Sunday, March 18, 2018

Volume Eleven-Ten Years On

Two posts in one day?  I must be coming down with something.  Anyway, this is the penultimate installment in the For Hi-Fi Living series.  It's also the second collection from Tony Osborne, and also the return of the interludes between songs that were so prevalent in the early volumes but haven't been seen in a bit, this time performed by a celeste.  This one could almost be subtitled "The Songs Of Mack Gordon & Harry Warren" since I think 4 of the 12 songs are written by the pair.  Surely that's not a coincidence, but I find no mention of it on the sleeve.  Perhaps they had a publishing deal with RCA at the time.  And David Rose shows up twice! Anyhow, please download and enjoy Tony Osborne And His Orchestra-A Trip To Romance (RCA Custom RAL-1011, Mono, 1957).

1. The Moon Was Yellow
2. The More I See You
3. Romance
4. You'll Never Know
5. Serenade In Blue
6. Holiday For Strings
7. Fools Rush In
8. Love Me Or Leave Me
9. Our Waltz
10. Little White Lies
11. I Had The Craziest Dream
12. A Little Bit Independent.

If this is your first time encountering this series, here at the links to the earlier volumes. Get 'em while they last, I don't know if they'll be back in another ten years!


Painted Passions

Here's a special little treat for you all, if you're paying attention.  I was cleaning up the computer room and found this record that I had set aside to record some time ago, then forgot about.  But here it is in all it's mid-century glory. Discogs tells me this is the second cover, probably a reissue from later on in the fifties, but I still like it.  And as a special bonus, I've dropped in digital versions of all the paintings that are covered here in audio versions! (Though I'm not certain I got the correct Gabrielle by Renoir, he seems to have done quite a few of them.) So download and listen as you look!  This is Henri RenĂ© And His Orchestra-Passion In Paint (Famous Paintings Set To Music) (RCA Victor LPM-1033, Mono, 1955). I love these experiments of lists set to music. I've got quite a few of them, but this is one of my favorites. And as far as the paintings go, the only one I've seen in person is the Dali, when it was on display at his St. Pete museum alongside the similar Disintigration of Persistence of Memory.  They're both very small.  I may have seen Madame X more recently, but I'm not certain of it.

1. Nude Descending The Stairs (Marcel Duchamp)
2. Gabrielle In An Open Blouse (Pierre August Renoir)
3. The Birth Of Venus (Sandro Botticelli)
4. The Nude Maja (Francisco Goya) (Says Maya on the label, but I think that's incorrect)
5. Girl Before Mirror (Pablo Picasso)
6. At The Moulin Rouge (Henri Toulouse Lautrec)
7. Mona Lisa (Leonardo Da Vinci)
8. L' Absinthe (Edgar Degas)
9. Nude On Cushion (Amedeo Modigliani)
10. Madame X (John Singer Sargent)
11. Olympia (Edouard Manet)
12. The Persistence Of Memory (Salvador Dali)