Saturday, September 17, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 38

OK, I've got a little more time this week, so you have to listen to me pontificate about the great stuff I'm sharing this week from The Internet Archive. It's a wonderful batch of stuff, etc, etc, etc. For the past month or so, I've been listening to the accumulated 2022 Christmas from 78 collection on repeat at work, and it's really exciting sometimes. I hear things I don't recognize, artists I don't know, songs I don't know, it's just full of surprises. But there's still the familiarity of songs I recognize and tunes that are familiar with vocals in a language I don't understand. There are songs I've rarely heard but the sentiment is there, and many of them just sound like classic 50s Christmas music. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of the collection as I have been. And Christmas is right around the corner, so there'll be plenty of time for you to listen to the collection. I see where I really screwed up the tracklisting this week. Thirty songs is too many for my little memory to keep straight as I'm selecting them from the master playlist. I got both sides of one record, and I think I see a couple different versions of Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers. Oh, and two takes on The First Noel, but at least they aren't both on the organ. Oh well. Try to enjoy the selections anyway!


Also of interest, I think I mentioned I replaced a temperature sensor in the back of my freezer. That seems to have done the trick as it's been almost three weeks now and I haven't had to manually defrost it. Pretty happy about that. I'll make it to twenty years with this thing yet, just you watch and see!