Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chanukah On Labor Day-Part 2

Well, I know it's a long way from Labor Day, but it's still part two of what I started way back then.  Been real busy trying to get ready for Christmas if you've been wondering what I'm up to.  I've got tons to do between now and then, so blog posts are going to be pretty light for a while.  But come Christmas, hold on to your hats!  Tonight I've got five more Chanukah songs that I recorded for you back in August that I should have shared with you in September, but here it is October.  Oh, well.  Track one is Hanukkah Song by John Klein from his LP Around The World On A Carillon (Columbia "Adventures In Sound" WL 135 (Vinyl is marked XLP 43458 from Schulmerich, no mention of Columbia), Mono)).  This is probably my favorite of the bunch, just because it's John Klein.  The other four tracks are all by The Jack Elliot Orchestra And Chorus from their album Hebrew Holidays In Song (Capitol ST 2167, Stereo, 1964).  The titles are Maoz Tzur (Rock Of Ages), S'Vivon (Dreidel), Mi Y'Malel (Who Can Retell) and Chanukah, Oy, Chanukah.  I wasn't sure those were all Chanukah songs, but the back of the label was nice enough to tell me which songs were appropriate for what holiday.  Anyhow, there's the last half of something I started last month.  Here's the download link, hope you enjoy them!


John Robertson said...

Hey Ernie!

First, THANK YOU for the wonderful sharity over the years. Great stuff, all of it.

Is there any way you can repost Christmas - Just a Minute with Elliot Lawrence and his orchestra? I was going back through to see if I'd missed any of your posts, and I must have missed that one somehow!

Thanks again, and keep it up. :)

Ernie said...

Thanks for the note. That Elliot Lawrence is certainly on my list of things to re-post at Christmas time. I doubt if I'll get it back up before then, though. But do keep an eye out for that and about 200 other Christmas goodies I've got in the can for this year!

John Robertson said...

Oh, that's fine, no rush. Just wanted to get in my request early! Thanks, Ernie.

Tim said...

Thanks so much for this site. I love putting these on my Christmas playlists and I think I enjoy the old album art most of all when it comes up on my IPod.

I notice that when I downloaded some of the Christmas in July collections that the album art wasn't included or dowloading with the files. Is it something that I'm doing wrong or differently or is it just that the info isn't in the file?

Ernie said...

Hi Tim, Thanks for the note. You're not missing anything on the July shares. I just get really lazy and don't want to scan cover art for two hundred albums or so, especially when I'm only grabbing a single track from each. It takes a lot of effort to motivate me at Christmas to scan all those covers, but I usually manage OK. Thanks again!

Uwe said...

Hi Ernie,

thanks again for your great xmas music. I enjoy it every year from germany.

Just another question. I Know it was mentioned soem years ago. Any chance to get the songs from the album FRANK SINATRA "WANT YOU TO HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS". I know that Frank dean and sammy are out on cd but what is about the other songs.
It is very difficult to get the LP here i germany. hope you can help me out.


Zepp said...

Hi Ernie --
What's up with Rapidshare?? - they're becoming abusive to the people that are trying to download for free --
It takes forever to cycle through their "nag screens" to get to the download portion, sometimes 20 times or more ... many times Never.

"All servers are busy", UNLESS you want to pay for a subscription, that will magically "un-busy" the servers.

Well, I really look forward to your offerings, as I have for many years .. but I'm afraid Rapidshare will be a Scrooge.

I wouldn't mind paying if other share blogs were not using other download sites. But paying for all of them would wind up too expensive.

Luke @ said...

Hi Ernie, have some new Christmas music that I would love to share with you, but I don't see a way to contact you on the blog... other than this comment!

Shoot me an email if you're interested!