretty cool.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming And Going

I thought you might enjoy these photos of a hippopotamus at Disney's Animal Kingdom Saturday. Pretty cool how they have it set up like an aquarium, allowing you to see how graceful these guys are under the water, instead of how cumbersome they are on land. In the few minutes we stood there watching, he made four laps, so he must be pretty happy in there. Or maybe he was looking for a way out. Anyhow, these are much better than the previous pictures of a hippo I shared with you.