Saturday, June 25, 2011

Half Past Christmas (A Bit More)

I guess my share of a small red 7" for Christmas-And-A-Half was a little bit chintzy.  I mean, there must be hundreds, if not thousands, of small blogs like this one, sharing out all sorts of great Christmas music on this halfway point between one Christmas and the next.  So I wanted to bring you a little something more.  How about a slightly larger red 10" record?  Problem is, this one is a bit of a mystery.  I found it in a small church-run thrift shop in Gibsonton, a small circus town maybe 45 minutes north of my house.  All I found was the vinyl.  There was no sleeve, no artist name, no tracklisting, nothing but a piece of red vinyl.  But it turned out to be some nicely performed, well-recorded, acapella Christmas songs.  (Well, I think there's piano on one of them, but most are unaccompanied.)  Thirteen of the fifteen tracks are the usual suspects, but there were two songs on here I'd not heard before.  One of them appears to be a round that dates back a few years but isn't usually related to Christmas.  The other one, I have no idea, but it's nice.  If anybody can put a name to these artists, I'd appreciate it.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  This is Voices Of Christmas (No Number, 10" 33RPM Red Vinyl, Mono).

1. Adeste Fidelis
2. I Wonder As I Wander
3. Thou Little Tiny Child
4. We Three Kings
5. Christmas Is A-Comin'
6. It's Christmas Time Again
7. Hi Ho Anybody Home
8. O Holy Night
9. Good King Wenceslas
10. Jingle Bells
11. Carol Of The Bells
12. White Christmas
13. In Excelsis Deo
14. Silent Night
15. The Twelve Days Of Christmas



Half Past Christmas

Well, here we are, half past last Christmas and half way to next Christmas.  Some people like to call it Christmas and a half, but I just call it my birthday.  I've been neglecting the poor old blog a bit lately, but I'm trying to get back into it.  In that spirit, here's a little share get me in the posting spirit and to get you into the Christmas spirit.  It's a little red 7" single I found a while back.  Nothing special, but perhaps it will fit the bill if you're looking for a bit of Christmas spirit.  Please help yourself to a copy of The Royale Orchestra And Singers-Songs For Christmas (Royale EP 701, 7" 45 RPM Red Vinyl, Mono).

1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
2. Frosty The Snow Man
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
4. Here Comes Santa Claus


From the info on the back of this sleeve, there are several other 7" EPs in this Christmas series.  I'll have to seek those out and maybe give you the whole set someday.  Or I'm sure there's a 12" LP out there someday with all the same tunes on it.