Saturday, August 01, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-39

Here's some more Christmas in July for you.  Too tired to talk. Put 8000 records into storage so far this weekend.  They're heavy. Haven't made a dent in the pile yet. :(

Nutcrackers In August 1

Something a little bit different now that it's August. You may have noticed that I didn't share out any single tracks from The Nutcracker Suite during Christmas in July. That's not because I didn't have any, but because I didn't want to give you too much Nutcracker goodness since I was doing daily posts of entire Suites. So for the first few days in August, I'm going to keep giving you Nutcracker shares, but groups of single tracks. I don't think they're going to add up to entire suites, I'm not that good. But there are some great versions in there.  I'm a little busy at the moment to post the tracklist, but trust me when I say there are some heavy hitters in here.  Here's a link, knock yourself out!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-38

Good evening, and welcome to share #38, which happens to fall on the last day of the month. And that means I've got a whole pile of New Year's songs for you, along with a handful of Christmas shares just to make it a full-size share. And I'm late with my posting for what I think is the first time this month. I've been putting records into storage ever since I got off work. It's a real pain in the backside, but I've got to do it.  They're everywhere, and I need some space. I think I moved about 3000 records today, and a whole lot more to go.  Wish me luck.  But you want some Christmas and New Year's music, so let's see what's in the share tonight.

1. An English Christmas Portrait by the fine, but unnamed artists at Jenson Publications, from the LP Superior New Works For Concert Band-Advanced Edition-Volume 23 (Jenson Publications 2xLP CB23A88AD, Stereo, 1988). Is there only this one demo recording tonight?

2. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S by Little Marcy, everyone's favorite Christian doll, from her album Marcy Favorites-20 Songs From Her Best Selling Albums (Corner Stone/Singcord SLP 473, Mono). Based on the album title, I'm guessing this is a track from another album, probably one of her multiple Christmas records. Pretty sure there are some of those in the archives if you want to take a look, I'm too lazy to search and post a link.

3. Gloria In Excelsis by John Klein At The Schulmerich "Carillon Americana" Bells from The Call Of The Carillon (RCA Victor LSP-2255, Stereo, 1961). It's Christmas on the carillon!

4. Co Je To Za Svit by The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F. from Christmas With The Slovakaires (Pav Records PAV 666, Stereo). I have more tracks left to share from this record than any other. I guess I haven't been doing a very good job at parceling them out on a regular basis.

5. Empty Stocking Blues by Don Wilson from Christmas Ain't Over Yet! (Or, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Don Wilson!) (No Label RC 108/RC 107, Mono). This is probably the record with the second-most tracks remaining, in case you're keeping count.

6. Auld Lang Syne, the first of many versions tonight, this one by Vaughn Monroe from Racing With The Moon (Hamilton (Dot) HLP 137, Mono, 1965). This is a later re-recording of a song he did back in the day for RCA Victor.

7. Auld Lang Syne, again, by The Loch Chorus from Favorite Songs Of Scotland (London, International Series TW 91413, Mono, 1966). I assume these singers live near a lake, or maybe in a lake. Wouldn't that be something!

8. I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen; While Strolling Through The Park One Day; Auld Lang Syne by The Krauts-German Bierstube Boys from Honky Tonk Piano With Rhythm (Rondo ST 588, Stereo). Budget label weirdness. People actually bought this stuff.

9. Auld Lang Syne by The Palace Of Varieties Chorus And Orchestra from Palace Of Varieties (London FFRR LLP 297, Mono). What was the Palace of Varieties? A music hall? TV show? Nothing in particular, just a name? I am too lazy to use Google.

10. Auld Lang Syne by Massed Children's Voices From Westminster Abbey And St. Paul's With The Longines Symphonette from Sweet Voices Of Inspiration (The Longines Symphonette Recording Society LWS 173, Stereo, 1966). There's the Longines Symphonette again...

11. Auld Lang Syne by Bob Johnson And The Lonesome Travelers from Twelve Shades Of Bluegrass (Parkway P-7017, Mono, 1962). Cool, bluegrass.  You don't find that every day!

12. Auld Lang Syne by Thumbs Tubby from 24 Honky Tonk Piano Selections  (Hudson 270, Mono). More budget label dreck.

13. Auld Lang Syne by George Hamilton IV, Arranged And Conducted By Don Costa from George Hamilton IV On Campus (ABC-Paramount ABC-220 "Promotion Copy Not For Sale", Mono, 1957). Finally, a real artist!

14. Violets; Tell Me Why; Auld Lang Syne by The Living Voices from Living Voices On The Campus (RCA Camden CAL-715, Mono, 1962). Budget from a major label.

15. New Year's Resolution by Jim Mandell With Mary Hylan & Debby James from Action Songs For Holidays And Special Days (Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb T 312, Stereo, 1979). Finally a different New Year's song. A record for the kiddies, but still.

16. Auld Lang Syne by The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines And Pipes & Drums Of The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Under The Direction Of Lieutenant Colonel Graham Hoskins MVO ACAM RM from 1985 North American Tour Highlights (ESI Records ESI 109, Stereo, 1985). Good gravy at all the initials. Oh well, I guess I didn't come with any really exciting New Year's stuff this year.

There you have it, sixteen more goodies for you.  I won't even pretend that this is the end.  Come back tomorrow to see what else is in the bin.

Nutcracker In July 31

Hello, and welcome to the last full episode of Nutcracker In July! It's the last day of the month, and thus our journey must come to an end. And while I didn't really save the best for last, let's call it second best. How'd you like to hear Dom Frontiere play the entire Nutcracker Suite on his accordion? This is from the LP Dom Frontiere Plays The Classics (Liberty LRP 3032, Mono, 1957), where I believe it took up the whole second side.  If, like me, you've been finding a lot of these versions sound the same, this one certainly doesn't sound anything like those others.  Enjoy!

And as a special bonus, because I can, here's a link to a stereo release of this same music that I shared out some years ago, on a track-by-track basis, during a previous Christmas In July. I believe it's the same recording, released on a retitled version of the LP a year or so later. Pretty cool, anyway you want to listen to it.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-37

Thursday night, and time for some more Christmas music. Can you handle it?  I hope so, there's plenty in the pile tonight.

1. Troika En Traineaux-November (From "The Months" Opus 37a) by The Imperial Concert Orchestra Directed By Irving Riskin from A Tschaikowsky Concert (Concertone 5x10" 78 RPM Album No. 15, Mono). This is the leftover track from the album I pulled the Nutcracker songs from that I shared yesterday. Seems to be some difficulty in tracking down the origin of the tracks on that set.  This one is by a different artist than the tracks from yesterday, so maybe someone will have better luck with this than those. It's mighty long for a track from a 10" 78 RPM record, but they got it on there somehow.

2. Disco Toyland by The Babes from The Babes In Toyland (Dream Music Company BIT 91550, Stereo, 1979). Yep, it's a disco version of the Victor Herbert classic Toyland that you didn't know you needed. Enjoy!

3. Santa's Coming by an unnamed artist from Sing A Song Of Holidays & Seasons (Bowmar Educational Records ?x10" 78 RPM B-1680, Mono, 1959). I love some of these kiddie songs, they're what Christmas is all about.

4. Good News, Great Joy by another unnamed artist, this time from demo LP Music For The Choral Ensemble Vol. XV-Young Choir Edition (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-3500, Stereo, 1983). You'd think I'd be out of these demo tracks this late in the system, but you'd be wrong. Maybe I should go record a few more of them just to make sure they never, ever run out.

5. X Has No Word For These Bible Stories by Anita Bryant-Arranged And Conducted By Robert Mersey from The ABC Stories Of Jesus (Columbia CS 8675, Stereo, 1962). Finally, the last of these letter songs, and the most pointless of them all. I guess they had to use something for X.

6. The Story Of Christmas by Little Johnny Everything And His Sister Judy With The Norman Leyden Child's World Orchestra from Fun For Everyday With Little Johnny Everything & His Sister Judy (RCA Victor Children's Bluebird Records LBY-1005, Mono, 1958). If this song sounds familiar, it's because I shared a version of it as recorded by Jose Melis many years ago.  Took me a while to place it, too.

7. Ave Maria by Liberace from 20 Great Piano Performances (American Variety International Records AVI 1041, Stereo, 1975). Not sure if this is old recordings or stuff knocked out in a hurry for this slightly dodgy looking release. Anything is possible when you're talking about Liberace.

8. The Hallelujah Chorus by American Christian College Choir from An Evening With Billy James Hargis And His Kids (Christian Crusade Recordings LP30002, Stereo, 1971). We haven't heard much from The Messiah this year for whatever reason.  You never know is going to turn up when you go out hunting.

9. Snowbird by Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra from Orange Colored Sky (Decca (MCA) DL75256, Stereo, 1970). Not the most Christmassy recording Bert ever released.

10. Finale: Merry Christmas From Our House To Your House; We Wish You A Merry Christmas by The Murk Family With Accompanist Betty Bowman from Holiday Musicale (Sacred Knof Recordings SKR-LP-1170, Mono). I think this is finally the end of the Murk Family's contribution to the season.

11. Christmastime In Florida by John McGee from Songs Of Florida (No Label 8011N8, Mono). I wish I knew more about this one. I think it's a local artist, and I believe this record was a compilation of two earlier releases. One side was mono, the other was stereo. I had to buy it because of the Christmas content, but I may have gotten it anyway for the Florida connection. If you want another great Florida Christmas song, go look in the comments here. Maybe now is a good time to remind some newer visitors that there was a small series of shares earlier this year during the early days of the COVID lockdown. The series didn't last long, but there were some interesting things in there, and most of the posts had a bonus share in the comments for those who were kind enough to leave a comment.  Check 'em out! (Huh, I just realized they're both the same Florida song! How weird! What's up with that?)

12. My Favorite Things by Kokee Band from Hawaii And Other Exotic Movie Themes (Solid State (United Artists) SS 18010 "Not For Sale" White Label, Stereo, 1967). A slightly Hawaiian version of this old Broadway chestnut? Yes, please! Is it just me or is there also a distinct James Bond thing going on here?  I'm moving this one into the best-of folder.

13. Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol (From "British Folk Music Settings"), No. 2 by Percy Grainger from Percy Grainger Plays Grainger (Everest 913, Stereo, 1966). Anyone familiar with the Sussex Mummers Christmas Carol? Not I...

14. Midnight Bells by Alfred Newman And His Hollywood Symphony Orchestra from Music For Your Listening Pleasure (Mercury MG 20038, Mono, 1955). A very early release on LP for Mercury. I think it was in one of those paper envelope sleeves.

15. Greensleeves by George Feyer At The Piano With Orchestra Conducted By Dick Jacobs from Golden Waltzes Everybody Knows (Decca DL74455, Stereo, 1964). I wish I could share Feyer's Christmas album with you, but I got a request from his family years ago to not share it, and I've done so. But maybe someday...

16. Oh, You Beautiful Doll, a not very Christmas track by Eddie Osborn At The Replica Wurlitzer from Fabulous Eddie, Vol. 2-Fabulous Eddie...Again! (Replica 33x515, Mono). A bonus 16th song again today.

And that's it for now.  More tomorrow, I promise.  Still stuff in the pile.

Nutcracker In July 30

Almost to the end now, and I've got a weird one for you today. I pulled this one from a set of five 78s, so the sound leaves a little something to be desired. But it's not something you see every day, so I want to get it out there.  This is Jack Shilkret And His Concert Orchestra and the album is entitled A Tschaikowsky Concert (Concertone 5x10" 78 RPM Album No. 15, Mono). Not entirely sure what the vintage on this one is, and the recordings could be a lot older than the pressing. Sound was much rougher than what I can usually coax out of a 78, so either there's an issue here or I've lost my touch. Anyhow, try to enjoy as best you can.

Update: Since there's been some discussion, and while I have it handy, here's the cover for this one.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-36

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. Must be close to the end of the month. But I've still got a pile of music to see us through the cold lonely winter.  Here are another fifteen tracks for you.

1. Snowflakes by Marni Nixon from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). This may have been my favorite from this series of tracks.

2. Let It Snow, by an unlisted group for Jenson Publications from Superior New Works For Concert Band-Advanced Edition-Volume 23 (Jenson Publications 2xLP CB23A88AD, Stereo, 1988). Your demo recording for the day.

3. Christmas In The Trenches by John McCutcheon from Rounder Folk 2 (Rounder AN-05, Stereo, 1984). A sampler from the well-known label. Not familiar with the artist or the record that may have spawned this, but at least I checked the track list when I saw it!

4. Snowbird by Chet Atkins from For The Good Times And Other Country Moods (RCA Victor LSP-4464, Stereo, 1971). Any excuse for a Chet Atkins track is a good one.

5. Moonlight In Vermont by The Johnny Smith Quintet Featuring Stan Getz from Moonlight In Vermont (Roost LP 2211 (AKA RLP 2211), Mono, 1956). In the early stages of collecting tracks for this Christmas in July, I created a folder with jazz tracks that I thought I would share all together one of the days. Turned out I couldn't put enough tracks together to make a decent share, but it was a nice idea while it lasted.

6. Toyland by Percy Faith And His Orchestra from The Columbia Album Of Victor Herbert (Columbia 2xLP C2S 801, Stereo, 1958). Did this track wind up on the big Percy Faith Christmas collection from Real Gone a few years ago? Probably. This thing is lush.

7. Epiphany, by another unknown artist for Jenson Publications, this time from Jenson Publications' Choral Celebration Vol. 5 (Jenson Publications JP-4000 w/ Book, Stereo, 1983). I appear to have spelled this Ephiphany more than once this year. Sorry about that. Another demo track in case I need to tell you.

8. Carol Of The Bells by Regina High School Chorus-Ms. Marianne Antonich, Director from Christmas & Spring Concerts 1977-1978 (Melody Recording KM 2623, Stereo, 1978). This has got to be one of my favorite Christmas songs. One of these days I need to learn the words.

9. Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today Christ Is Born) by The Modern Choir-Directed By Warner Imig from The University Of Colorado And The College Of Music Proudly Present Songs By The Modern Choir (Recorded Publications 32M-32181/32182 (Dedicated to Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Elaine Van Derbur), Mono). I thought I shared out all the music from this one ages ago, but i guess not. That just means I'm sharing out too much music!

10. Glory Be To God by The Frankford High School A Cappella Choir-Robert G. Hamilton, Director from The Frankford High School A Cappella Choir Sings '61-'62 (Acoustic Arts Recording Studios LP 126 (Philadelphia, PA), Mono, 1962). High school, college, I've got it all covered today. Do I have an elementary aged group for you anywhere?

11. Four Seasons by Polly Bergen With Frank DeVol And His Orchestra from Polly Bergen's Four Seasons Of Love (Columbia CL 1451, Mono, 1960). More from Polly, but without her pop.

12. Holidays by Patti Page from Aces (Plantation PLP-548, Stereo, 1981). This is much, much later Patti Page, as evidenced by it appearing on the quirky Plantation label.

13. The Skaters-Waltz, Op. 183 by The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor from Hi-Fi 3/4; Waltzes And Songs By Waldteufel And Lehar (CBS Masterworks (South Africa) BLD 7031, Mono, 1956). More from Shorty von Muggins, and a copy from South Africa no less!

14. My Favorite Things (From "The Sound Of Music") by Neil Wolfe from Piano-My Way-The Unique New Sound Of Neil Wolfe (Columbia CS 9039, Stereo, 1965). I guess Neil was the piano prodigy of the month at Columbia for a while. As far as I know, he didn't go very far.

15. The Christmas Story by The Östlund Family from I Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto Thee (CLAV (Sweden) CSLP 80065E, Stereo, 1980). A religious family LP from Sweden? Sometimes I think these things find me.

And that's the list for today.  Gotta be something in there for everybody.  Here's the D/L, see you again tomorrow.

Nutcracker In July 29

Before I share today's Nutcracker with you, I just wanted to say how surprised I've been with the reaction to this series. I figured it would be the red-headed stepchild to the normal Christmas in July posts, but you folks have really welcomed it and made it seem like a worthwhile addition to the month. Good to know that there are people out there who are interested in these sorts of things.  Tonight's version is no mystery whatsoever, it's a real group, a real person, and a real recording.  This is The New York Philharmonic-Leonard Bernstein, Conductor from Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf/Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (Columbia Masterworks MS 6193, Stereo, 1960). Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-35

Welcome back! I know why you're here, so I'll jump right in.

1. Dream Toyland by The Babes, another track from The Babes In Toyland (Dream Music Company BIT 91550, Stereo, 1979). This must have been something to see. There was a clipping from my hometown newspaper in the sleeve of this record, with a review of the show from someone who hadn't actually seen the show. Turns out the showing he was headed to got cancelled because the earlier show that day had been poorly attended, and the later show was up against a Kenny Rogers concert. He still had some good things to say about it, but I'm not sure what he based that on.

2. Jingle Bells by Pied Piper from Sing A Song Of Sixpence/Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star (Pied Piper 10" 78 RPM PP-51, Mono). This isn't really by a group or a person called Pied Piper, that's the name of the label that put out this kiddie record. But I had to put a name on there, and I was tired of saying Unknown Artist for everything.

3. Christmas Gifts by an unknown artist from Sing A Song Of Holidays & Seasons (Bowmar Educational Records ?x10" 78 RPM B-1680, Mono, 1959).  See, too many unknown artist tracks around here this season.

4. On A Christmas Night by Richard Robinson from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). You may have noticed that this record and the previous one share a label. I actually found the previous one in the box for this one. I hunted around at the store where I found them both to see if I could complete the set, but no such luck. They probably got misfiled years ago in some classroom somewhere and stayed mixed up until the got donated to Goodwill decades later.

5. A Babe Is Born, again by an unknown artist, this time from Music For The Choral Ensemble Vol. XV-Young Choir Edition (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-3500, Stereo, 1983). This may be the only demo track for the night.

6. There Is No Rose by The Texas Boys Choir-George Bragg, Conductor-Sydney Laudenslager, Harp from Britten: A Ceremony Of Carols-Gregg Smith: Bible Songs For Young Voices (Vox Turnabout TV-S 34544, Stereo, 1973). I think this is the last one from the boys of Texas.

7. I Is For An Infant, A Tiny Baby by Anita Bryant-Arranged And Conducted By Robert Mersey from The ABC Stories Of Jesus (Columbia CS 8675, Stereo, 1962). On the other hand, this is not the last track from this album.

8. The Skater's Waltz by Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Conducted By Armando Aliberti from The Skater's Waltz And Other Favorite Waltzes (Westminster WST 14034, Mono, 1957). Good stuff from the Westminster label.

9. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Morgana King from Everybody Loves Saturday Night (Ascot ALM 13020 (AKA AM 13020) D.J. Copy, originally issued 1959, Mono, 1965). One of the better tracks for today.

10. Winter's Night by Pete Brady from Sing Me A Smile (Moonraker 001, Stereo). I don't think this guy is a member of The Brady Bunch, and I don't believe his label is named after a James Bond film. I do know this is a cover of a Gordon Lightfoot song, even though the title is a bit edited.

11. Holiday For Strings by David Rose And His Orchestra from Holiday For Strings And Other Favorites (RCA Victor LPT 1011, Mono, 1954). This is a different recording from the stereo remake I shared earlier this year. Is this his original recording? I'm not sure.

12. A Star Shall Rise by The St. Olaf Lutheran Choir-Dr. Olaf C. Christiansen, Conductor from Twentieth Century Psalms And Hymns/The Birth, Life, Death And Resurrection Of Christ (Mercury SR 60636, Stereo, 1961). Gotta keep an eye out for records that claim to be about the birth of Jesus.

13. Ave Maria, Op. 52, No. 6 by Christopher Lynch, Tenor, With Warner Bass, Organ from Bless This House-The Children's Hour (Columbia Entre RL 3016, Mono). Not sure if this album was recorded as such, or if it was an assembly of tracks from singles.  Doesn't matter, I guess, but sometimes I wonder such things. One of the all-time great Christmas albums, Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby, isn't really anything more than a collection of single tracks.

14. Mary Had A Baby by The Tuskegee Institute Choir, Directed By William L. Dawson from 15 Spirituals (Westminster (ABC) W-9633 (Later reissue), Mono, 1955). Haven't seen the original Westminster issue of this one, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

15. The Marvellous Toy by Tom Paxton from The Marvellous Toy & Other Gallimaufry (Flying Fish FF 408, Stereo, 1986). Not the original recording, but a worthwhile version.

16. Star Of Bethlehem by The Turners Creek Girls from He'll Pilot Me (Sunrise Recordings CR-1015-22587/8, Mono). I'm afraid I have no memory of this one at all.  Looks like some sort of private thing though.  Could be good.

That's another sixteen count night for you.  Hope you enjoy it.  Here's the download, I'll see you tomorrow.

Nutcracker In July 28

Time once again for Tchaikovsky's immortal Nutcracker Suite. You've heard it 27 times this month, and today is probably no different than any of those. But it's a tradition at this point, so You're just going to have to live with it through the end of the month.  Today's version is by the absolutely pseudonymous International Festival Orchestra (the copy on the back of the LP pretty much said it's a name for the quality musicians they assemble for all their records). And the album is Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite And Romeo & Juliet Overture (Paris International Music Appreciation Library Volume 13, Mono). The best part about this version is the cool names they've given to some of the tracks. I'm not sure if they're correct or not, but they're interesting. I don't think I'll be seeking out the other volumes in this series though.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-34

Good evening, and welcome to part 34 of our month-long celebration of Christmas in July! I wish I could say the fun is just getting started, but that's not strictly true. I may run a little bit over, but it's not going to last through September like has happened in the past. Too many things to do other than find and post Christmas music.  But we've got a little way to go still, so enjoy it while it lasts.  Here's what's in the download for tonight.

1. Christmas Tree Angel by Marni Nixon from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). This is one of the very few shares I pulled from 78 RPM shellac this season. And if memory serves, it was equalized with the normal RIAA curve, so I didn't have to do anything special with it like most older 78s.

2. Sing Gloria In Excelsis Deo from the anonymous artists at Jenson Publications from Music For The Choral Ensemble Vol. XV-Young Choir Edition (Jenson Publications 2xLP JP-3500, Stereo, 1983). Demo #1.

3. Navided Nuestra-La Huida (Vidala Tucumana) by Los Fronterizos-Cantoria De La Basilica Del Socorro-Directed By Father R.P. Segade-Conducted By Ariel Ramirez from Misa Criolla-From The Argentine-A Folkloristic Expression Of Religious Emotions (Philips (Netherlands) 6527 136, originally released 1964, Stereo, 1980). I dunno, these tracks haven't sounded all that Christmassy to me.

4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas by the anonymous artists at Silver Burdett Records from Making Music Your Own-Kindergarten Record IV (Silver Burdett Records 75 180 4, Mono, 1966). Not strictly a demo recording, but instead designed for classroom use.  Still no artist attribution, though.

5. The Christmas Song by Brookside Jr. High School Music Department-Symphonic Band-Bernard Rightmyer, Conductor from Winter Concert-Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, 1971 (United Sound USR 4026, Stereo, 1972). To be honest, I didn't know the Van Wezel was this old, but I guess I have no real idea how old it is. It's right up the road from me, I see it all the time.

6.  Recession by The Texas Boys Choir-George Bragg, Conductor-Sydney Laudenslager, Harp from Britten: A Ceremony Of Carols-Gregg Smith: Bible Songs For Young Voices (Vox Turnabout TV-S 34544, Stereo, 1973). I think we're almost to the end of the tracks from this one. Sure were a lot of them.

7. Carol Medley by The Women's Ensemble Of Bethany Lutheran Church, Melodie Bollman-Director, Eleanor Peura-Accompanist from The Ensemble Sings (Century Advent Recording LRS-RT-6062 (Astabula, Ohio), Stereo). More music from Bill Medley's sister.  That's a joke folks.  Think about it, you'll get it.

8. Oh, Holy Night by The RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer from The Sounds And Music Of The RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer (RCA Victor Red Seal (Experimental) LM-1922, Mono, 1955). This one has a bit of a story behind it.  It's music made by a very early synthesizer, but that's not the story. The story is that I've had the record for years and years, and I could never get it to play without skipping. Every year I'd come back to it and try again.  Well, this year I finally got a decent rip out of it. I'm excited to be able to finally share this rare slice of history with you, even though it's not musically all that exciting. But try to imagine creating this music back in 1955, before the microchip, before a lot of the music making equipment we now take for granted. I've shared out other electronic Christmas music experiments in the past, but this is the earliest.

9. Bells, by what is probably a different anonymous artist with Jenson Publications, this time from Superior New Works For Concert Band Vol. XV-Advanced Edition (Jenson Publications JP-5100, Stereo, 1984). Demo #2 for the day.

10. The Skaters-Waltz by Robert Stolz And His Concert Orchestra from Kalman And Waldteufel Memories (London LL 143, Mono, 1949). I don't think this actual record came out in 1949, but the recording appears to date from then.  Some records I just can't pin a good date on.

11. January-By The Hearth by Yevgeny Svetlanov Conducting The U.S.S.R. Symphony Orchestra from Tchaikovsky-The Seasons (Columbia Masterworks/Melodiya 2xLP MG 35184, Stereo, 1978). We've heard a lot of music from this double album this month, and I'm still impressed by the music that came out of the then-Soviet Union to the USA. Pretty impressive to me.

12. White Christmas by The Murk Family With Accompanist Betty Bowman from Holiday Musicale (Sacred Knof Recordings SKR-LP-1170, Mono).  More music from our favorite musical family this month.

13. Glory To That New-Born King by Duke University Men's Glee Club-Paul Young, Conductor, James Young, Director from Duke University Men's Glee Club (Century 27105, Stereo). I've tried to make sure I spread things out as much as I could this season, so that it wasn't too loaded up with good stuff at the beginning and then nothing but dreck near the end. I don't think we've heard from these guys so far this year, so I've still got some new stuff to share with you.

14. O Holy Night by Maplewood Glee Club, Warren G. Schmoll-Director, Rosalind Dobie-Accompanist, Roy Stocker-Solo, Janice Nieman-Organist from Maplewood Glee Club 1965-Maplewood Community Recreation Service (HMR Productions RC-94 (AKA RC-134) Side 2-1965 Winter Concert, Mono, 1965). However, some records we just keep returning to again and again and again. Whoops, this is the second appearance of this song tonight. I try to avoid that when possible, but I let it slip through again.  Been a bad year for that.

15. One Little Candle by Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians from This I Believe-Songs Of Faith And Inspiration (Capitol ST 2054, Stereo, 1964). Latter-day Fred, when he recorded pretty much his entire Decca catalog over again for Capitol. Well, almost.

16. Sound The Trumpet by Okemos High School Concert Choir from Sixth Annual Albion College Invitational Choral Festival (Delta DRS81-128, Stereo, 1981). Another record that we've visited again and again and again this season. And it looks like I've dropped sixteen tracks into the bucket again tonight. Hope I don't run out of tracks before the end...

That's it for now.  Gotta be something in there you like. And I keep forgetting to ask if you have any favorites from the month so far? Gotta be something in there you love and can't live without. Leave me a comment and let me know what you've loved. Or, if you prefer, what you've hated. That's fun too.

Nutcracker In July 27

Are you tired of the Nutcrackers yet? No? Good, because they just keep coming. Today's version is by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra-Sir Thomas Beecham, Bart., Conductor, from the LP Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (Columbia Masterworks ML 5171, Mono, 1956). Nothing budget about this one. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-33

Welcome to a Sunday afternoon edition of Christmas in July. We've got less than a week to go, so I've got a lot of stuff to get out.  Let's jump right in.

1. The Babes doing March Of The Wooden Soldiers from The Babes In Toyland (Dream Music Company BIT 91550, Stereo, 1979). Now this is a weird one. Turns out to be the soundtrack of a touring show based on the Victor Herbert Operetta, but with the added attraction of disco arrangements and staging designed by Sid & Marty Krofft. Doesn't look like it was too successful.

2. Richard Robinson-Walking Weather from Songs From "Singing Fun" (Bowmar 4x10" 78 RPM 1650/1651/1652/1653, Mono, 1956). Not much winter content in this one, but a little.

3. Anita Bryant-Arranged And Conducted By Robert Mersey-H Is For A Little House In Bethlehem from The ABC Stories Of Jesus (Columbia CS 8675, Stereo, 1962). The letters just keep right on a'comin'.

4. Symphonic Variations On In Dulci Jubilo from the unknown artist performing on Superior New Works For Concert Band Vol. XV-Advanced Edition (Jenson Publications JP-5100, Stereo, 1984). Speaking of something that keeps coming...

5. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, again, by an unknown artist from Jenson Publications' Choral Celebration Vol. 5 (Jenson Publications JP-4000 w/ Book, Stereo, 1983). Just like the Energizer Bunny.

6. Regina High School Chorus-Ms. Marianne Antonich, Director-Comfort Ye; And The Glory Of The Lord from Christmas & Spring Concerts 1977-1978 (Melody Recording KM 2623, Stereo, 1978). A little something from a high school chorus is always welcome.

7. Frankford High School A Cappella Choir-Robert G. Hamilton, Director-You Better Watch Out from Ambassadors Of Song '63-'64 (Acoustic Arts Recording Studios LP 151 (Philadelphia, PA), Mono, 1964). And another high school.

8. Franco Corelli-Orchestra And Chorus Conducted By Rafaele Mingardo-Adeste Fideles From Franco Corelli Sings Great Religious Songs & Aries (Angel S 36208, Stereo, 1964). Seeing a lot from this guy lately.

9. The Handbell Choir Of St. James Methodist Church, Olney, Philadelphia-Eleanor C. Thompson, Director-Joy To The World from Sacred And Secular Music (Magnetic Recorder And Reproducer Corp. MRR-397, Mono, 1963). Handbells! This has to be the highlight of today's share!

10. Moe Koffman-Snowflakes (Largo) from The Four Seasons (GRT Of Canada 2xLP 9230-1022, Stereo, 1972). Nice and chilly.

11. Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Stuttgart-Rolf Reinhardt, Conductor-Toy Symphony-Menuetto from A Musical Joke; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik; Toy Symphony (Vox PL 9780, Mono, 1956). Everyone wants a new toy for Christmas.

12. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale-Sing We Now Of Christmas from Seasons Greetings From The Men & Women Of The United States Air Force (No Label 2xLP No Number, Stereo). I love these military Christmas recordings. I hope you do as well.

13. The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F.-S Touzebnostou Pri Chadzame from Christmas With The Slovakaires (Pav Records PAV 666, Stereo). More Christmas from Slovakia, no bells this time.

14. Kenneth Wilson, Organist-Fanfare For A Christmas Day: Christmas Song; On This Day Earth Shall Ring from Christmas At The Castle/Kenneth Wilson Celebrates (AFKA HCM101/S-4665, Stereo, 1981). Some more Christmas from the castle!

15. Liv Ullmann & Rock Hudson-Baby It's Cold Outside from Stars On "Norway" (Polygram (Norway) 202 001, Stereo, 1980). Yep, it's Rock Hudson, from some sort of cruise ship promotional piece. Or maybe it was a sort of souvenir. Not sure.

16. Marie LeBlanc-Man's Best Friend, The Alligator And Alligator Shoes For Christmas from Cajun Stories (One Way T112, Stereo, 1980). Another rare spoken word piece.

Likes like I gave you an extra track today. I hope it was one you enjoy.  Here's the link, see you tomorrow!

Nutcracker In July 26

Today is a follow-up to the Nutcracker from yesterday, featuring an earlier, mono version from the same artist.  And thanks to some clever detective work by my talented followers, I can put a real name to the artist.  The name on the record is The Philadelphia Orchestra-Eugene Ormandy, Conductor, but you guys discovered the actual name of the band is Symphonic-Philharmonia Orchestra and Organ Grinder's Society of Baden-Baden under the direction of Herr Doctor Shorty von Muggins. How's that for some serious detective work? I did a bit of hunting myself before the post, and I didn't come up with anything even remotely plausible. The album I pulled this version from is called Nutcracker Suite + The Sleeping Beauty Ballet (Columbia Masterworks ML 4729, Mono, 1953). Give it a listen, and let me know which one you like more, this one or the stereo re-make from yesterday.

PS-By mistake, I seem to have ripped this one twice. First from the album above, and later from a reissue that I didn't realize was the same version.  That one was called Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a; The Sleeping Beauty-Ballet Music, Op. 66 (Columbia Masterworks ML 4729, Mono). I'm convinced they're the same, but if for some reason you don't believe me, or you're an OCD completist, here's that rip for you.