Saturday, August 14, 2010

Christmas In July (In August)-The Fifteenth Day

No, I'm not giving up yet.  I've got more Christmas music up my sleeve than most folks and I intend to let a lot of it out.  Today you get six tracks from Ann Blyth that center around one of the other stars of the Christmas season, Jesus' mother, Mary.  These tracks are all from her LP Hail Mary (Everest SDBR 1113, Stereo, 1960) and also feature Orchestra And Chorus By Joe Leahy.  I'd had a copy of this LP for well over a year now, and once I finally went to record it, I found that it was horribly scratchy.  By complete coincidence, I'd seen another copy earlier in the day, but I wasn't sure if I'd bought it or not.  I dug through the days record purchases, and there it was.  Turns out the second copy sounded much better, and that's what you're hearing tonight.  The tracks make up all of side one, and they are Hail Mary, A Child Is Born, Mary's Prayer, Joseph, Go Forth, and My Son.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them.  Here's the download link, have a ball!