Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Big congratulations to my college buddy Ben on his wedding this past weekend in Atlanta! He married his long-time girlfriend Laura in an antique store that just happened to have a burlesque theater in the back. I'd tell you more about it, but what happens in a burlesque theater stays in a burlesque theater. That's Ben in the picture above, but the girl is not his wife, that's my friend's daughter, Tiffany. I remember Tiffany from before she was born. How old does that make me? This isn't the first time you've seen Ben here at the blog...


You find odd things in cemeteries if you look hard enough. I spotted this small monument to Woodstock at the biggest and oldest cemetery in Atlanta this weekend. Oakland, I think it's called. Some of the graves there pre-date the Civil War, but the most compelling thing I found was this humble tribute.

When In Atlanta

I was in Atlanta this past weekend, and I had lunch one day at Daddy D'z. It's pretty good, but you need to stop in just for the big sign on the roof. And don't forget, Zagat rated! (Their website also claims "Featured in Rolling Stones Magazines". Think about it...)