Saturday, December 16, 2006


Some of the most popular Christmas records out there are the recordings by The Caroleers. Problem is, there is no such group. These records collected recordings from any number of groups, then were reissued over and over again under different titles, different collections, different covers, different everything! But because folks had these budget-priced collections as kids, they still remember them fondly. Here's the first of two Caroleer shares I brought you last year, featuring two different covers for the same music. Why don't you go download The Caroleers-'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Diplomat SX 1720), and used that track order. The one below, The Caroleers-'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Diplomat SX 1720). Don't get me wrong, there's good music on these releases, some of it even great. But some of it's not, and it should all be released under the actual artists names. But it's too late for that now, I suppose.

Update: Now you can legally download this LP thought iTunes. Go get it!

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