Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Beginning Of June

This panoramic shot of the Manatee River at sunset was taken right before the start of the July 4th fireworks display. Everyone was out on the river having a good time waiting for the man-made light show to start and enjoying a pretty nice light show from Mother Nature.

June 2005

The month of June on our calendar is a close-up of a bright yellow flower covered in water droplets. I wish I could tell you it's dew, or raindrops, or some equally romantic source of water, but it was just a normal everyday sprinkler. And I wasn't quick enough to read what type of flower it was, so I'm forever doomed to calling it a yellow flower. I do remember that I found it at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens here in Sarasota. It's been a while since I was up there, I think I need to schedule another trip soon.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Name That Flower II

Here's another chance for my loyal readers to help educate me. I shot the flowers above at Stump Pass Beach State Park this weekend. These blossoms were on a large bush, well, almost a small tree. There were more white blossoms than purple, but there were plenty of each color on the same stems. I think I've seen one other bush like this in my travels, but I can't remember where that was. If you have any idea what sort of plant this is, please drop me a line.

Theft Of A Bicycle

You never know what you're going to get when you type your name into Google. This popped up from a BBC website.

The Last Little Bit Of May

Our last weekly calendar page for the month of May features an iguana named Delilah. She makes her home at the Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary on City Island just off the coast of Sarasota, Florida. Delilah was a rescued animal, and now she lives at the sanctuary and helps to educate people about introducing non-native species into our natural ecosystems.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend-Day 3

The third, final, and busiest day of the weekend was Monday. Everywhere I went was terribly crowded, and the temperature was hovering near 90 degrees, so I didn't stay out long. I did manage to get this shot of the Sunshine Skyway off in the distance, shot from the north end of Anna Maria Island. You can see that it was a beautiful clear-water day again, but we tend to take them for granted this time of year.

Memorial Day Weekend-Day 2

The second day of the holiday weekend found me at yet another Disney theme park. This time it was Disney/MGM Studios. This little finch made his home in a neon sign over a store-front near the front of the park. There was no word whether the bright light kept him up all night or not.