Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas In Tijuana-Part 1

Are you ready for a little Christmas down Mexico way? Or at least what America thought was Mexican in the late 60's and early 70's? Well, for starters, go over to The Christmas Yuleblog and download the LP I've showing you above (Tell 'em Ernie sent ya!). It's great (maybe the best of the bunch), and I'm sad that the Captain beat me to it. But what I lack in quality, I'm going to make up for in quantity. For the search engines, this is The Mexicali Brass-Winter Wonderland (Crown CST-545). This was one of the records I brought back from my trip to Vegas last summer, by the way. I always pack light for my trips, because I know I'm likely to wind up hauling stuff back that I didn't have on the trip out.

Well, guess what? Looks like the Captain has a mono copy shared out, and mine is stereo, so he's encouraged me to share it out as well. So if you want the mono version, head on over to The Christmas Yuleblog, but if you want stereo, click the name of the LP above, and it'll take you where you need to go.

Update 2007: The Mexicali Brass stuff is now available on iTunes and elsewhere for download. So no more free lunch here. Go there and get it legit. How do I link to iTunes? Hmmmm.....


CaptainOT said...

You can still post this Ernie! Your copy is STEREO, mine is MONO!

And frankly, I'd prefer the STEREO as most other will too!


Ernie said...

Really? I didn't notice yours was mono. I figured this was kind of late in the game for them to make mono copies. Well, I'd better get crackin' then...

CaptainOT said...

Ernie, it seems the mono copy only contains NINE tracks as opposed to the TEN tracks on the stereo copy!

The kicker: they left off the TITLE track on the mono LP.

Unclear why that is but it's another reason to download your copy and forget mine!