Saturday, December 16, 2006

Caroling, Caroling

The second record I wanted to rerun from last year by The Caroleers is this one. More correctly, I suppose it's The Caroleer Singers And Orchestra, but it's still the same collection of anonymous singers and musicians. Again, there's some great stuff on here mixed with some dreck. I love some of the original songs, but then I'm a sucker for Christmas music that you don't hear everyday. How many different ways can you sing Silent Night? OK, many, many different ways, but sometimes it seems like everybody sings it the same. So I get excited when I hear something new and different. But whatever you may like, there's probably some of it in here. Go download The Caroleer Singers And Orchestra-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Ambassador Record Corp. SX 1727).

Update: If you're looking for the Caroleer Rudolph LP with the green cover, go over to FaLaLaLaLa!

Double Update: You can now legally download this great LP here. Sounds a whole lot better than my scratchy old vinyl.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the caroleer posts

Puckwheat said...

Hi, Ernie

I hope you're not getting sick of my posting over the last couple of days, but I am just so excited that I found your site.

I originally downloaded this LP from because I had the album cover posted there when I was a kid.

After downloading yours, I noticed almost a totally different songlist on your album. There are only 4 songs the same (Rudolph, Jingle Bells, When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter, and The Night Before Christmas Song). All otheres appear to be unique to your release. Thus, making the whole Caroleers deal even MORE confusing!

Anonymous said...

Ern, as you know the Caroleer stuff is impossible to find... at least at an affordable price. I sat out last year's download and now I'm kicking myself because it's no longer legally available. Any chance you might repost since it's OOP again? Thanks, and Cheers- Bob