Friday, December 15, 2006

A Break From The Ordinary, Part One

Here's something a little bit different from my usual shares. I don't ordinarily do choral albums, but this one caught my eye a while ago. It laid in the pile for a while, then I found a stereo copy. I was looking for something to rip, and there it was, so I went ahead and did it. The record is pretty noisy, so it's not the cleanest music you're going to hear this season. It's not bad music, just a little out of the ordinary for me. If you like this sort of music, then you will like this. And if you do like it, stay tuned tomorrow, because I also have part two coming up. But for now, have a go at Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Carols (Roulette SR 25097, 1958). There's a doodle that's repeated on the back side of both volumes, but the sleeve is in better shape on the second part, so you'll see the doodle here tomorrow with that post.

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