Saturday, January 22, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Week 4

Another week, and another great selection of Christmas tunes from the seemingly endless depths of The Internet Archive. I know Christmas is long passed at this point, but if you've still got that Christmas spirit in your heart, these are some great songs for you. From a couple of singing cowboys, through a few different big bands, all the way to some female vocalists you've likely never heard of, there's a little bit of everything here in this batch. I think there are also a couple of things I previously shared back in 2020, but from different records. Sometimes I can't remember which songs I've shared and which ones I haven't, so if I don't remember it right away, I grab whatever new records pop up. Then later when I tag it I will see that the tag has already been used, and that kinda clues me in. Sometimes the new versions are better, sometimes they aren't, but you just never know. It's only a couple of the records, so I hope that doesn't turn anyone off of downloading these lost gems. For the curious, I'm still doing fine, trying to eat right and choke down some pills twice a day that would make a horse cough.  So it goes. I'll be fine. And if you're still with me, here's the link. Enjoy!