Thursday, December 31, 2020

43-Happy New Year

At first I was going to throw this up tomorrow on New Year's Day, but I figure it wouldn't do you any good after most of the big day had passed. Then I thought about doing it at midnight local time, but who's going to be checking the blog then? So I'm throwing it up now while there are still a few hours before the big celebrations at midnight. That'll leave you plenty of time to give a listen to this excellent collection of songs about the New Year that aren't Auld Lang Syne (those were all in the last post). Some really excellent stuff in here, I was proud of quite a few finds here. There's some dialect humor, some spoken word, a Hawaiian selection, polkas, you name it. I will point you towards one selection that you may think is out of place, and that's the Harmonicats selection called The Record Ban Blues. It references a very special New Year's night many years ago that you may not know the back story to, but it's neat to record collectors ("With Some Rhythm Accompaniment..."). Oh, and yet another sound effects record! I tell you, it's all here.  Big kudos to the folks at The Internet Archive who's collection I plundered for these records. I hope you have a great night, and may 2021 be a whole heap better than 2020!  Enjoy!


42-Auld Lang Syne

Well, we've made it this far, I guess 2020 can't hurt us anymore. I should be careful saying that, though, there are still a few hours left. Anyhow, I've got a great collection here for you, all sorts of versions and variations on the classic New Year's Eve tune, Auld Lang Syne.  We've got boogie versions, polka versions, re-writes, foreign language versions, a little bit of everything. Some big name artists as well as folks that you've likely never heard of. I'm sure it will make an excellent addition to your celebration. Oh, there's even a sound effects record to put you in the right mood. I tell you, I've got all the bases covered here.  And it's all thanks to the folks at The Internet Archive and their excellent collection of 78s. I've spent years and years collecting these things, and they've got so much stuff I've never seen or heard. It's just such an incredible resource.  Give my little cherry-picked selection a download and enjoy!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

41-Non-English Versions 2

Time for another selection of Christmas songs that aren't in English (though Santo Natale is in English but about another language...). The first collection was a big hit, so I think this one will hold some exciting moments for you as well. Surprisingly, many of these tracks were released on American popular labels, but not all of them. And there are a few novelties hidden in here, but many of them are serious Christmas hymns that you know and love. It's always a bit exciting for me to find these unknown versions, and these all come from the international collection at The Internet Archive. They can be a little hard to find though, especially if there is no English translation on the label.  But I've done the work for you here, just download and enjoy these great Christmas songs!