Saturday, February 06, 2021

80-The Last Little Bits

Here we go, the last full post of the season. I had fully intended to end the season yesterday, with what I think is a better post, but then I stumbled across many of the short songs in this post, and figured I'd do one more day.  With a little digging I came up with a couple more things, but no good pop songs like I wanted. So instead you get a 104 year old Mother Goose Christmas story that sounds a little off to our modern ears, but it's always cool to listen to something that's more than a century old. And the Value Hit Parade Tunes are just horrid, not the sort of thing I should share at all, but I didn't realize that until after I had downloaded it. There's also one track in here, called Winter, that is a repeat. I previously shared it from a lonely 78, and then it showed up again in it's proper album context, so I've properly tagged it here to go with the other songs from the set. You can find the original share here, and delete it from your download if you want to avoid a duplicate. It's been such a long great year, there's so much I wanted to say. Some of that will have to wait until tomorrow when I have one final non-Christmas Christmas share for you, which is absolutely non-essential, but neat. Before that, I want to again thank the folks at The Internet Archive for collecting, ripping and sharing such a great collection of 78s for the world to enjoy. The Christmas section over there is only 1% of what they have, so please don't think it's limited to just what you see here. It's awesome, with something new to discover around each and every corner. I also want to thank all my visitors, especially those who took the few seconds to comment about something. It's comments that keep a blog going, and the many comments I've received this season have certainly kept me going this extra month. I hope you have all found at least a few neat little songs that you'll enjoy for many Christmas seasons to come. I know I've got a whole lot of new favorites, and that's tough to do when you have been collecting Christmas music as long as I have.  But if there's anything this hobby has taught me, it's that there is always something new and different and good out there, you just have to work to find it. With all that said, here's your share for the day. Download and enjoy!


Friday, February 05, 2021

79-Scoop Sweet Sixteen

Well, long story short, this was supposed to be the last official post of the season, but of course I can't stop looking for Christmas music at The Internet Archive every single day. And I found a few things that I could put in there to make it a really long post, then I found a double handful more, so there'll be another post tomorrow that will probably be the end.  Probably. I mean, you never know... But it's getting harder and harder to find stuff, and it's been a while since I've shared something I thought was really great.  So the end is near. But not today!  Today you get a whole mish-mash of things because I cleaned out the folder with every single thing that was left.  Too many duplicate artists for my taste, and even three versions of the same song that I just discovered today, one of which features Billy Holiday on vocals!  There's also some spoken word from the eventual Sir John Geilgud (he hadn't been knighted yet when this record came out), a country weeper, a live track recorded way back in 1939, some generic stuff, organ & chime stuff, two more Nutcracker sides from Larry Clinton (who is credited with inventing the whole let's-make-a-pop-song-from-a-classical-side over at Wikipedia) and even a song from Disney's Beaver Valley. When I go all out, I really go all out! (Oh, and a track from Jerry Fielding, who released a rare but great Christmas albums that's been shared out around these parts.) Lots to enjoy here, so download it and give it a listen.


Thursday, February 04, 2021

78-Not Really Christmas 3

A short selection of songs that are just a little too far off the beaten path of Christmas music for me to include them in a regular post.  I've done two other similar posts to this one, and the second set seemed to be one of the most popular collections of the post-Christmas season.  So I hope this one is at least half as good, if not better. I had high hopes for the Arthur Godfrey Beard track, but it's clearly not Santa he's talking about. And the Fruit Cake track isn't half bad, I need to learn some more about Toni Harper. As always, tracks are courtesy of The Internet Archive and their fabulous Great 78 Project. I need to get busy and start packing up my 78s to donate to their cause. I got the first two boxes packed and then something shiny caught my eye elsewhere. It's a great cause, and a great way to hear those records in your collection that you know you're never going to get around to playing, so consider a donation if you have some 78s to give.  Hope you enjoy the collection tonight, it's the last of it's kind for the season.


Wednesday, February 03, 2021

77-Winter Weather

A big bag of tracks loosely themed around some wintry weather, so you get snow, ice, frost and, ummm, waltzing. OK, it's a loose theme, but at least it's not a complete grab bag. Not a whole lot of time to post this one, so I'll just say real quick that all tracks are courtesy of the fine 78 collection at The Internet Archive, and I hope you enjoy the music.