Monday, December 11, 2006

Hollywood John

I would love to make a whole CD of Christmas songs from famous people. I don't know if I have enough yet, but I think I'm close. I'd have to throw in something from this LP that I shared last year, too. Do you recognize the guy in the picture? Yep, it's John Davidson. I remember him from Real People, I think. Or am I thinking for Fran Tarkington? Now I'm all confused. Just go download John Davidson-My Christmas Favorites (Columbia P 13348).


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie-

Fran Tarkenton & John Davidson (alongside Cathy Lee Crosby) were the hosts of That's Incredible!

And I have another 45 track to rapidshare for you: I saw your post about the Command holiday album (which I didn't know existed, even though I have about 30-40 Command albums), and it just so happens I found a 45 last month for the Ray Charles Singers which features a b-side not on the album. It's called "A Toy For a Boy" and has a slightly haunting organ part repeated throughout (presumably played by Dick Hyman). I'll try and upload it this evening.

Ernie said...

Yeah, That's Incredible was the show I was thinking about. I was just confused from posting so much music! A new Ray Charles Singers track? Outtasite, send it along! I think I have another whole LP from The Ray Charles Singers, somewhere. I need to see if I can find it...