Monday, November 29, 2021

November 29th Past

Is it still Thanksgiving weekend? No, I guess not. But that doesn't mean the music has to stop, only that it's going to slow down because I had to go back to work. Let's take a look at some shares from the past that should still be available, though don't forget you may need to look in the comments.


Christmas on the isthmus! Where else are you going to get this stuff?


Up, Up With People! I recently found a newer Up With People Christmas record, but it's much more polished and sterile than this one. Don't know if I'll get around to sharing it.


Christmas on the vibraharp? Yep, we got that covered for you.


More music from 3M? Yes, please!


Another awesome collection of music from 78's, this time themed around Christmas on the range.

Burl Speaks!

A long time ago, I shared out a rare Burl Ives album where he performs Christmas songs believed to be the favorites of various US presidents. There was something in the liner notes that led me to believe maybe I had an abridged version of the LP, and I've been hunting for the other, ever rarer, version of the LP ever since. And guess what recently popped up on eBay? Thankfully, I don't think the seller knew this was a special variant of the album, so I was able to get it at a decent price, though not my usual dollar or less price. But since I'm not running around every weekend buying every LP I can get my hands on anymore, I was able to spend a little more this year and get some slightly better stuff than what I usually buy. And besides, how many more copies do I need of some things? I've discovered that I've got plenty of albums in the collection with multiple copies, either because I found a better copy, or because I forgot I had the other one (or two or three...). Anyhow, this new version features a bit of narration before each song, spoken by Mr. Ives, and it's a real treat to hear. Sometimes he strums along with the story, so it's not just dry explanations. I really enjoyed it, and I think you will, too. This is Burl Ives-Music Conducted By Tony Mottola-Christmas At The White House-Burl Ives Sings The Favorite Carols And Hymns Of America's Presidents (Caedmon TC 1415 (Historical Comment Version), Stereo, 1972). FYI, the actual songs themselves seem to be the same recordings as presented on the other version, but they are in chronological order by president here, while the other LP has them sequenced differently. (If for whatever reason you want the other version, you should still be able to download it here.)

1. George Washington Intro

2. While Shepherds Watch'd Their Flocks By Night

3. John Adams Intro

4. Joy To The World (Boston)

5. Thomas Jefferson Intro

6. Adeste Fideles (Portuguese Hymn)

7. Andrew Jackson Intro

8. Shout The Glad Tidings

9. Zachery Taylor Intro

10. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

11. Abraham Lincoln Intro

12. We Three Kings Of Orient Are

13. Ulysses S. Grant Intro

14. O Little Town Of Bethlehem

15. Theodore Roosevelt Intro

16. Christmas On The Sea

17. Franklin D. Roosevelt Intro

18. Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Laden

19. John F. Kennedy Intro

20. Silver Bells

21. Lyndon B. Johnson Intro

22. Silent Night

23. Richard M. Nixon Intro

24. The Little Drummer Boy


Sunday, November 28, 2021

November 28th Past

We're up to the 28th already, does it seem like the season is going by too quickly already? Well let's jump right in and see what this day held during season's past.


An old reshare of an old classic. What's old is new again, right?


Some small-town Ohio Christmas.


Christmas in Spain. And more Christmas in Spain.


An oldie but a goodie from Muzak!


Based on website hits, this was one of the most popular of my collections of 78s from The Internet Archive. You folks seem to like the instrumental collections for some reason.

Christmas 1963

Did you finish up all your Christmas mix tapes yesterday? Well, if not, here's a whole new batch of Christmas greetings, this time a year earlier and from RCA Victor instead of Capitol. Still good stuff though. Oh, and the flip side is New Year's Greetings, so that's an extra bonus. Artists here are Ann-Margret, Eddy Arnold, Sam Cooke, Bobby Bare, Skeeter Davis, Al Hirt, Henry Mancini, Peggy March, Peter Nero, Charlie Rich, Jack Scott & Neil Sedaka. That's quite a wide spectrum of artists. Please be my guest and download Christmas Greetings From RCA Victor And Groove Recording Artists b/w New Year's Greetings From RCA Victor And Groove Recording Artists (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM SP-45-128 Not For Sale, 1963, Mono). I had to buy a giant batch of Christmas singles on eBay to get this record for a decent price. But I'm sure you'll see a few other interesting singles pop up on the blog this season that came from the same lot.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

November 27th Past

Day three and I'm on a roll! It's easy to post stuff from the past because there's little to no work involved.


Mimi Hines, in an alternate take on 45. I love finding stuff that's unknown.


Christmas from Fairyland, a souvenir from my trip to Chicago that year.


Christmas from 3M? Really?!?


The 27th was the day before Thanksgiving in 2019, so it looks like I posted a rare Thanksgiving record from Oscar Brand for you that year. Too last for Thanksgiving this year, but if you're a hoarder completist like me...


An excellent selection of 78s from The Internet Archive. Such good stuff in there.

Christmas 1964

Well, Thanksgiving is done, Black Friday/Record Store Day is gone, What else is there between now and Christmas Day? Well, a whole lot of Christmas music, me thinks! And if you're busy putting together your Christmas mix tapes today, I've got a little something special for you. This is an album sent to radio stations from Capitol Records back in 1964, and it features Christmas Seasonal and other greetings from their then-current roster of artists. You may not need a message saying congratulations on your power increase, but who wouldn't love a jovial Merry Christmas? Featured artists are Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson, Andy Griffith, Freddy Martin, Kay Starr & Ray Anthony. And each of those artists gives you a little message for Station Anniversary, Power Increase, Celebration, Holiday & Christmas. There's bound to be something on here for every listener! This is Programming Aids From Capitol (AKA Capitol Programming Aids on the label) (Capitol PRO 2744/2745, Mono, 1964). I've been looking for more Kay Starr Christmas for a long time, so this is a very special find to me.


Friday, November 26, 2021

November 26th Past

Day two and I'm still doing it! Hooray for me!


I don't appear to have posted anything new on this day in 2016, so this was a reshare of something old. At this point, my rip is over ten years old, so try it at your own risk. I'm trying to highlight more recent stuff here, but in this case, you gotta take what you can get. At least it's in stereo...


You can't go wrong with Steve Allen. He wrote a ton of songs, released a million albums, hosted his own TV shows, and just generally did a lot. This is a radio show he did back in the day.


Who'd a thunk Dick Van Dyke would still be with us at 95! And he turns 96 soon! I hope I don't jinx him by posting this.


Nothing on the 26th in 2016. Sorry.


And the 26th was Thanksgiving last year, so this is the same link I shared with you yesterday. No need to go download it a second time. Well, it's pretty good, so if you really want to...

Eez For Goat

This is one of my favorite finds this year, though I later realized it had been shared by my friend Stubby years ago and somehow I missed it. Really, how can you go wrong with a goat for Christmas? You've heard of hippos and reindeer, is it really such a stretch for a goat? I think not.  This is The Wilder Brothers-The Old Chiminey b/w I Wanna Goat For Christmas (Wing 7" 45 RPM W-900039X45, Mono, 1955). Who are these Wilder Brothers? I've never heard of them.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

November 25th Past

I know I just gave you a list of these old shares, but that one was for actual Thanksgiving Day posts, regardless of the date. This is a list of shares that were posted on November 25th from year's past. Subtle difference, but it's a difference...


Only an EP, but a good one, and I love that cover!


Is it OK in this day and age to refer to a woman as a Dame? I suppose if you're a British actress it's OK, but not in the Sinatra sense...


A nice collection of Christmas stories from RCA provided to radio stations who subscribed to one of their programs that year. Good stuff from Milton Cross if that means anything to you.


Looks like Thanksgiving wasn't until the 28th this year, so I don't have anything to link to here...


Looks like this date last year was actually the day before Thanksgiving, but lucky for you, I posted a selection of Thanksgiving-related 78s that day in preparation for the big day. I don't do that every year, but that was a banner year. In fact, there were two collections of Thanksgiving music that day...

Thanksgiving Day Past

One of the things I wanted to do this year was to draw some much-needed attention to the vast collection of music that's still available in the archives from the last five years or so. That covers all of the time I've been back at posting since taking a season or two off, and it's all still hosted at MEGA. (Note that sometimes you have to look in the comments for a working link, but they should be there somewhere.) Anyhow, here's a short list with a highlight and a link to shares from years' past on Thanksgiving Day that you might have missed. And I certainly won't be linking to all the old stuff that's still out there. Poke around and you will find many, many old shares that are still going strong, just waiting to be discovered!


One of the great records put out by the Air Force Recruiting Office that you're not going to find at the local music store.


Who are the LaFalce Brothers?


A rare LP of all new Christmas songs. I can't tell you if they're any good or not, but they're new!


Fun with Dr. Fun! I recently had to enter this one into the database at Discogs. If I don't, who will? Actually, there are lots of my shares that aren't over there, and I'm slowly working to fix that oversight.


Oh, this was the year when I did all 78s from The Internet Archive. Some folks didn't like it but I loved it. So many good records that I've never seen or heard before. Enjoy

So that's the list for today. I'll try to put out a quick list every day if I can. And remember, if you haven't seen it before, it's new to you!

Where To Start?

I often agonize about where to start each Christmas season, what to share first, and I'm never super satisfied with the final choice. I guess it really doesn't matter, so why worry about it? This year, I had no idea, so I'm just going to go with this swell 10" LP from Jan Garber that I'd been looking for and only recently found. This was one of the few big band Christmas LPs that I was missing (the only other one I can think of right now is Ralph Flanagan's Holiday Inn. A little help?) and I found it at the record store less than a week ago. It's not the best Christmas record ever, but it's certainly not the worst. It's also pretty short. This is Jan Garber And His Orchestra-Under The Christmas Tree (Capitol 10" 33 RPM H9008, 1951).

1. Winter Wonderland 

2. White Christmas 

3. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 

4. The Christmas Waltz

5. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)

6. Deck The Halls

7. The Bells Of St. Mary's

8. Jingle Bells


And while I'm at it, Mr. Garber released a single the year before this that wasn't included on this album. I grabbed a copy of it from the Internet Archive, so if you download it and add it to the LP, you get a little bit more music for the same price.

1. Blue Christmas

2. What'cha Gonna Get Me For Christmas


Christmas 2021!

Here it is, the Christmas season once again! I hope you've been looking forward to the holidays this year as much as I have. It's been a crazy year, though maybe not so crazy as last year. I know I say this every year, but I don't have too much to share with you this year, and not as much time as I would like to spend sharing. But I'll try to get something up every day for you, and I hope it's stuff you'll enjoy. I don't have a lot to say, either, so hopefully you know the drill around here by now. Keep checking back, and remember to leave a comment now and then.

Big thanks to Inkydog for the help on the artwork above. Bonus points if you can tell me where it's from. I left a bit of a clue in there for you, but last time I checked, this didn't exist out there on the web anywhere. I had a much cleaner version to share, but my layers got corrupted at the last minute. so apologies for the mottled backgrounds.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Chanukah In August 2021-Part 1

 OK, I've only got one track for Chanukah this year, but it's a pretty good one, very traditional.

1. Chanuke, O Chanuke! by Martha Schlamme With Orchestra Conducted By Robert DeCormier from Martha Schlamme Sings Jewish Folk Songs (Vanguard VRS-9011, Mono, 1957).

Don't know much about Martha, but Robert DeCormier worked with Harry Belafonte for a few years, including his Christmas LP the year after this one. I think he was originally credited as Bob Corman, but that was fixed once people realized his name wasn't offensive to anyone.


Monday, August 09, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 14 (In August)

 And so we come to the end. It's not been a very long season, but I hope it was good. I haven't been able to dig up as many records as in years' past, due to both the Covid and my girlfriend moving in with me. But thanks to Discogs, I was able to grab some stuff I've been wanting for a while, and find some new things that I didn't know existed.  For instance, I just found out yesterday there's a Christmas track on the Irma La Douce soundtrack. Too late for this year, but something to seek out for next year. It seems to be an unending quest. So what's in the pile tonight?

1. Jingle Bells Samba by The New York Percussion Trio-Murry Solomon, Guest Bass-Ray Wright, Conductor & Arranger from Holidays For Percussion (Vox ST-VX 25.740, Stereo, 1958). The final track from this great record, and maybe the best track. This is something that should be better known if you ask me.

2. In Bethlehem (Narrative) by Johnny Cash from the LP The Holy Land (Columbia KCS 9726, Stereo, 1969). A rerun, but you don't pass up an album with a lenticular cover when you find it.

3. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing by Mike Douglas-Featuring The Joe Massimino Orchestra With The Sweet Tones from Singing A Happy Song (Wonderland WLP-5002, Stereo, 1979). An album from a children's label from Mike Douglas? I guess you never know what you'll find. I think Merry Clayton was listed as one of the Sweet Tones, so it has that going for it.

4. Christmas Time (Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree/Jingle Bells) by an unknown artist from Popular Photography's Sound For A Picture Evening (Ziff-Davis Publishing/Capitol Custom SRB 567/568, Stereo, 1965). An LP of music for your slideshows, and our second version of Jingle Bells this evening.

5. Christmas In Tennessee by Luke Gordon from Country & Western (Mount Vernon Music MVS 156 ("Electronic Process Of Stereo Reproduction"), 1963). A surprise when I turned over an LP I hadn't seen before. Sometimes I take the time to turn over every LP that doesn't look familiar, and sometimes I get lucky. Most of the time, I do not.

6. Jingle Bells by Artie Barsamian And His Orchestra from Minute Man Goes East (Virgo HP 1801, Mono, 1963). One of those faux-Middle Eastern records, but this one held a nice little surprise. And it's the third version of Jingle Bells tonight. I'm nothing if not consistent.

There you have it, the last night of Christmas In July for the season. Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.


Sunday, August 08, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 13 (In August)

 Another great selection of tunes for you today, so I'm just gonna jump right in.

1. Cuban Christmas by American Percussion Society, Paul Price-Conductor from Breaking The Sound Barrier, Vol. 1-Percussion (Urania UX 106, Mono, 1956). Now this one should be better known!

2. Danse Arabe by Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra from Swing Baby (Mercury MG 20124, Mono, 1955). Just found this record yesterday, if you can believe it. Looks like I shared a version from a 10" 78 last Christmas, via the Internet Archive, but I don't think it's the same version.

3. The Shepherds Song by The Adult Choir Of The Congregational Church Of Manhasset, New York, Ministry Of Music-Robley And Jean Lawson from Sacred Music (No Label, G8-OP-8168/8169, Mono, 1956). This may be the only dud in the bunch today.

4. When The Snow Is On The Roses by Roy Drusky from Jody And The Kid (Mercury SR 61173, Stereo, 1968). Well, OK, this one probably isn't going on your Christmas mix either.

5. The Skater's Waltz by Eric Vaughn-The Medallian Strings And Percussion from Wine, Women And Waltzes-The Sound Of The Blue Danube (Medallion (Kapp) MS-7519, Stereo, 1961). Another stereo spectacular!

In and out, wiki wiki today.  Download and enjoy!


Saturday, August 07, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 12 (In August)

 Found a couple more records today with Christmas tracks on them, so the barrel isn't quite as empty as it was. Here are five more tracks for the collection this year.

1. Boxing Day by Ronnie Gilbert from Alone With Ronnie Gilbert (Mercury MG 20917 For Broadcast Only Not For Sale, Mono, 1964). This is the second track from this LP, and after I shared it, Buster pointed out that Ronnie was a member of The Weavers. I think I need to research my shares a little better, I had no idea who she was.

2. Jingle Bells Imitations by Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker-Orchestra Conducted By Dave Appell from Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker (Cameo C 1013, Mono, 1960). This is the third and last holiday-related track from this album, and I think it's my favorite. They really have a good time with it.

3. The Great Snow Man by Bobby Bare And The Hillsiders from The English Country Side (RCA Victor LSP-3896, Stereo, 1967). I saw this record yesterday and thought it was a stereo upgrade of something I had shared before. Turns out my share of a couple years ago was also in stereo, so this is pretty much useless. Enjoy!

4. Baby, It's Cold Outside by The John Parker Orchestra from Conversations In Music (Medallion (Kapp) MS-7504, Stereo, 1960). From one of those super stereo demonstration LPs that were popular at the time.

5. Sleighride by Pete King And His Orchestra from Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies Of 1967-31st Edition (Dot SLP 25757, Stereo, 1967). Again, the third, final and probably best song from the LP.

And that's it for tonight. More tomorrow, I promise.


Friday, August 06, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 11 (In August)

 Another day, another small handful of tracks. Getting down to the real nitty gritty here, but there's still some good stuff left in the pile.

1. Christmas Assembly by Sarasota High School; Judy Hennessey And Mark Frankel-Narrators from Sailor Sounds 1963-64 (Century Custom V-18455, Mono, 1964). A great little bit of found sound from an album made for the local high school.

2. Brotherhood Medley: We Need A Little Xmas (Excerpt) by Wayne & Marin Foster from To-Get-It Together (Happynest SLP-007, Stereo). Not sure why they decided to through a bit of Christmas into an otherwise non-Christmas medley, so I snipped the important bit out and spared you the rest. You're welcome.

3. Cold December by Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' from Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' (Flying Fish FF 054, Stereo, 1978). Nice little folky track for you.

4. Christmas Long Ago by Donna Sanders & Steve Roland-William Roy And Carl Norman At The Plural Pianos from Seven Come Eleven-A Gaming Gambol (Columbia Masterworks (Columbia Record Productions) 55477/55478 "Julius Monk's Upstairs At The Downstairs Presents...", Mono, 1961). Some more stuff from Julius Monk.

5. Danse Of The Mirlitons by Flute Trio-Directed By Frederick Wilkins from Flutists' Showcase (Golden Crest CR 4020, Mono). I guess I should have been surprised to find this track on a flute-centric album, but I was pretty stoked to see it on there.

And that's it for tonight. More good stuff tomorrow, I promise.