Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Chanukah In August 2021-Part 1

 OK, I've only got one track for Chanukah this year, but it's a pretty good one, very traditional.

1. Chanuke, O Chanuke! by Martha Schlamme With Orchestra Conducted By Robert DeCormier from Martha Schlamme Sings Jewish Folk Songs (Vanguard VRS-9011, Mono, 1957).

Don't know much about Martha, but Robert DeCormier worked with Harry Belafonte for a few years, including his Christmas LP the year after this one. I think he was originally credited as Bob Corman, but that was fixed once people realized his name wasn't offensive to anyone.


Monday, August 09, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 14 (In August)

 And so we come to the end. It's not been a very long season, but I hope it was good. I haven't been able to dig up as many records as in years' past, due to both the Covid and my girlfriend moving in with me. But thanks to Discogs, I was able to grab some stuff I've been wanting for a while, and find some new things that I didn't know existed.  For instance, I just found out yesterday there's a Christmas track on the Irma La Douce soundtrack. Too late for this year, but something to seek out for next year. It seems to be an unending quest. So what's in the pile tonight?

1. Jingle Bells Samba by The New York Percussion Trio-Murry Solomon, Guest Bass-Ray Wright, Conductor & Arranger from Holidays For Percussion (Vox ST-VX 25.740, Stereo, 1958). The final track from this great record, and maybe the best track. This is something that should be better known if you ask me.

2. In Bethlehem (Narrative) by Johnny Cash from the LP The Holy Land (Columbia KCS 9726, Stereo, 1969). A rerun, but you don't pass up an album with a lenticular cover when you find it.

3. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by Mike Douglas-Featuring The Joe Massimino Orchestra With The Sweet Tones from Singing A Happy Song (Wonderland WLP-5002, Stereo, 1979). An album from a children's label from Mike Douglas? I guess you never know what you'll find. I think Merry Clayton was listed as one of the Sweet Tones, so it has that going for it.

4. Christmas Time (Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree/Jingle Bells) by an unknown artist from Popular Photography's Sound For A Picture Evening (Ziff-Davis Publishing/Capitol Custom SRB 567/568, Stereo, 1965). An LP of music for your slideshows, and our second version of Jingle Bells this evening.

5. Christmas In Tennessee by Luke Gordon from Country & Western (Mount Vernon Music MVS 156 ("Electronic Process Of Stereo Reproduction"), 1963). A surprise when I turned over an LP I hadn't seen before. Sometimes I take the time to turn over every LP that doesn't look familiar, and sometimes I get lucky. Most of the time, I do not.

6. Jingle Bells by Artie Barsamian And His Orchestra from Minute Man Goes East (Virgo HP 1801, Mono, 1963). One of those faux-Middle Eastern records, but this one held a nice little surprise. And it's the third version of Jingle Bells tonight. I'm nothing if not consistent.

There you have it, the last night of Christmas In July for the season. Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.


Sunday, August 08, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 13 (In August)

 Another great selection of tunes for you today, so I'm just gonna jump right in.

1. Cuban Christmas by American Percussion Society, Paul Price-Conductor from Breaking The Sound Barrier, Vol. 1-Percussion (Urania UX 106, Mono, 1956). Now this one should be better known!

2. Danse Arabe by Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra from Swing Baby (Mercury MG 20124, Mono, 1955). Just found this record yesterday, if you can believe it. Looks like I shared a version from a 10" 78 last Christmas, via the Internet Archive, but I don't think it's the same version.

3. The Shepherds Song by The Adult Choir Of The Congregational Church Of Manhasset, New York, Ministry Of Music-Robley And Jean Lawson from Sacred Music (No Label, G8-OP-8168/8169, Mono, 1956). This may be the only dud in the bunch today.

4. When The Snow Is On The Roses by Roy Drusky from Jody And The Kid (Mercury SR 61173, Stereo, 1968). Well, OK, this one probably isn't going on your Christmas mix either.

5. The Skater's Waltz by Eric Vaughn-The Medallian Strings And Percussion from Wine, Women And Waltzes-The Sound Of The Blue Danube (Medallion (Kapp) MS-7519, Stereo, 1961). Another stereo spectacular!

In and out, wiki wiki today.  Download and enjoy!