Thursday, December 14, 2006

Buck & Susan, Sittin' In A Tree

Here's another country Christmas record that's been overlooked by the CD age. Back in the day, country superstar Buck Owens hooked up with the relatively-unknown Susan Raye to record these versions of songs he had previously performed on his two Christmas records with the Buckaroos. The results aren't really as groundbreaking (and certainly not original...) as those first recordings, but they are certainly worth hearing. For those of you who missed this last year, here's Merry Christmas From Buck Owens & Susan Raye (Capitol ST-837, 1971).


Anonymous said...

I listened to the Buck Owens & Susan Raye vinyl as a kid when putting up our Christmas tree... nostalgia at its finest!!!

Any chance of getting this (i.e., Merry Hee-Haw Christmas) and the Merry Christmas from Buck Owens & Susan Raye re-uploaded?

Thanks in advance!

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

How can I get a download of the album-ALL my Christmas memories are centered around this album!!
Please help-thanks!