Saturday, November 18, 2006

Can You Believe Your Ears?

I found this neat-o 7" EP last week, and I've been wanting to share it ever since. This is Hearing Is Believing (RCA Victor SRA-7-1, 1954). I saw a full size LP with this cover once, but it was in terrible shape so I passed. Now I have the 7", which to me is a little cooler than the full size record, even if it is shorter. I won't bore you by sharing out the audio on this record, it's mostly classical stuff, as recorded back in the 78 RPM days and the "New Orthophonic" recordings, albeit in mono. The date on this is 1954, so stereo as we know if was still three or four years away. Anyhow, I just love that little guy with the big ear. Maybe his other ear grew to similar proportions after the advent of stereo. I threw in an image of the flip side below, in case you want to read up on how High Fidelity is your friend.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Is Coming

Just a quick note to brag about the fact that I reached over 1000 recorded Christmas tracks today. That's just for this year, by the way. Since starting sometime in June, I've gotten 1006 tracks recorded from vinyl. I think I shared out 112 of those back at Christmas In July, and there were 12 or so from the Mike Douglas LP. All the rest are either things I wanted for my own listening pleasure or things I want to share during the holiday season. So stay tuned, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moon Over LA

I've been remiss in not posting more of my few shots from LA. (For that matter, I still have lots of pictures from Ohio that I wanted to share, but haven't yet. (Even worse, I drove four hours to Palm Beach today, didn't take any pictures, then drove back four hours. What's wrong with me?)) Anyhow, the picture above is the moon rising over LA when I was out there. I guess the smog acted to give it the incredible color you see here, which is usually only present in full moons, and then only when it first comes up over the horizon. I tried to get some of the many planes that were buzzing about into this shot, but those didn't come out. The planes were stacked up over LAX waiting for clearance, as many as 10 at a time were visible from my vantage point, all lined up in neat little rows.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Middle Of November

So, where am I today? Unfortunately, I'm back in Florida, which really isn't a bad thing I guess. At least you get a new calendar page to look at. Unfortunately, it's a Dead End. But what a view! This happens to be in Siesta Key Village, a small city on the island of, you guessed it, Siesta Key, Florida. The little road I was on wasn't much more than a sandy strip of old, crumbled asphalt.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Seven Miles Up

Here's another amazing view I caught from the plane on my way back from LA. I haven't figured out exactly where this is yet, but it's from well past Lake Mead. I'm guessing Utah, maybe. Anyhow, it's a populated place, as evidenced by the small marina in the left center of the shot. The lake is obviously created by some dam downstream, so in theory I should be able to find it. We'll see.