Thursday, October 02, 2008

Out On Bond

Uh-oh, looks like the accused is out on bond! I'm going to go move my car to right outside my window so I can keep an eye on it. I wonder if they'll let me bring it in the shop? That would put my mind at ease a little more. The adjusters are supposed to come look at it today to see if there is any damage to the front end or the underside from the towing. I think it needs an alignment, and maybe some new front tires. Tires don't respond so well to being drug across the asphalt when they can't roll.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I can't seem to link to it, so here's a screen grab from the website of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Remember, all people are innocent until proven guilty, even if you did find your car in her back yard while she was at the tag agency with your license plate trying to trade it in on a new one.

And We're Back

Just like that, my car is back. Well, there's more to it than that. Someone thought it was theirs, so they took it (had it taken, actually, by a towing company, who is also now in trouble). I pointed out that it was not theirs, and got it back. They caught the lady at the tag agency trying to exchange my license plate for a new one in her name. I'll never understand people. But she is now in jail. For how long, who knows? I do have to drive it in someplace tomorrow to get the front end checked out for damage due to the rough tow job, but at least I know how I'm going to get home tonight.

Gone In A Flash

Someone has stolen my car. I parked it here this morning, and now it is gone. I kid you not. Who would want a nine year old dirty car? Updates to follow. I can barely think right this second.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last Night

Thought you might be interested in seeing the sunset from last night. I know it's a day late and all, but it's still nice. This was down in Venice, about an hour south of my house.