Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time To Wash The Thunderbird

So, it's Saturday morning, and you want to take the Thunderbird out for a spin this afternoon. What do you do? Why, wash and wax it, of course!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Meanwhile, Back At The Airshow

Did I tell you I saw the US Air Force Thunderbirds at Airfest Saturday? Yep, and they were impressive, as usual!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Airfest 2009-Threesome

Well, someone commented asking if the picture I posted last night of the two planes in flight together was a composite. It's not, and neither is this one, a fly-by with three planes! This is the ever-popular Heritage Flight, where they get current Air Force planes to play with vintage Air Force and Army Air Corps planes. It's always a stunning sight to see these jets in formation with prop driven planes that were made sixty years ago. The prop is pushing as fast as it can go, and the jet engines are throttled back to something close to stall speed to make this flight possible. But it's awfully impressive.

Airfest 2009-B1

Here're a couple shots of the B1 that flew over Airfest yesterday. The first pass was the one above, with the wings at their fully extended position. The second pass below shows the wings tucked in, which I think is for faster flight, when this baby goes full throttle. They flew this plane in from Texas just to make these two passes. Then they flew off to another airshow going on somewhere else. (One possible destination was Pensacola, where I think they had an airshow featuring the Blue Angels.)