Saturday, June 11, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 24

Week 24! Wow! I never thought I'd make it out of January, much less into June. I can see the halfway point from here, and it's looking really nice. Back in the old days when this was more of a photography blog than a Christmas blog, I would post stuff all year long. But that's been a long time now, I doubt if many of you remember those days. For a long time now, it's just been Christmas and July, though I've managed to drag both of those out far beyond the month in which they fall. Anyhow, for week 24 I've got another 24 Christmas tracks from 78s for you. Once again, there's something in there for every occasion, as long as the occasion is Christmas. I guess what I mean to say is there's something in there for everyone, as long as you like Christmas. Enjoy the music! (I seem to have doubled up on White Christmas this week. Quality control is not my forte.)


And another week has gone by with no new uploads to The Internet Archive of 78s. They're really taking their time trying to get things right, I believe. Hopefully we get something new soon, I feel like I'm suffering from withdrawal. I've managed to dig up a few things from the past posts that I missed, but it's not much.

Update-4 Jan 2023-Added tracklist for searching.

1. Michael Raine With Russ Garcia Orchestra-Christmas Is The Time For Love
2. Stan Novitski And His Knuckle-Heads-Christmas Polka
3. Richard Jordan-Vocal Refrain By Mixed Quartette-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
4. Scotty MacGregor With Organ Accompaniment-It's Santa Claus
5. Margaret Whiting And The Mellomen With Frank DeVol And His Orchestra-Mistletoe Kiss Polka
6. Georges Thill And Choir With Orchestra And Organ-Noel
7. Emerson Military Band-Parade Of The Tin Soldiers
8. Pete Pontrelli And His Orchestra-Vocal By Larry Noble-Season's Greetings (A Cheerful Hello)
9. Florence Easton And Male Trio-Silent Night (Christmas Hymn)
10. Marconi Brothers-Accordion Duet-Skaters Waltz
11. Kenny Roberts With Instrumental Accompaniment-Sleighbell Polka
12. The Dixie Humming Birds-Bass Vocal By William Bobo-The Holy Baby
13. Tony Grise With Jimmy Lozito Orchestra-The Snow Man Song
14. Arthur Godfrey And All The Little Godfreys-Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction Of Archie Bleyer-White Christmas From Paramount Picture "Holiday Inn"
15. Quartette-Winter Nights
16. Floyd Worthington & Lydia Cortese-Christmas Carols
17. Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
18. McKee's Orchestra-Frank W. McKee, Conductor-In Wintertime Waltz
19. Cedric Adams, Freddie Bradish-Organist-Is There A Santa Claus?
20. The Angelic Gospel Singers (M.W. Allison-L. Shird, E. Norris-J.McDowell)-Jesus Christ Is Born
21. Ernest Hare And Company-Santa Claus At The North Pole
22. Peter Porcupine, Betty Beaver And The Whole Animal Gang-Snowflake Jamboree
23. Harold Parr With Horace Heidt And His Musical Knights-White Christmas (From The Paramount Picture "Holiday Inn")
24. Barrère-Salzedo-Britt (Flute, Harp And 'Cello)-Serenade For The Doll (No. 3 From "Children's Corner")