Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blue Eyed Birdie

I love these cormorants, with their bright blue eyes.

March Madness

The calendar page for this week is a rather spectacular bromeliad in the midst of blossoming. This plant is normally all green, but the leaves begin to turn a brilliant red when the time is right. The white bulb near center will continue to grow until it erupts into a large display of purple flowers. Pretty cool, eh? The little round item you see on the bulb is an acorn that fell down from an oak tree above. The leaves on this plant are pretty spiny, so I couldn't get in there and remove it.

Tis The Season

The mating season, that is. Take a close look at this great egret, and you'll see the tell-tale signs that he's ready to breed. The skin around the eyes has turned a bright green, and he's grown long decorative feathers that flow in the breeze. I'm saying it's a he, but I don't know for sure. I think both sexes exhibit these changes.