Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Break From The Ordinary, Part Two (Oodles Of Doodles CCIX)

As promised, here's the second volume of music from St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir. I don't know if this is the direct follow-up to the one I brought you last night, since they changed the title slightly, then labelled it Volume 2, but it's the same folks for sure. Same cover, even, with the same doodle on the back. Also as promised, I've thrown the doodle in below. It's a beautiful drawing of St. Patrick's Cathedral from the viewpoint of a couple of pigeons, err, I mean doves. So please be my guest and download Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Songs-Volume 2 (Roulette SR 25142). This copy was in much better shape than Volume 1, so you should enjoy the sound quality much more here.


Anonymous said...

While there are a few standard Christmas carols on this album, sung by an interesting mix of church choir voices, other songs, such as "The Innkeeper's Carol", "Carol of the Birds", and "Lo, a Rose" are not among the normally heard Christmas fare. If the serious music searcher is looking for just those kind of songs, here they are. But what do we make of the oddly-titled track 4, "The Christmas Carol of the Indian"? As the lyrics may be unknown to the casual listener, some may need several replays before getting the gist of the message. Thank you for sharing the music!

SandyB. said...

We grew up with 2 christmas albums and this was one of them. My copy is so scratched, and I've never been able to decipher all the words to Inkeeper's carol, my favorite. When I try to download here, it just tries to get me to be a premium member. Am I doing something wrong, or does anyone have the words to Inkeeper's Carol?

Ernie said...

There should be a free version of the download once you get to RapidShare. It's not going to be obvious, because they want you to be a member, but it's there. No idea on those lyrics, I'm afraid. :)