Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Felix (Not Cat)

I think you folks need some sweet strings tonight. And who better to provide them than the great Felix Slatkin. If you dig through very much vinyl, you've probably come past plenty of this guy's albums, usually in a fancy gatefold cover with a big cutout in the center, allowing you to see some element of the inside that matches the cover. Take a close look at the scan above, and you can see that the diecut on mine was a little off, leaving part of a white ring around the hole. I guess after they spent all the money on the gatefolds and the punching, they didn't have the cash left to put some picture where the hole was so it didn't show white if the punch was a little off center. I have to apologize for the condition of the sleeve shown above. It's a bit rough, but it's the only one in my collection. And I really apologize for my scan of the inside of this package. I had a real hard time getting a uniform color across the eight separate scans it took to get it all in there, so it's pretty patchy in spots. But you'll get the idea, I hope. But how's the music? Smooooooth, and stringy, if that makes any sense. Why don't you download it and listen yourself? Here's The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin-Season's Greetings (Liberty Premier Series LSS 14013, 1961). I've got a different, uglier, cover for this somewhere from a later reissue that abridged it by a couple tracks. But when I say ugly, I mean it. At least this one has a plastic wreath on it. Plus, I'm too lazy to scan it tonight after two hours of fighting with the inside of this bad boy.

PS-You can download a couple more Felix Slatkin winter-themed tracks from my Christmas In July stuff here.

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