Saturday, January 06, 2024

Tijuanabee Six

Last post of the season and last post in our series of Tijuanabees today, this record is perhaps the most common of the Christmas Herb Alpert ripoffs I see in the racks at thrift stores. Pretty sure even my parents had a copy when I was growing up, though I never paid any attention to it at the time. And curiously enough, all the tracks are instrumental versions of ten of the songs from that last Tijuanabee share by Tijuana Voices. I guess they were saving money by releasing two different versions of the same thing under two different names. Nothing that a budget label does surprises me anymore. But what of the other two songs that are missing here, why didn't they get included to make a slightly longer record? I have no idea, such things are beyond me. But if you want to listen while you pontificate such important questions, this is The Border Brass-Tijuana Christmas (Design DLPX-18/SDLP-X-18, Stereo, 1967). And that's the end of the 2023 Christmas season. Happy Epiphany or Three Kings Day or whatever you want to call it. It's the twelfth day of Christmas and I'm very tired. It's been a great season and I appreciate all the kind comments and cards and check-ins I've gotten from so many of you. I probably won't see you until Christmas in July, or maybe Christmas-and-a-Half, but we'll see. Until then, remember to keep Christmas in your heart all year 'round! Ciao!

1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. What Child Is This
4. Deck The Halls
5. Jingle Bells
6. Tijuana Christmas
7. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
8. Christmas Bells
9. The First Noel
10. Silent Night


Tijuanabee Five

One of my favorite Tijuanabee records is this one right here. Why is that? I dunno, hard to say, but I think I like the voices on this one, something that the others seem to lack. (If you don't like the voices, just stay tuned...) The cover art doesn't disappoint either. This is a remastered version of the record I shared back in 2006, so I'm sure it sounds just a little bit better than it did back then. One more thing, a close reading of the credits seems to indicate that the person behind all this sound is Bugs Bower, a trumpet player with a lot of kiddie records to his name for this same budget label. Please give a listen to Tijuana Voices With Brass-Tijuana Voices With Brass Sing Merry Christmas! (Pickwick SPCX-1005, Stereo, 1967).

1. Joy To The World
2. Deck The Halls
3. Angels We Have Heard On High
4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
5. Tijuana Christmas
6. O Come All Ye Faithful
7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
10. Jingle Bells
11. What Child Is This
12. Christmas Bells


Tijuanabee Four

Who knew there were so many Herb Alpert imitators out there? Well, you would have if you'd taken a look at my Discogs list where I linked to all of them that I know of. Up next is a new one to the blog, something I haven't shared before. I seem to remember this one being shared out at The 'Fa way, way back in the day on one of the forums there. But that was a long time ago, so I'm sharing my record and my rip with you today. This is Monterey Brass-Christmas Brass (Diplomat SX1722, Stereo). Lots of unique songs on here that may or may not be Christmas related, but they make for a more interesting listening experience.

1. Jingle Bells
2. Sing A Kris Kringle Jingle
3. Silent Night
4. Mama Santa's Surprise
5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
6. Christmas Mountain
7. Joy To The World
8. Mr. Reindeer
9. Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bells
10. The Snowflake Song
11. Christmas Candy
12. Deck The Halls


Tijuanabee Three

Next up is another LP credited to The Mexicali Brass. No idea who they are, but they made some festive Christmas music. I've seen a couple different versions of this record, all featuring the same cover but with slightly shorter track listings. Far as I can tell, this is the version with all the tracks. At least one of the others is still called Winter Wonderland, but omits that track for some reason. Budget labels live in a strange world. For what it's worth, this is a remaster of something I first shared back in 2006. Please download and enjoy The Mexicali Brass-Winter Wonderland (Crown CST-545, Stereo).

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
3. Skiers Holiday
4. Winter Carnival
5. Snow Flakes
6. Sleigh Ride
7. Singing Sleigh Bells
8. Go Tell It On The Mountain
9. Jolly Snow Man
10. Skater's Waltz


Tijuanabee Two

For the second installment of today's series of Tijuanabee records, I'm giving you two different releases of the same music. You can download whichever one or both, up to you. Some people always want the version they had when they were kids, and I guess I can understand that. First up is a remaster of something I first shared back in 2006 for a short time. This is The Mexicali Brass-Christmas With The Mexicali Brass (Crown CST-10, Stereo, 1964). Lots of people like this one just for the cover, and who can blame them. Hard to find a good one, they've all been snapped up by folks who like to hang 'em on the wall. Lots of ring wear on my copy. Probably could have done a better Photoshop job but I got lazy.

1. Jingle Bells
2. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
3. The First Noel
4. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
6. White Christmas
7. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
8. Deck The Halls
9. Joy To The World
10. Silent Night


But if that cover up top isn't the one you had, how about the one above? Not quite as attractive, but I assure you it's the same music inside the grooves. This one is The Brass Band (AKA The Mexicali Brass)-Jingle Bells (Custom CSX 5010, Stereo). Again, same music as the record up top, so don't download it twice if you don't want it in your library twice. And I think I had two more covers for this iteration, both with the Mexicali Brass name on it, I'll drop those in at the bottom just for reference. No one can say they didn't get a lot of mileage out of this music.

1. Jingle Bells
2. O Little Child Of Bethlehem
3. The First Noel
4. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
6. White Christmas
7. O Come All Ye Faithful
8. Deck The Halls
9. Joy To The World
10. Silent Night


Tijuanabee One

Well, I think today is Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas, and that means the end of this year's sharity. It's been a really busy year, but it's been a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it. I've got a handful of records to share with you today, most of them remasters, then that'll be it. But stick with me today as I walk through a large collection of Herb Alpert imitators or as I call them, Tijuanabees. This first one is a remaster of something I first shared back in 2012. I believe it turned out to be something that's come out in a lot of countries under a lot of names, and was originally released as a production record for radio. The giveaway here is the arranging credit to Moorhouse, That's Alan Moorhouse who's known for making library music that you've heard time and again without realizing who it was. Dunno how this one made it's way from production music to budget release (a subsidiary of Columbia, but still their budget arm), but if there's a buck to be made, someone is going to figure out a way to make it. This is The Toreador Brass-Tijuana Christmas (Harmony (Columbia) HS 11352, Stereo, 1969).

1. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
2. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
3. While Shepherds Watched
4. Good King Wenceslas
5. Away In A Manger
6. Silent Night
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8. Once In Royal David's City
9. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis)
10. The Holly And The Ivy
11. Christians Awake
12. The First Noel


Friday, January 05, 2024

Those Crazy Kids

Here's another record where I'm stepping on some very important toes, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring. This record was introduced to me by The King Of Jingaling via a share at his wonderful website several years ago. At the time I'd never seen or heard a copy and I thought it was really good stuff. Here we are years later and I snagged a sealed copy last year at some point and figured I'd try to get a rip of it this year. Well, even though it was sealed, it still wasn't pristine, but I think it's still pretty listenable. And if you're not familiar with it, then I'll tell you it's also pretty good. Download and see for yourself. This is The Rhodes Kids-Rock 'N Rhodes Christmas (GRC GA10011, Stereo, 1974)

1. Winter Wonderland
2. The Christmas Song
3. Jingle Bells
4. Santa Loves Rock 'N' Roll Music
5. Christmas All Year Through
6. Joy To The World
7. Silent Night! Holy Night!
8. A Cradle In Bethlehem
9. Christmas Medley
10. A Carpenter, A Mother, And A King


Floyd (Not Pink)

When I first pulled this record out of the stacks, I thought it was a reissue of his 60's album on RCA, but when I got the two records together and compared the tracklisting, I quickly discovered I was wrong. Even though they share the same name, this LP is a newer and different recording from the classic RCA version. And if the name Floyd Cramer doesn't ring a bell with you, this is a piano player that showed up on many of the country records of the 60's and 70's. If Chet Atkins put a guitar lick on it, then Floyd Cramer put a piano piece on it. And for you Christmas listening (next year maybe), this is Floyd Cramer-We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Step One Records SOR-0051, Stereo, 1989)

1. (Intro-We Wish You A Merry Christmas) I'll Be Home For Christmas
2. Medley: Let It Snow, Let It Snow; Sleigh Ride
3. Medley: Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland; Up On The Housetop; Jingle Bells
4. (Intro-Here Comes Santa Claus) Medley: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer; Frosty The Snowman
5. (Intro-Jolly Old St Nicholas) Jingle Bell Rock
6. Medley: The Christmas Song; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; White Christmas
7. Medley: Silent Night; Away In The Manger; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; The First Noel
8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9. Medley: Joy To The World; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Hark The Herald Angels Sing
10. We Three Kings
11. Medley: Deck The Halls; O Come All Ye Faithful
12. O Holy Night


Book Of Lists 7

I think I said I was done with the lists at Discogs last week, but I thought of a good new one and finished populating it yesterday. I searched through and found all the records that feature either a song or voice greeting for the Marine Corp Toys For Tots promotion. I'm sure you remember hearing these songs as bonus tracks on the Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails CDs, as well as comps by Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee. But there are also versions of the song out there by Red Simpson, Vic Damone, Nancy Wilson & Tennessee Ernie Ford. And the great Buck Owens wrote a different song with the same title that he recorded as well. (Actually, I don't know if the Red Simpson song is the same as the others above, the Buck version, or something entirely different...) All those songs came out on the Capitol label and many of the records also feature voice greetings from different artists. Later on, Warner Brothers started releasing large collections of voice greetings, though as near as I can tell, the only music they contained was a version of the standard theme as performed by a Marine band. I'd love to get my hands on all of these records, but they're pretty rare and the ones that are available on Discogs are pretty pricey. If you've got some you wanna share, drop me a line. I've also added a single with the same title that I don't think has anything to do with the program, but I haven't heard it. And I linked to a Beach Boys bootleg that has some radio spots on it. I couldn't find an actual record from back in the day that featured that, so who knows where those came from.  Anyhow, give the list a look and let me know what I need to add.

The List

Rollin' Some Snow

We're running out of time and shares around here, but I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve. This next record is short, and not quite as sweet as I'd first hoped. (I also know that my friend Stubby shared it out a few years ago so I hope he doesn't mind that I took a stab at it, too.) As near as I can tell, this is just some guys fooling around in the studio making some Christmas music. I wish it was a lot better than it is, but you'll have to take it for what it's worth, I guess. If you like that cheesy 80's sound, then this is for you! This is The Rolling Snows-Crystal Christmas For The 80's (Pros In Motion PM/EP-001, Stereo, 1981)

1. The Main Man: Frosty! The Snow Man; Co-Ordinator: Santa A/K/A Jolly Old St. Nick; Transportation By: Rudolph A/K/A The Red Nose Reindeer; Gifts Delivered By: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; Laughing All The Way: Everyone Celebrating "Jingle Bells"
2. Outer Space Version Of: Deck The Halls
3. Bon Voyage: I Saw Three Ships
4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
5. Sung (Live): Auld Lang Syne


Thursday, January 04, 2024

Does Anybody Here Remember Vera Lynn?

For many years, I only knew the name Vera Lynn from the Pink Floyd song. Then later I realized it was her singing the Christmas song at the beginning of Pink Floyd The Wall, the movie by Alan Parker starring Bob Geldof that brought life to the album. And eventually I learned that she was a singer in jolly old England around the time of the Second World War, and that's what Roger was going on about in his song. She recorded quite a few Christmas songs in her career as singles, but this Christmas album appeared much later in her life and doesn't seem to have done very much. It was recorded and released by a budget label in the UK, I don't think it ever saw much distribution in the States, though her career never amounted to very much on this side of the pond anyway. It's a nice collection of her signature style though, and all the better because it features The Mike Sammes singers on a number of cuts (as do many albums recorded in the UK during the Sixties and Seventies). So without too much more blathering, here is Vera Lynn With The Mike Sammes Singers-Arranged And Conducted By Alyn Ainsworth-Christmas With Vera Lynn (Music For Pleasure (UK) MFP 50315, Stereo, 1976).

1. Sleigh Ride
2. The Christmas Song
3. Little Donkey
4. Let's Have A Merry, Merry Christmas
5. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot
6. White Christmas
7. Do You Hear What I Hear
8. Winter Wonderland
9. The Little Drummer Boy
10. Mary's Boy Child
11. A Christmas Wish From Me To You
12. Silent Night

Whoops, this one seems to be pretty easy to stream, and there was a CD out as well with a different title. I'd better take it down. Go support this great artist at the usual outlets.

Christmas In French (& English & Japanese & Italian & Spanish)

Not from France like the posts yesterday, but instead from French Canada, this record boasts songs in quite a few different languages. I guess it's designed to appeal to a large cross section of listeners, as all Christmas music should. I believe Rene was all of 13 years old when he cut this LP, and he went on to a long singing career afterwards. That's about the extent of what I know, but I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. Please download and give a listen to Renē Simard Et Les Disciples de Messenet-Noël Autour Du Monde (Nobel (Canada) NBL-602, Stereo, 1974).

1. Les Vielles Maisons
2. Promenade En Traineau
3. Joyeux Noel
4. Voila Que Revient Le Pere Noel
5. Le Bonhomme Hiver
6. The First Noel (Anglais)
7. White Christmas (Noel Blanc) (Japonais)
8. Mon Beau Sapin (Français)
9. Campanas Navidenas (Vive Le Vent) (Espagnol)
10. Ave Maria (Italien)


Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Even More Christmas From France

As if you didn't have enough already, here's yet another Christmas record from a French artist. I think this one has a much more modern sound than the last two, but it's still quite enjoyable. I won't go on at length because I don't know too much about it, but I'm sure you can look it up if you're curious. This is Charles Aznavour-My Christmas Album (Pickwick International (England) SHM 3081, Stereo, 1981).

1. A Very Private Christmas
2. Christmas Calypso
3. Tell Me Who Was Born
4. Christmas Eve In A Gambling Town
5. I Don't Understand
6. My Own Child For Christmas From You
7. Ave Maria
8. Goodbye Christmas Past
9. Snowball
10. She
11. Hosanna


More Christmas From France

One is never enough, so here's another Christmas record from a French artist. Seems like it's half older stuff that was originally issued on 78 and half newer stuff recorded just for this album. It's some really good stuff with a classic sound that I'm sure you'll love, whether or not you're a Francophile. (Francophobes need not apply.) This is Tino Rossi-C'Est La Belle Nuit de Noël... (Pathe Marconi/EMI/Columbia (France) 2 C 062-15640, Electronic Stereo & Stereo, 1974).

1. Petit Papa Noel-Du Film "Destin"
2. Douce Nuit
3. Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant
4. Petite Etoile De Noel-Du Film "Son Dernier Noël"
5. Le Noel Des Petits Santons
6. Noel C'Est L'Amour
7. Noel Blanc-Du Film "White Christmas"
8. Mon Beau Sapin (Der Tannenbaum)
9. Vive Le Vent-Sur Les Motifs De "Jingle Bells"
10. Noel Des Enfants Oublies
11. Pour Noel
12. Cette Nuit-La
13. La Marche Deś Rois Mages de "L'Arlesienne"
14. Berceuse


Christmas From France

Some years ago I discovered a single Christmas track from this artist that I shared out during Christmas in July, and I remember Wondering if they had a full Christmas album out there. Well, it turns out that they do, I found a copy, and I'm sharing it with you here now. If you like your Christmas with a bit of French sprinkled on top, then this is for you. Please download and enjoy Sacha Distel-Noël (EMI (France) 2C 064-10180, Stereo, 1968). Looks like I shared out a single from this LP last year, too.

1. Noël Blanc (White Christmas)
2. Ding, Ding, Dong (Jingle Bells)
3. Petit Papa Noël
4. Je Reviendrai Chez Nous A La Noël
5. Si Grande Est La Terre
6. Noël A Bethleem
7. Chante Noël (Silent Night)
8. L'enfant Au Tambour (Little Drummer Boy)
9. Les Trois Oranges (O Tannenbaum)
10. Les Rois Mages (L'Arlésienne)
11. Priere Pour La Nuit De Noël (Adeste Fideles)
12. On Croit Toujours Un Peu Au Père Noël


Tuesday, January 02, 2024


In my last post I mentioned that Evie had an earlier album that was only released for the Scandinavian market. What I failed to mention was that she had a second Christmas album in the American market seven years after her first American Christmas release. She doesn't look like she's aged a week in that cover photo, but then in all of her cover photos she looks about twelve years old. So if you liked the last one, this is more of the same. Here is Evie-Christmas-A Happy Time (Word SPCN 7-01-895210-7, Stereo, 1984).

1. Christmas, A Happy Time
2. The First Noel; Joy To The World
3. Shiloh Has Come
4. The Christmas Gospel: Silent Night; Jesus Name Above All Names; The Name Of Jesus
5. A Tiny Little Baby
6. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
7. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
9. O Come All Ye Faithful



It may be 2024, but I've still got a few Christmas records up my sleeve. This artist is someone I see a lot of in the bins at the thrift stores, but I've never listened to her music before this season. It's a lot better than I expected so I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The internet tells us that she's an American, but comes from a Norwegian background and had here first hits in Sweden in the very early Seventies.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder how these things come together. And this is not her first Christmas album, she appears to have had another one a few years earlier that was released only in Scandinavia. Anybody got that one, would be nice to hear it. Not sure if any of that one is reprised here, but maybe. This is Evie-Come On, Ring Those Bells (Word WST-8770, Stereo, 1977). And as a completely unrelated aside, did I mention I got a fancy electric car this year? Yep, I'm riding on electrons now. Haven't bought gas in over six months and it's nice. Saves me a ton of money. (And the title of this post, EV-1, just happens to be the name of the first electric car produced by General Motors back in the day. It was a bit ahead of the curve and didn't have the battery tech to actually work well, but it was a good proof of concept.)

1. Come On, Ring Those Bells
2. Away In A Manger
3. Medley: No Room; Have You Any Room For Jesus
4. Mary's Boy Child
5. Silent Night
6. O Holy Night
7. What Child Is This?
8. Some Children See Him
9. One Small Child
10. A Thousand Candles


Monday, January 01, 2024

Roger This

It's taken half a day, but I'm back with another share for you on this New Year's Day. And wouldn't you know it, it's another LP from Roger Williams. This record came out a little earlier than that last one and is in mono, as was the style at the time. Lots of tracks here were reprised on that second album, but this one is still worth a listen. This is Roger Williams Plays Christmas Songs (Kapp KL-1042, Mono, 1956). Again, this one features a couple different covers in the download, and I am sure there are more out there, I just don't own them.

1. White Christmas
2. Jingle Bells
3. Toyland
4. Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
5. Winter Wonderland
6. Silver Bells
7. Oh, Christmas Tree
8. Deck The Halls; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
9. Silent Night
10. Oh, Holy Night
11. Joy To The World; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Sanctissima
12. We Three Kings Of Orient Are; The First Noel
13. Away In A Manger; Angels We Have Heard On High
14. Lo, How A Rose E'Er Blooming; Little Town Of Bethlehem; Oh, Come Little Children
15. Jesu
16. Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Adeste Fideles


Roger That

Happy New Year to you and yours! Happy that you chose to visit the blog here on this special day. Unlike Christmas Day, I've got a couple of shares for you, but only a couple. The pile is getting pretty short that I have prepared, and I want to make it through all twelve days of Christmas. I need to start being a little more frugal instead of trying to post something new every five minute. Still some good stuff though, don't fear it's the bottom of the barrel. This is a remaster of a great piano album I first shared back in 2007, and I'm bringing it back to you today in higher fidelity and hopefully better sound. This is Roger Williams With The Concert Grand Orchestra, Directed By Frank Hunter And Marty Gold-Christmas Time (Kapp KS-3048, Stereo, 1959). Enjoy! Don't forget I shared a non-LP single side that goes well with this album last year. And there are a couple of different covers in there for you as well, this record was issued and reissued many times over the years, each time the packaging got a little cheaper.

1. Silent Night
2. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
3. Winter Wonderland
4. We Three Kings Of Orient Are; The First Noel; Away In A Manger; Angels We Have Heard On High
5. Deck The Halls
6. Adeste Fideles
7. White Christmas
8. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
9. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
10. O, Holy Night; Joy To The World; It Came Upon The Midnight Clear; O, Sanctissima
11. Jingle Bells
12. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing


Sunday, December 31, 2023

A Mistake

Just in case anyone is keeping track, I made some mistakes with a share. If you downloaded the album from the Fairburn United Methodist Choir, then you need to delete that earlier version and go get the new one. I screwed it up, first cutting the tracks in the wrong place, then mislabeling them. Should be all better now, but I don't want you to listen to it later on and wonder what's going on. Sorry 'bout that!

It's Alive 3

Last but not least in my short series of Living Christmas Tree records is this collection put out by mega-preacher Jerry Falwell. I don't think he actually shows up on here anywhere, but his name is on the cover, there's a picture of him and his family of the flip side, and it's released in conjunction with his church in Lynchburg, Virginia. This is the only one of the records in the series that's by a collection of different artists instead of a single group. So I'm not sure which artist that is stacked up on the tree shown on the cover. Certainly one of the choirs on here, but I think there are two or three of them, so your guess is as good as mine. Try not to worry too much about it as you download and listen to Dr. Jerry Falwell Presents...The Living Christmas Tree (Old Time Gospel Hour Recordings/LBC Productions TRB-11, Stereo).

1. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Ring The Bells
2. Liberty Baptist College EnPsalms-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-God Said Farewell
3. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Name Above All Names
4. Pattie Rizzo-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-What Child Is This
5. Pantanas (AKA Pantana Family)-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
6. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Go Tell It On The Mountain
7. Don Norman-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-O Holy Night
8. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-The Hymn Of The Angels
9. Robbie Hiner-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Sweet Little Jesus Boy
10. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-I Wonder As I Wander
11. Old Time Gospel Hour Choir-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Hallelujah Chorus
12. Liberty Baptist College Chorale-Directed By Mr. David P. Randlett-Have You Any Room For Jesus


It's Alive 2

Up next in our parade of Living Christmas Trees (which is a slightly creepy term if you think about it. I mean, they're alive until you cut them down and drag them into your home, but they mean animate Christmas trees!) is a slightly more professional version from a major label. But if you dig into the details, this was just a small local group that got a release on a well-known religious label. That must mean it's really good, right? Give it a listen and see what you think, this is The C.C. Company-The Living Christmas Tree (Light LS-5615-LP, Stereo, 1972).

1. Sleigh Ride Medley: Sleigh Ride; Caroling, Caroling; We'll Dress The House; Deck The Halls; We Wish You A Merry Christmas
2. The Christmas Song
3. Jingle Bells; Sing Along With Santa
4. Do You Hear What I Hear/Ring The Bells
5. Oh Let Men Listen
6. Oh What A Beautiful City
7. Where Has He Gone?
8. Babe In The Manger
9. Silent Night; Hallelujah Chorus


It's Alive 1

For your New Year's Eve listening pleasure, I've got a series of Living Christmas Tree records today. If you're not familiar with such a things, it's when a choir is performing on a giant stand that's shaped like a Christmas tree and they're frequently holding candles to simulate lights on the tree. I've got dozens and dozens of similar records in the archives, but I've just got a few of them to share with you today. This first one is Charlotte Choral Society-Music From "The Singing Christmas Tree" (Arthur Smith Studios 5-5198, Stereo). Enjoy!

1. Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
2. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
3. God Is With Us
4. In Dulci Jubilo
5. The Three Kings
6. Why Thus Cradled Here?
7. Hushing Carol
8. Glory To God In The Highest
9. Carol Of The Bells
10. Brother John's Noel
11. The Sleigh
12. Susan Belle
13. Mary Had A Baby
14. The First Noel
15. Away In A Manger
16. Silent Night


Saturday, December 30, 2023

A Change Of Pace

From Alaska we head down to the sunny Caribbean and a little reggae. Talk about shifting gears! This is Carlene Davis-Christmas Reggae Rock (VP Records VPRL-1050, Stereo, 1988). Also worth mentioning is the fact that this is the first day since the afternoon of Thanksgiving that I have not given you a Christmas share every four hours or less. I'm starting to run out of shares, so it's going to start to thin out from now until Epiphany. I hope I can make it that far, actually, I need to do a good inventory of what I have left. But there aren't that many of you left visiting every day anyway, I'm sure you'll understand.

1. Little Drummer Boy
2. Silent Night
3. Bright Christmas (Medley) (Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas/Mary's Boy Child/Joy To The World/Oh Holy Night/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Wish You A Merry Christmas/Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas)
4. Virgin Mary
5. Give Love On Christmas Day
6. When A Child Is Born
7. Auld Lang Syne


State #49

In my Christmas record hunting experience, Alaska is the hardest state to find a record from. So imagine my surprise when I found this one in a box at the record store about a month ago. It was in horrible shape with tape on the cover and areas where tape had been pulled. The vinyl was scratched and had a bad warp on one edge that caused me to loose a minute or two from the first song on each side. But I still paid my $10 (a big sum for me, especially for something in rough shape) and brought it home. The music is a bit dodgy, sounding like someone recorded an old band organ with a small microphone held too close to the sound source, but the story is nice and that's the heart of the record. Ben Zeller appears to be an author these days, and he shows up in a few other articles online as an actor and in set construction for the film industry. Quite the life he's led, but here's a little relic from his early days homesteading in Alaska. This is Ben Zeller-A Visit With Santa Claus (Chord/Variety Recording Company CH-50, Mono).

1. Santa's Helpers Toyland Band-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-Edit
2. Ben Zeller, Lee Salisbury, Leslie Salisbury & Sound Effects By Georgia Zeller-A Visit With Santa Claus
3. Santa's Helpers Toyland Band-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town-Reprise
4. Santa's Helpers Toyland Band-Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
5. Santa's Helpers Big Brass Band-Christmas March-Edit
6. Santa's Helpers Big Brass Band-Childhood Days