Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chanukah On Labor Day-Part 2

Well, I know it's a long way from Labor Day, but it's still part two of what I started way back then.  Been real busy trying to get ready for Christmas if you've been wondering what I'm up to.  I've got tons to do between now and then, so blog posts are going to be pretty light for a while.  But come Christmas, hold on to your hats!  Tonight I've got five more Chanukah songs that I recorded for you back in August that I should have shared with you in September, but here it is October.  Oh, well.  Track one is Hanukkah Song by John Klein from his LP Around The World On A Carillon (Columbia "Adventures In Sound" WL 135 (Vinyl is marked XLP 43458 from Schulmerich, no mention of Columbia), Mono)).  This is probably my favorite of the bunch, just because it's John Klein.  The other four tracks are all by The Jack Elliot Orchestra And Chorus from their album Hebrew Holidays In Song (Capitol ST 2167, Stereo, 1964).  The titles are Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages), S'Vivon (Dreidel), Mi Y'Malel (Who Can Retell) and Chanukah, Oy, Chanukah.  I wasn't sure those were all Chanukah songs, but the back of the label was nice enough to tell me which songs were appropriate for what holiday.  Anyhow, there's the last half of something I started last month.  Here's the download link, hope you enjoy them!