Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ernie's New Wantlist

I've been promising to update the wantlist for a while now, and I guess since the worst of the sharity season is up, I'll go ahead and work on that.  As before, this list is a work in progress.  I'm always adding names to it, always finding things on here, changing my mind, etc.  And as before, I'm usually looking for a hard copy of things, since I've probably already got it on MP3, but you never know.  Just drop me a line or leave a comment about anything you may or may not see here, I'm happy to answer any and all inquiries, though it may take me a bit.

Barry Sadler-I Won't Be Home This Christmas (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM Single 9008)
Jimmy McGriff-Christmastime (MLP-1888, his other, almost unknown Christmas LP on the Jell label.)

Jo Stafford-The Joyful Season (ST 2166, the stereo version. I have a mono copy of the vinyl.)
June Christy-This Time Of Year (Believe it or not, I don't have this on vinyl...)
The Randy Van Horne Singers-Sleighride (SDBR-1112, again, I need a stereo vinyl.) Scored a copy this weekend! (27 Aug 17)

Del Reeves-Santa's Boy, United Artists  UAS 6528 (I have a beat copy, would like something cleaner)
The Quinto Sisters-Any of their non-LP singles, please
Grandma Moses-Christmas With Grandma Moses (The stereo version, please!)
Burl Ives-Christmas At The White House (The version with the narration, please!)
The Beers Family-Christmas With The Beers Family, Columbia Masterworks MS 6935 (Stereo!  A kind reader sent me a mono copy, still hunting down a stereo copy, though I wasn't all that impressed to be honest...)
Reginald Foort-Christmas In Your Heart (United Artists UAS-5057, the stereo version!)
The Leroy Holmes Singers-Snowflakes And Sweethearts (I have an empty sleeve...)
The United States Air Force Presents...  (Any of the series in Stereo, or the Skitch Henderson/Marilyn Maye in whatever form it turns up, please!)
Marcy Tigner-Christmas Is On It's Way With Little Marcy (Word, 1969).  Yes, she had two Christmas albums, I need the other one. Woo hoo, got it!  Found a copy at the Salvation Army Store.  Only thing in the whole pile that I had any interest in.

Marais And Miranda-Christmas With (Decca DL 9030, 1955)
Sammy Davis Jr-A Kiss For Christmas (His Christmas Seals 45)
Krastel Pie-Christmas Dreams b/w Get Out Of Town (Super K 7" 45 RPM SK 98) 
A Midnight Christmas Mess Volume 3 (I scored the other two already!)
Spike Jones-Socko The Smallest Snowball/A Barnyard Christmas (RCA Victor Single)
Akira Ishikawa-Drum Christmas Drum (Longshot, but maybe...)
Any other Japanese Christmas LPs you might have laying around.  Anything Asian in fact.  Just curious to see if something cool turns up.
Bob McGrath-Several Japanese Christmas Singles (From his pre-Sesame Street days.)
Paul Anka-Christmas In Japan (Single from Japan, but appears to have seen limited release in the States as well.)
Any of the Mexican entries in the Goodyear Tire Christmas comps.  I have two of them, want to run the series!

That's a start.  Please, drop me a line before you spend any money on any of these.  I'm cheap and I may have found a copy already.  Thanks for reading!


Steve Turner said...

Perfect! Will do.

Der Bingle said...

My copy of Grandma Moses is the same as yours - it's one I always keep an eye out for, so if I ever find a stereo copy, it's yours.

Anonymous said...

Ernie (Not Bert),

Well, you said "Any other Japanese Christmas LP's you might have lying around" so despite the fact that this file is actually a promo CD from 1996 I'm taking liberties with "LP" meaning long playing and not vinyl long playing as was its original definition. It's not wholly Japanese in content but was produced in Japan and has a few Japanese artists on it. Before presenting this strange Christmas anomoly I must thank you for all the work you've put into finding, ripping and posting the music you do. It is appreciated. Thank you!


Xmas-V.A.-The Christmas Album-1996-(VBR).zip


Ernie said...

Thanks for that. Japan must truly be a weird, wonderful place!

Lucky said...

Freaky Deaky! Thanks, Rexx - that's a weird and wonderful album of US- and Japanese extremists, love it! :)