Saturday, April 25, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 9

Whew, Saturday is finally here. I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it.  I worked more hours this week than I have in a long, long while. I'm having to come in before everyone else to monitor temperatures as everyone else arrives, then I have to stay late to shut everything down. And on top of all that, we switched software, so I have to learn all the new stuff and make sure everything works.  Hopefully next week will be easier in that regard, but I'm still happy to be working and able to pay the bills, I know a lot of people aren't so lucky.  You just need a small injection of Christmas music to ease the pains of Covid quarantine and stay-at-home orders.  So today I've got a small record that was issued in 1968 to customers of an Indiana-based electric co-op.  According to this website, this was part of a series that went through the second half of the sixties and right into 1970. (There are also links there to listen to Youtube versions of each release, so that's nice.) This sort of reminded me of the Line Material Christmas records, though not nearly so elaborate or well-produced.  Still well worth a listen, and I wish I had the whole set.  This is Jack Underwood-1968 REMC Christmas Record-A Delightful Story Of A Boy And Girl On Christmas Eve (No Label 7" 45 RPM 855C-6092, Mono, 1968).


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 8

Another day, another post, though I guess it's been a few days since the last one. Hope you're all holding steady out there.  Some places are starting to talk about opening back up again, and that's pretty scary I think.  We've just started to see the curve turn downwards in some places with strict safer-at-home orders, while other places haven't even really peaked yet.  If we start sticking too many heads out of our shells, there's going to be a second wave hit, and we're going to have to start all this nonsense over again.  I know it's hurting a lot of people to stay home and not have an income, but it's for the good of everyone.  But I'm not here to change anybody's mind, I'm just here to bring a little more Christmas music into your life.  Tonight's share is a curious take on the Christmas story, mostly a spoken word bit, but with some background music.  The whole thing is somehow unsettling to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Give it a listen and see what you think.  This is The Evergreens-They Came A Long Way To Christmas (Birthstone 7" 45 RPM 45-1022, Mono, 1960).


Sunday, April 19, 2020

RIP Big Wheelie

I just found out that Big Wheelie himself, Chuck Vicario, passed away recently from complications due to the novel coronavirus. I wondered why I suddenly saw this old share at the top of my popular pages list, since that list is usually whatever I've most recently posted.  Thankfully someone posted a comment and let me know that he had passed. I never met Chuck or heard him play, but I was very excited in 2018 when I found a Christmas record that he released during his brief residency here in Sarasota, FL. A local indy Christmas record is a pretty rare thing, especially a good one, and this is one of the ones I've really enjoyed. Sad to hear that he had survived so much in his life, only to be felled by a tiny virus. Stay at home, people, that's the only way we're going to beat this thing, and buy healthcare professionals and scientists the time they need to treat people and come up with a cure so life can return to normal. As for Wheelie, we'll miss him, and express condolences to his family and friends. I believe the link is still good if you want to download and listen to his Christmas album, Big Wheelie And The Hubcaps-Christmas Grease (Wheelie Records 109016, Stereo, mid-80s).

1. I Saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Claus *
2. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
3. Christmas Song
4. Little Saint Nick
5. Jingle Bell Rock
6. Blue Christmas
7. Rudy The Red Nose Biker *
8. Jingle Bell Twist
9. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
10. Sleigh Ride *
11. Stroll Lang Syne *

(* Denotes Very Unique And Should Be Listened Too! [from the back cover])


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 7

I didn't think I had anything to post for Easter a little while ago, but I guess I didn't dig hard enough.  I'll make up for that today with a new addition to the Christmas collection of animal helpers for Santa, Herbie (Christmas Rabbit)!  I kid you not, it's a rabbit, and he helps Santa, but he doesn't seem to do much. I couldn't find heads nor little fluffy tails of this one on the internet, so if you know any more about it, please let me know. I'm leaning towards either song poem or religious singing group family for this one. If you've got a strong stomach for Christmas characters, please download and enjoy Kim Lovering-Herbie (Christmas Rabbit) b/w Ken & Bonnie Allen-Christmas Time Is Here (Gio 7" 45 RPM UR 1601, Stereo, 1979), both sides featuring Ken Masters Band, so I gave them the main artist credit here.


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 6

Three days in a row, woo-hoo!  How do I do this at Christmas time, posting something new and exciting every day for more than a month?  Lots more preparation, I suppose, plus I have to psych myself up for it all year long.  This little project is a much more ad hoc affair, thrown together at the last minute and pieced together from whatever records I can find nearby. And I'm doing it in very near real time! I recorded this music less than ten minutes ago, although if I check the clock I'll probably find that and hour or two has passed. It feels like ten minutes though, and that means the music must be good.  Tonight's share is from the somewhat famous De Castro Sisters, a sister group that released a fairly large discography in the late fifties and sixties, but they're fairly unheard today. I found this single at the big Ameoba in Hollywood last year and thought I really had something. It's OK, I guess, but it's from much, much, much later in their career, and it's probably just their voices over some 80's sounding production from an anonymous Svengali looking for a hit. I couldn't find a date on it, and the label appears to be a custom one with only this release, so if you know any more about this one, please share.  Cute stuff, though, and relatively unheard.  This is De Castro Sisters-Feliz Navidad b/w Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Boha 7" 45 RPM 1001, Stereo).  For my money, side 2 is the better track, there certainly seems to be more going on than just repeating the title ad infinitum.

For the sake of comparison, here's a link to a 1955 Christmas single from the same girls that I recorded many years ago. I don't know if I ever shared it or not. I kind of doubt it because there is no artwork with it, and I try not to share things without artwork if I can help it. Anyhow, feel free to compare and contrast, you'll see what a difference 30-some odd years can make.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 5

Many years from now, people will ask what it was like to live through the pandemic, and perhaps they'll research what people had to say on the internet, and they'll find this blog and read what I had to say at the time.  I'm what you'd call a contemporary source, I'm actually writing at the same time the event is happening.  Unfortunately, I don't have a good take on it.  I want to compare it to the days and weeks after 9/11, when you knew that something terrible was happening somewhere, but your home was about the same as usual with only small changes affecting you directly.  I'm lucky in that I'm able to go to work every day and make money, and I know a lot of people aren't able to do that right now, so I'm very thankful for that. I don't know anyone directly that has come down with the virus, but there are some friends-of-friends out there that have it, and I hope that for the time being it stays far away from my doorstep. Even though I know that somewhere out there the world is burning, I still want to do my little bit to bring a small light of joy into anyone's life that I can.  So here's another Christmas single, something with a little country flavor that you most likely have never seen before (unless your name is Stubby).  Heaven knows where I dug it up, or how long I've had it laying around, but it was at the top of the pile when I went looking for something to share this evening.  Give it a listen and see what you think.  This is Juanita Miller-Everyday Is Like Christmas b/w Let It Snow, Let It Snow (NRS Records 7" 45 RPM NRS 558, Mono, 1970).


Sunday, April 12, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 4

Been a couple of weeks, but I'm still here.  And I'm still working, so that's a good thing.  I try to stay home on the weekends, not leaving the house for 60 hours or so, and it's tough. I don't know how some of you are doing it out there, staying home all the time, except for occasional trips to the grocery. I guess we've all got to do what we can to get through this pandemic.  It's the sort of thing you figure won't happen in your lifetime, but then up it pops. But we'll get through it, I have no doubt about that.  Here's another record in my short series of Christmas records to make the isolation a little easier to bear.  I wish I could do more, or at least do something a little more frequently, but it's hard to gain any traction here.  The record tonight is something I've seen shared out plenty of times before, but I recently found a copy of it and thought I'd take a stab at it. I've also included the rarely-if-ever seen B-side, a non Christmas comedy song that owes a little more than it's fair share to Ray Stevens.  It's been 40 years since this record (and a whole host of similar ones for other teams) came out, and Cleveland isn't any closer to a Superbowl title. This is Elliott, Walter & Bennett-The Twelve Days Of A Cleveland Brown Christmas b/w It (Paid 7" 45 RPM PAD-COB 9, Mono, 1980).


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 3

Sorry if I haven't been keeping after this as much as I would like. I subscribed to CBS All Access and started watching Star Trek Picard while it was free, and I'm completely hooked.  I'm a little past halfway in the series, and it's just unbelievably awesome.  I don't know if it would be so gripping to someone who didn't grow up watching ST:TNG, but for me, it's pulling all the pieces of that series together and making a story out of all the bits. But this is supposed to be about Christmas, so here's a new sorta-Christmas song for you.  The B side of this 78 is called Snowflakes, and it's a good little song, though I wish the fidelity was a bit better.  The A side, a nice take on the Phil Harris hit That's What I Like About The South, is much clearer and easier on the ears, but unfortunately not Christmas related at all.  I had to go ahead and record it because I'm a big Phil Harris fan and I wanted to hear what someone else had done with it. I think you'll enjoy this one, so please be my guest and download Clif Bruner-That's What I Like 'Bout The South b/w Snowflakes (Decca 10" 78 RPM 46026, Mono, 1947). And don't forget to stay home and safe.  We've got to flatten the curve!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid 19, Part 2

Tonight's record is a really old release, dating from before the time of the Flu Pandemic of 1918. Seems that what we're going through is not so new after all, and we're a whole lot smarter about things now than they were then. But our world is much more connected, so the spread of something new is so much faster than it was then. That's why we've got to take extra steps to slow the spread of a disease for which no one has any natural immunity.  It's also amazing to me that I can take a record that's more than a hundred years old, drop it on the turntable and play it. And it wasn't even brand new technology then! Just mind numbing when you think about it.  This is Elsie Baker-Silent Night, Hallowed Night b/w Trinity Choir-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Victor 10" 78 RPM 17164, Mono, 1912).  Well, the A side was recorded in 1912, the B side one year earlier in 1911.  I'm no entirely certain of the year this was pressed, but it was early. Hope you're hanging in there OK. Feels like the worlds been turned on it's head for a long while now, but this is still probably only the beginning. Stay calm, stay safe!


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Christmas In The Time Of Covid19, Part 1

If you're like me, you're probably sitting around right now, doing whatever it is you usually do on a Saturday, but thinking about how your life is changing or has already changed from the threat of Covid 19. It's not necessarily a dangerous disease to most of the people of the world, but the fact that it's new and nobody has any immunity to it is somewhat worrisome.  And there are members of the population for whom it might be deadly, and because of that we are trying to prevent it's spread, or at least slow it down to manageable levels.  For that reason, large parts of the work force have been furloughed, many businesses have been shut down, and somehow no one can buy any toilet paper. It's not just the United states, but the entire world (save for Antarctica, have they had any cases there yet?) that is fighting this thing.  I recently started seeing a few news reports about people trying to boost their spirits in these trying times by putting up their Christmas lights.  Not just inside, but outside as well, for all the world to see.  Maybe they're onto something.  Something small that we can all do, just to make things a little brighter in what could rapidly spiral into dark times.  So far, I have not been personally affected by a lot of the turmoil that others have seen.  I still have a job, I can still pay my bills.  The grocery store next door to me is fully stocked with all the food I think I could ever need. My 401k has taken a huge hit, but retirement is still far enough off that I'm not too concerned. (I lived through both 9/11 and the 2008 market crash, so I know that things go up and down.) The biggest effect on me so far has been the closure of restaurant dining rooms. While I can still get Steak N Shake, their takeout is not nearly the same as the diner experience. I thought that maybe I could do a little bit on my own to bring some Christmas spirit back into our daily lives, so I'm going to share out some Christmas music with you, like I normally do in December and July.  It's not going to be much, but a thing or two here and there, just to keep spirits up and help you realize that even though it may be darker now, things will get better.

A couple of hours ago, I grabbed a shellac 78 RPM record off the shelf and put it down on the turntable. These things take forever to properly record and restore, but I think it's worth the trouble sometimes, and this is a good one that I really doubt you've ever heard before. Tennessee was a label from the early 50's that never really saw much success. Biggest name I saw in their discography was Del Wood, who went on to make quite a few honky tonk organ albums for RCA later into the fifties and early sixties.  I couldn't find much about The Dinning Bros., so if you know something, please feel free to share.  On this record, they sound a whole lot like The Mills Brothers.  For your off-season listening pleasure, this is The Dinning Bros.-Give Me You For Christmas b/w Winter Wonderland (Tennessee 10" 78 RPM 807, Mono, 1951).


Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Hi-Fi Redux Redo

For anyone who still cares, I uploaded new download links for all the volumes of For Hi-Fi Living a few days ago.  You can find the new links in the comments of the posts, and there are links to all twelve volumes in the column to the right of this post.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

An Ending Of Sorts

Well, that's it.  There is nothing more in the pile that I can share.  Everything else I recorded this year is for my own personal enjoyment and can't be shared because it's out there in the world for streaming or purchase somewhere. I frequently rip things that I know I could buy elsewhere, just to see if I like it before I spend any more money. Frequently I enjoy my vinyl rips enough that I don't have to spring for a $9.99 Amazon download. And sometimes my rips are better than those downloads. :) Anyhow, I didn't want to just ghost you all and disappear until July, so this post is my goodbye for the season, and a big thank you to everyone who visited, and especially those who left comments.  Really love to get the comments, and if I don't get comments on something, I feel like maybe I didn't say the right things about the music, but I know that's not really true.  The music has to stand on it's own. I think that all my shares, good music and bad, will eventually find their audience. I hope you had a great season, and thanks for letting me be a part of it. Now, tell me, did you find a favorite among all those downloads? And was there something you downloaded that you actually hated? :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Surfin' Santa

This may be my shortest post of the year, but it's one of my favorite finds.  I've known of it for a long time, but when I found a copy of it in the bin, I figured there was no way I was going to be able to afford it.  But I put it in my pile anyway, figuring there was no harm in seeing what the price would be.  When I was done searching through the archives, I handed over the stack, and a few minutes later the shop owner said $5 for the handful. I said OK while trying to not act too excited.  I paid my money and got out of there fast.  And my gain is your gain, because I'm giving you a copy of this great record.  This is Soupy Sales-Santa Claus Is Surfin' To Town b/w The Soupy Sales Band-Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Reprise 7" 45 RPM 244 Promotion Not For Sale, Mono, 1963).  The B side is basically an instrumental version of the A side, but no Soupy, so they credited it to the band. And the arrangement is credited to Jack Nitzsche, and it really rocks! I was surprised to discover today while researching this record that there is another Christmas record out there with Soupy Sales on it.  Anybody got this one? I'm going to add it to my want list and see if I can complete the Soupy set.


Monday, January 20, 2020

Pure Imagination

Well, the Christmas post from last night has so far generated exactly zero comments. I'm going to take that as a sign that Christmas music fatigue has finally begun to set in among my visitors.  But that's OK, I've only got a few more records in my folder to share, and then the season will be over until July.  Tonight you get the only 12" single of the season (except for a repost earlier), unless I'm forgetting something, but I can't remember any others. I wasn't sure if this was something I would share or not, but I decided why not?  When else are you going to see a 12" single from the Virgin Islands? And there is an ad for Datsun on the back, among other things.  That's gotta be worth a few cool points. I can't tell you a single thing about the artist or the music here, but it is what it is.  And what it is is The Imaginations Featuring Sifu-Santa Send Me (Calypso Records 12" 45 RPM IMA-103, Stereo, 1982).

1. Santa Send Me
2. Merry Xmas Rub A Dub Style


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cash N Carry

The share tonight was something I thought that only I had ever found, but it turns out Stubby shared this one with the world many years ago. Oh well, it's still a good share, and I'm sure some of you weren't around back then, so I'm throwing it back out there. After watching the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, I was left believing that Johnny Cash was an only child after his brother died in a sawmill accident.  But I guess his mother and Terminator father had at least one other child, and here is a Christmas flexidisc he released for a bank back in 1969. You wouldn't know it's for a bank just by reading the envelope it came in or the label, but there is a voiceover at the end of the second song where he talks about the bank (Dial Finance, now a part of Wells Fargo). It's pretty interesting stuff, and you get a couple of unique songs written just for this release allegedly. Lemme know how you like it.  This is Tommy Cash Sings Two Original Christmas Songs Written Just For You (Epic/Columbia Special Products 7" 45 RPM Flexidisc CV 10399, Mono, 1969).

1. Come On Home For Christmas
2. Let's Have An Old Time Christmas


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Morton, Not Elliot

Tonight's Christmas record is something I've been holding back for a while because my blogging buddy Buster shared it out previously, and I didn't want to step on his toes.  But here it is anyway, I hope he won't mind.  In fact, his version probably sounds better than mine, so if you didn't get it already, go download it now, then come back and get mine. I don't know much about Morton Gould, as his recordings tend more towards the classical, but he does occasionally dabble in the pop domain, not sure if that's by choice, or if his label made him do it on occasion.  But when it comes to Christmas music, there is a large overlap in what's considered highbrow and what's popular, and that's kind of where this record lies, right in the middle somewhere.  I'll just call it enjoyable!  This is Morton Gould And His Orchestra-Christmas Music For Orchestra (Columbia Masterworks 10" 33 RPM ML 2065, 1949, Mono).

1. Moderately Moving (Kings Of Orient; The Babe Of Bethlehem; Rocking; Greensleeves)
2. Briskly (Boar's Head Carol; Patapan; Carol Of Service)
3. Slowly Moving (Come, Love We God; Coventry Carol; The Holly And The Ivy)
4. Gay And Jubilant (Irish Carol; God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Wassail Song; My Dancing Day)
5. The First Nowell
6. Silent Night
7. O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Away In A Manger
8. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
9. Adeste Fideles


Friday, January 17, 2020

Make Room For Danny

Here's another oddball 45 I found this past year, something I really wasn't expecting.  Side one of this single from Danny Thomas is a song from the TV special Cricket On The Hearth, something I've shared out around here before (and you should go grab that one, because it has a stereo version of the A side).  But the second side here appears to be unique to this single, though, and it's a nice little song.  I'm not the biggest fan of Danny's voice, but I suppose some of you are, and you'll enjoy the song itself as a nice bit of Christmas music. This is Danny Thomas-The First Christmas b/w Christmas Story (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM 47-9342 Not For Sale, Mono, 1967).  And I think there's another single from Danny around here somewhere...


Thursday, January 16, 2020

In The Woods

Here's another single to drag the Christmas season out with.  Not much info about this one, hoping maybe one of you can suss out some details beyond what I found over at Discogs. If you look up this record over there, it's the only entry for the Woodman family.  But if you follow the writer of both of these songs, Edward O. Harriman, you'll see that he has another record where he wrote two songs, and it turns out to be the same two songs, just performed by a different artist, Patti Delaney. At least she shows one other entry besides these two Christmas songs.  I'm leaning towards song poem here, but it's probably too good for that, and the label doesn't scream ripoff.  Again, if anyone knows anything here, please leave us some info in the comments.  This is Dea Woodman & Woody Woodman Combo-Big Red Sleigh b/w On Another Christmas Day (Rockland 7" 45 RPM RI 2318, Mono, 1964). Huh, just noticed that 45cat puts this is 1966 instead of 1964...


Wednesday, January 15, 2020


I found another full LP to share with you tonight. I skipped right over this one a bunch of times during the season, mostly because I didn't think it was very good, but perhaps you're like me and you want to hear it anyway.  I'm not sure why I don't find it funny. I suspect it's because I'm not super familiar with Bobby Kennedy, since I didn't live through his heyday and he was assassinated before he could finish his run for the White House. I don't think this album was very popular back in it's day, either, probably for that same reason.  Or maybe people just weren't entertained by it. I learned from the back of the sleeve that it was a Broadway show and technically this is the soundtrack to that show.  Maybe it would be funnier in person while watching it. My favorite bit was RFK trying to assemble a bike while listening to the instructions on a record. I'm sure that bit would be funnier if you could see him thrashing around with the bike parts. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  This is Senator Bobby's Christmas Album (Columbia CS 9576, Stereo, 1967). For more political non-humor, follow this link.

1. Scene 1-The Opening-The Gift List
2. Scene 2-The Christmas Haircut
3. Scene 3-What To Get The Kids
4. Scene 4-Christmas Eve With The Senator
5. Scene 5-The Fitting
6. Scene 6-Trimming The Tree
7. Scene 7-The Staff Office Party (Musical Number: Fame & Fortune)
8. Scene 1-Cooking Christmas Dinner
9. Scene 2-The Christmas Cards
10. Scene 3-The Christmas Night Show


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A New Oldie

The share tonight is sort of a remaster, but sort of not. I shared out one side of this record many years ago, back in 2007, as part of a compilation I used to put together called 26 Days Of Christmas.  Well, actually it was 25 Days Of Christmas, then 26 Days Of Christmas, then 27 Days Of Christmas the last year I did it, but I never finished that year. Anyhow, the theme each year was just a random song from some random record that I happened to like at the moment, with no real plan or plot or anything, just something I found recently or liked at the moment.  It made for interesting compilations, but it was hard to keep up with and I wasn't very good at it.  More than once I wound up with the same song on the collection several times, just by different artists. I guess I should have paid a little better attention.  But anyhow, I recently found a nice clean promo copy of this old 45, so I thought I'd rip it anew and share it with you, including the flip side this time. I think it's pretty good stuff, and the Chree-See-Mus song is a great little tune if you've never heard of it.  This is one of only two versions I've ever heard, so I guess it was never very popular.  For your Tuesday night enjoyment, this is Commander Shea School Boys' Choir-St. Cecilia's Parish, New York City-White Christmas b/w Chree-See-Mus (Cadence 7" 45 RPM 1375 "Disc Jockey Record-Not For Sale", Mono, 1959).


Monday, January 13, 2020

The Best You've Ever Heard

Continuing on with 7" EPs that came from that same Goodwill store in Bradenton, FL (though on different visits), tonight I have this great freebie that came from RCA Victor when you bought a gift certificate. Or at least that's what I think it is for.  The cover is a gatefold, with one side for the little record, and the other side for a gift certificate.  My copy didn't come with the certificate, I'm sure someone cashed it in at some point, I believe it was worth three albums, so I couldn't imagine someone who enjoyed music not using it. I was a little surprised that I couldn't find any mention of this record anywhere on the internet, surely it's not that rare, but it may be the sort of thing that didn't survive the trip through time down to today. It doesn't have any rare music on it, in fact it's pretty common stuff that I wouldn't normally share, but I'm making an exception since it seems to be so rare. I'm sharing it more for the package and the artwork than anything else. I like it, and I hope you do too!  This is To Make This The Best Christmas You've Ever Heard (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM SPA-7-16 Not For Sale (With Gift Certificate), Mono, 1955).

1. George Melachrino And Orchestra-Silent Night
2. Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra-Winter Wonderland
3. The Three Suns-Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
4. Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra-White Christmas


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Organ In Green

Today's contribution is a beautiful green 7" of organ music from one Bob Ward. Discogs tell me that the record is also available on red vinyl, so a collectors work is never done. There are six songs listed on the sleeve and the label, but the songs all run together on each side, so you only get two tracks in the download. Stuff like this is hard to find, and harder still with the original picture sleeve.  So download this one and enjoy the complete package.  This is Bob Ward At The Hammond Organ-Merry Christmas 'Specially For You (No Label 7" 33 RPM Transparent Green Vinyl V13868, Mono). Pretty sure this record came from the same Goodwill as that last one, but not at the same time.

1. Silent Night; O' Little Town Of Bethlehem; The First Noel
2. Jingle Bells; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Merrie Christmas

Well, that last post got a little bit of response, I guess there are still a few folks out there who still have some Christmas spirit.  The cover of this single should help keep that spirit alive for a few more days.  It's a great little piece of mid-century modern Christmas. I think I'll even throw up the flip side for you as well, with a great trio of soldiers who are decorating what must be a minimalist aluminum tree. And it's autographed!  I remember being very excited when this turned up at the Goodwill store. Some days are great when you find stuff like this that you've never seen before. Some days aren't so great for hunting. The music isn't what I thought.  I expected some organ music, but it turns out that Don Jacoby was a trumpet player, so I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this one.  The Christmas Party side appears to be unique to this release, but The Holy City side is from an LP Jacoby put out. (Check out that cover if you want a little laugh.) For your mid-January Christmas fix, this is Don Jacoby-Merrie Christmas (Conn/Stellation 7" 45 RPM CB-1001, Mono, 1958).

1. The Christmas Party
2. The Holy City


Friday, January 10, 2020

A Post In PJs

This one goes into the category of things I only recently found out about, and then almost by accident, a copy turned up.  It was only last year that I discovered there was a Christmas EP by P.J. Proby, and then found out it was only ever issued in the UK, but I stumbled across a copy just a month or so ago.  I don't know much about Mr. Proby other than the name, and the fact that it was on one of his early albums that the members of the future Led Zeppelin made their first recordings together.  They weren't performing as Zeppelin, they were just all hired to perform on the same session.  Unfortunately, that's not this record.  On this EP, he's more in crooner mode, there ain't a lot of rockin' going on here.  But it's still pretty nice to have, and pretty rare here in the US.  So if you're still in the Christmas mood, why don't you download and give a listen to P.J. Proby-Christmas With P.J. (EMI/Liberty (UK) 7" 45 RPM LEP 2239, Mono, 1965).

1. Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
2. Silent Night
3. White Christmas
4. Rain On Snow


Thursday, January 09, 2020

Join The Parish

This is the third and last of the radio shows I have from The Upper Room. It's only two records instead of the usual three, and it may be the best one yet.  This one actually features a mother and her daughter on three of the four sides, and I think it works better than the others.  No date for this one, though.  I couldn't look up the Columbia pressing number, and there were no notes written on the labels. Oh, I also learned that The Upper Room still appears to be a going concern, although I don't think they send out records to radio stations anymore. This is The Upper Room Radio-TV Parish-The Holy Holiday Series (Protestant Radio-TV Center 2x10" 33 RPM CC5-URPRC, Mono).

1. Expectation (For Use On Christmas Eve)
2. Bells Of Christmas (For Use On Christmas Day)
3. The World At Prayer (For Use On New Year's Eve)
4. Where Prayer Begins (For Use On First Sunday Of The New Year)


Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Radio And TV

Time for another edition of The Upper Room Radio-TV Parish Christmas radio show, this time from 1957.  Well, I say it's from 1957.  That date is based on the RCA pressing code found on the discs, but the notes I found on the labels listed a broadcast date from 1962. I suspect the 1957 is correct, because the broadcast info didn't always get noted down, especially right on the label. The other one I shared yesterday was pressed by Columbia, and as far as I know there is no good way to date those pressings, so I had to go with what the label said. Like most things, you have to go with the info you've got. If you enjoyed the one yesterday, this one is more of the same.  This is Dr. John A. Redhead And The Upper Room Carolers-Hark The Herald Angels Sing (The Protestant Radio & Television Center 3x10" 33 RPM PRC-UR-CC Series 3, Mono, 1957).

1. The New Born King
2. Carols For The Humble
3. Christ Born In Us
4. The Sky Can Still Remember
5. Little Jesus Came To Town
6. Love Came Down


On The 15th Day Of Christmas

As frequently happens, a song or a record pops into my head, and I get to thinking about it. Then it occurs to me that I shared it out once, and I wonder if it's still up.  It turned out that this record was shared out in 2012, and hasn't been seen since, so I'm bringing it back.  I doubt if there are too many people left hanging around downloading my shares, especially the reshares, but if anyone is still around, here it is. It's a rare 78 transfer, because that's the version I found, complete with picture sleeve! It's probably worth the download for that vintage artwork itself, though it looks like I didn't do a full restoration job on it.  Underneath that scribbling is a date of 1949 when this record was given as a gift. Perhaps I thought that was too interesting to erase.  Anyhow, if you're interested, this is Franklyn MacCormack With Herbert Foote At The Organ-I Like Christmas b/w My New Year's Wish For You (MGM 10" 78 RPM 50009, Mono, 1948).


Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Christmas Was

Today's special surprise is a set of three 10" records, each with two parts of a series of Christmas radio broadcasts entitled Christmas Is. I bought these as part of a lot on eBay, I had no idea what I was getting, but it's kinda interesting stuff.  Imagine those early morning or late night Sunday hours when radio stations aired public affairs programs, and that's kinda what you've got here.  Each show is fifteen minutes and features some music, but mostly talk about the season. And you're invited to write to them, care of this station, for more information!  Met me know if you get anything back!  This is The Upper Room Radio-TV Parish-Christmas Is (Protestant Radio & Television Center 3x10" 33 RPM UR-PRC-CC4, Mono, 1960). I got the date from notes written on the labels listing when the program was aired.  Earliest one listed was 1960, latest one was 1967.  Pretty big change in the world between those two dates.

1. Christmas Is Quietness
2. Christmas Is Joy
3. Christmas Is Love
4. Christmas Is For Everyone
5. Christmas Is For Always
6. Christmas Is Glory


Monday, January 06, 2020

Three Kings Day

Well, we've made it through the holidays to Three Kings Day, or Epiphany if you prefer. I've thrown up two posts a day since Thanksgiving, and I'm just about out of stuff. But not quite. There are a few 10" records that are pretty out there that I still want to share, and a handful of singles, so I'm going to keep going for a little while longer.  But I am getting tired, so I'm cutting it down to one a day, I hope you don't mind. First up is this soundtrack to a filmstrip from, I believe, 1968. I only found the record, there was no filmstrip with it, so you'll have to imagine the scenes playing out in your head, and change them up every time you hear the beep. I can't explain why the recording is only 4'21", but the record says it's 7'10".  There's only one side to the record, and the whole story seems to be there. Any thoughts? Anyhow, this is Maurice Copeland, Narrator-The Night Before Christmas-Sound Filmstrip Presentation (SVE 10" 33 RPM TAC 84322 (Single-Sided Filmstrip Soundtrack), Mono, 1968). Sorry about the limited Photoshop work on that label. I did a little bit that's not obvious, but anything else was going to be a lot of work, and I don't think I could get it all off cleanly anyway.  So we're stuck with some of it.