Saturday, April 02, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 14

Here it is again, that time of the week when you get a brand spankin' new collection of old Christmas music from 78 RPM records. It's another fairly large collection, though it's not quite an hour of music because there are several short song snippets mixed in. There's also some selections played on the pipe organ, so if you're allergic to such things, beware! I think you'll like the mix, though. There's really old stuff in there, and relatively modern stuff as well, though by modern, I mean mid-fifties, since that's when they quit making these records. (I do love a run-on sentence, don't I?) Thanks again for all your comments on the past posts, and I hope this one moves you to comment just as much, if not more. Your participation via comments is what keeps this, and all the other blogs out there running. I hate running across a good blog with good content, and no comments. That's like being stuck in a room with no food or water. You just ain't gonna make it for long. But I digress. Here's the music, listen and enjoy! (Whoops, found a mistake in one of the image files. Had to go back and fix that, but it should be good now. The things I do for you...)