Saturday, August 18, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 39

Here we go again.  I've waited too late to get all the tracks for today written up, so I'm just gonna throw the lot up and tell you about it tomorrow.  For now, I need some sleep.

1. Holiday For Trumpet, Al Hirt
2. Greensleeves, Admiral Dan's Pandemoniacs
3. Arabian Dance, Ernest Ansermet
4. Drummer Boy, St. Albans Childrens Chorus
5. Adeste Fideles (Oh Come All Ye Faithful), The Sistine Chapel Choir
6. White Christmas, Nolan Strong And The Diablos
7. Let There Be Peace On Earth, The Imperials
8. The Bells Of St. Mary's, Jane Morgan
9. Skaters Waltz, Leon Berry
10. The Christmas Song, Tony Mottola


Friday, August 17, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 38

Hello! And welcome to day 38!  And for the first time in a long while, we have a theme day!  It's taken forever, but I have collected up a whole double handful of tracks from those most curious of records, the 10 incher!  This post is dedicated to by buddy Buster who has a whole blog devoted to 10" record, though he does often stray from the format (and I always give him a hard time for such dalliances).  Some of these are from 10" vinyl, but some are from the original style of 10" record, the shellac 78 RPM model.  Those are generally older, more fragile, and incredibly hard to record sometimes.  I've spent the past four hours trying to get decent rip of five songs from four records, and I'm pooped.  So I hope you enjoy what you get because it's been a real pain.  I don't know how Buster does it sometimes, he shares ten things a week sometimes, and I can't seem to go a whole week without missing a day.  But anyhow, let's jump into this 10" deep pile and see what's in it.

1. Sleigh Ride by Ethel Smith from Galloping Fingers (Decca 10" 33 RPM DL 5327, Mono, 1951).  I'm starting out with one that I recorded in 2016, but never shared out.  I think that was because I wound up pulling the same track from a 12" record, and didn't want to repeat myself.

2. Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Lyle Richardson, Baritone; Alexander McCurdy, Organist, from the LP Hymns Of The World (Fidéle 10" 33 RPM MRR 328, Mono).  Lots of obscure artists and labels in these 10" records.  And a lot of it has not made it to the digital age for whatever reason.  The recordings are just more obscure I suppose.

3. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Les Brown And His Band Of Renown from Musical Weather Vane (Coral 10" 33 RPM CRL 56077, Mono, 1952).  Somehow I wound up with two copies of this one, which is good because one of them was pretty rough.

4. Satan Takes A Holiday by Hal Pearl from Hal Pearl At The Aragon Pipe Organ (Replica 10" 33 RPM 33 x 502, Mono).  The wonderful world of organ music is not limited to 12" vinyl, as we shall see at least once more.

5. Ave Maria by Hour Of Charm All Girl Orchestra And Choir Featuring Vocal Solo By Jeanne And Evelyn And Her Magic Violin Under Direction Of Phil Spitalny, taken from Favorite Melodies From The Hour Of Charm (Columbia 4x10" 78 RPM C 108, Mono, 1952).  This is the first selection taken from shellac, one of the most fragile substances ever made.  So of course they used to make records out of it.

6. Bells, performed by and unknown artist but taken from Now And Long Ago-Silver Burdett Songs From Music For Living-Album 09 (Columbia 10" 78 RPM Microgroove JS-329, Mono, 1956).  From a large series of records, only some of which had Christmas related tracks, and thus the only ones I picked up.  They all had those old pockets taped to the front that held a little card so you could check it out from the library.  None of them ever showed being checked out.  I guess they weren't very popular.

7. Carol Of The Birds, again by who-knows-who from the next record in the same series, Now And Long Ago-Silver Burdett Songs From Music For Living-Album 10 From Book 3 (Columbia 10" 78 RPM Microgroove JS-330, Mono, 1956).  Never seen this series, but it's on Columbia, so it can't be that obscure...

8. Doll Dance by Leon Berry from Glockenspiels, Trap And Plenty Of Pipes With Leon Berry At The Hub Rink Chicago-Volume 1 (Replica 10" 33 RPM 33x501, Mono, 1956).  As often happens, I've seen the same material on 12" vinyl, featuring additional tracks.  But sometimes, the stuff on the 10" record is unique.

9. The Hanover Winter Song by Dartmouth College Glee Club-Director: D.E. Cobleigh '23, from Dartmouth In Song (James Campion Inc 3x10" 78 RPM BS 065750-55, Mono).  More shellac.  And you thought homemade records were unique to vinyl...

10. In The Good Old Winter Time (Adapted From "Amaryllis"-Air Louis XIII By Ghys) by Bob Hannon With Jerry Sears And His Orchestra from Songs For Little Folks (Mercury Miniature Playhouse 4x10" 78 RPM MMP 50M, Mono, 1949).  Kiddie records aren't unique to vinyl either.  How these things survived being played with all those years ago, I'll never know.  Both front and back covers were torn from the package, but they were there, along with two song sheets.  Maybe it never got played with.

11. The Skaters, Op. 183 (Schlittschuhlaufer) Waltz by Prague Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Dr. Vaclav Smetacek, from Famous Waltzes (Supraphon (Czechoslovakia) 10" 33 RPM HLPM 392, Mono).  That's right, Czechoslovakia!  I go to the ends of the Earth to get music for you folks!  This isn't even a single country anymore!

12. Yuletide, Park Avenue (From Musical Revue "Call Me Mister") by Betty Garrett, Comedienne And Vocal Septet With Call Me Mister Orchestra Under Direction Of Lehman Engel, from Call Me Mister (Decca 5x10" 78 RPM 466, Mono, 1946).  Last but not least, this is my favorite song, but worst recording.  Turns out the record has an almost inch and a half chip in one edge, it's still attached, but it's hanging on by a thread.  It gave my needle a double whammy every time it spun around, so you're going to hear a lot of thunks and crunks in the first minute or so of the song.  Bear with it.  Other than that, it's an interesting idea for a Christmas song. Never heard Hammacher-Schlemmer name-checked in a song before!

And that's it, couple of extra songs thrown in because a couple of them are so short.  Hope you enjoy this selection of small-sized recordings.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 37

I feel like I should have been on Day 37 some weeks back, but I'm still happy to get here.  Not a special milestone, but a good point to be at either way.  How many days did I do last year? 51.  Hmm, not sure if I'll make it that far this year.  I shared out a lot more tracks last year, too, they just seemed to keep coming and coming and coming!  But we'll see.  What's in the pile tonight?

1. We Need A Little Christmas by The Monterey Brass With Vocals By Mary Louise & The Michaels Brothers, a real budget recording from The Hit Songs From Mame (Diplomat DS-2385, Stereo).  The side I recorded this track from listed three songs, but there was clearly four tracks on the vinyl.  I had to listen first to be sure I was getting the track I wanted.  Not sure what that bonus track was.

2. Ave Maria, Vergine Fiore (Hail Mary, Virgin Flower) by The Sistine Chapel Choir from The Sistine Chapel Choir Sings-The Vatican Pavilion At The New York World's Fair (Kaye Records SC 1000, Mono, 1964).  From a nice gatefold souvenir album that I assume you could pick up at The Vatican Pavilion.

3. December: The First Snow Of Winter by Arthur Godfrey With Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction Of Archie Bleyer from Arthur Godfrey's TV Calendar Show (Columbia CL 521, Mono, 1953).  I thought I'd already shared this out with you this season, but I saw it was still in my folder.  I hope I'm not screwing something up here.  Arthur Godfrey showed up sometime recently on my TV in a small cameo bit during Four For Texas.  Not the best Rat Pack film, but it has another nice cameo from the very old Three Stooges!

4. Mary Born A Baby by The Lycoming College Choir-Walter G. McIver, Director, from Let Us Break Bread Together (Lycoming Records LLP 500, Mono).  Not sure if I've ever heard this song before.  I guess that's a good thing about these home-recorded records, you hear stuff that you've not encountered before.

5. My Favorite Things by Don Baker from The Great Songs From The Motion Pictures My Fair Lady, The Sound Of Music, West Side Story (Kapp KL-1411, Mono, 1964).  Because you needed more organ music from The Sound Of Music.

6. Sugar Plum Cha Cha by Ray Rasch And The Pipers 10 from Flutes Front & Center!-The Persuasive Flutes (Warner Bros W 1454 Promotion Not For Sale, Mono, 1962).  I can't tell you how excited to give you cha cha Nutcracker music performed on the flute and organ!  It's like four great tastes that taste great together!

7. Amen by St. Albans Childrens Chorus-Lucille Burney, Director-Ruth Perkins, Accompanist-Solist, Kenneth Burney, from St. Albans Childrens Chorus Sings (No Label SXB-600/-601, Stereo). Not bad, but a big let down after cha cha Nutcracker organ flute music...

8. The Bells Of Saint Mary's by The Choir Of The Church Of Saint Mary-Rev. John J. Bonzagni, Director, from the LP The Choir Of The Church Of Saint Mary-Lee, Massachusetts (Vogt Quality Recordings 2xLP CSRV 2754, Stereo).  You know what this needs? A cha-cha beat.

9. The Snow Maiden: Dance Of The Buffoons by RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra-Robert Russell Bennett, Conductor, from It's Classic But It's Good (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2238, Stereo, 1958).  I saw Robert Russell Bennett and knew I had to try and find something on this one to share.

10. March Of The Lunatics by Leonard Pennario from The Two Pianos Of Leonard Pennario (Capitol SP 8517, Stereo, 1960).  I have no idea what's going on here.  Something about two different tracks in two different keys played by the left and right hands.  Someone smarter than I can figure it out, I'm sure.

And that's it, ten more tracks.  Is it Friday yet?


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 36

And...I'm back!  Sorry about the little intermission there.  Had some intestinal issues that kept me close to a toilet for a few days.  Not pleasant, believe me.  Got an appointment with a specialist next week, hopefully they can do something to keep my insides on the inside where they belong. Still not 100%, but I'm a lot better than I was Saturday morning.  Still hoping to drag Christmas in July out a bit more, so thanks for sticking with me. I had big plans to spend the whole weekend recording more stuff and now here it is Wednesday and nothing for almost five days...

1. Seasons Reasons by Ann Richards from The Many Moods Of Ann Richards (Capitol T-1406, Mono, 1960).  The title certainly sounds like a good holiday title, but the lyrics are a little hard to follow.  What's going on here, can anyone tell?  I've got another Kenton alumni to share with you, I should have done them together... Not too late, I guess.

2. Love Turns Winter To Spring by June Christy-Orchestra Conducted By Pete Rugolo from Gone For The Day (Capitol T902, Mono, 1957). I like this one.  Listening to it, it sounds familiar, but I don't know why.  Doesn't look like I've ever shared the track out before. But good stuff.

3. Sugar Plum by Joe Harnell And His Trio from The Piano Inventions Of Joe Harnell And His Trio (Jubilee LP-1015, Mono, 1956).  A rerun, but I think it's a good one.

4. Ave Maria by The Choir Of The Church Of Saint Mary-Rev. John J. Bonzagni, Director-Soloist: Mrs. Jacqueline A. Abbott, from The Choir Of The Church Of Saint Mary-Lee, Massachusetts (Vogt Quality Recordings 2xLP CSRV 2754, Stereo). A little something for everyone on this sprawling set.

5. A Cold Wind Is Blowing by The Modern Jazz Quartet from Patterns (United Artists (Capitol Record Club) SW-90835, Stereo, 1960).  If I read the entry at Discogs correctly, this is a reissue of a soundtrack recording from the previous year.  Does that sound right?  My rip leaves a little to be desired, I know.  Sorry.

6. Go Tell It On The Mountain by The World Action Singers Of Oral Roberts University-Joyce Lampkin, Soloist-Arranged And Conducted By Ralph Carmichael from Oral Roberts Presents (Light LS-5520-LP, Stereo).  Another rerun, but I remember liking this one, and I saw the LP again, so here you go.  A new copy of the LP, I should mention.  All of these reruns are from copies of the albums I've found since I first shared them.  I don't just go and re-record my old copies of the albums.  The old copies are packed away in a box somewhere, probably never to see the light of day again.

7. Holiday For Strings by The Medallion Piano Quartet from The Sound Of 8 Hands On 4 Pianos (Medallion (Kapp) MS-7510, Stereo, 1960).  I've given you this song on all sorts of instruments this year, so why not pianos? And if you're gonna do pianos, why not four of them?

8. Jesu' Bambino by St. Albans Childrens Chorus-Lucille Burney, Director-Ruth Perkins, Accompanist, from St. Albans Childrens Chorus Sings (No Label SXB-600/-601, Stereo).  Those kids...

9. Miniature Overture, another Nutcracker track from our friend Dom Frontiere and his LP Mr. Accordion-Dom Frontiere Plays Classical Favorites (Liberty LST 7008, Stereo, 1958).  Thought I'd shared everything I had from this one, but I guess not.  I really should plan these things out better, but I do it by the seat of my pants most days.

10. Satin Doll by Georgie Auld With Don Costa And His Orchestra from Manhattan With Strings (United Artists UAS 6068, Stereo, 1959).  This is very early for the United Artists label, you don't see too much of their stuff floating around from these early days.

That's a nice place to stop, some good stuff in there today.  I think I'm still a little sick.  Hard to concentrate.