Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Chanukah In August 2021-Part 1

 OK, I've only got one track for Chanukah this year, but it's a pretty good one, very traditional.

1. Chanuke, O Chanuke! by Martha Schlamme With Orchestra Conducted By Robert DeCormier from Martha Schlamme Sings Jewish Folk Songs (Vanguard VRS-9011, Mono, 1957).

Don't know much about Martha, but Robert DeCormier worked with Harry Belafonte for a few years, including his Christmas LP the year after this one. I think he was originally credited as Bob Corman, but that was fixed once people realized his name wasn't offensive to anyone.



Buster said...

This is an unexpected pleasure!

You say you only have one song for us, but indicate this is part 1.

mel said...

Thank you, Ernie.

Ernie said...

Buster-Part 1 of 1. :)

Mel-Thanks! Wish I could have found more, but it's been a lean year.

Auntie Knickers said...

Martha Schlamme used to have a television show on New York educational television (in the days before PBS), a half hour of folk songs early Sunday morning -- early to mid-1960s. Thanks!