Monday, March 21, 2011

The Big Moon

Perhaps you heard some of the commotion about this past Saturday's full moon being the biggest one in 18 years or some variation there-of. Turns out that because the moon's orbit isn't perfectly circular, it occasionally gets closer to Earth, and that's what happened during this full moon. So it appeared to be about 14% larger in the sky, which is really not enough of a difference to tell with the naked eye. But it was nice and bright, and it gave me an excuse to go out and shoot some pictures. I wish I had remembered earlier in the day, I would have tried to get a nice cityscape or something with the moon in it. I spotted it rising over the middle of the road I was driving down, and it was quite the impressive site, but there wasn't enough time to whip the camera out and shoot it. This shot was from about 20 minutes later as it finally rose over the other condo buildings in my complex. Everywhere I looked, people were outside looking at the giant moon. But I was the only one with a long lens trained on it. :)

Happy Anniversary To Me

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog.  Since this day back in 2005, I've been bringing you all sorts of stuff from old  records to photos of neat things and places to more Christmas music than you can shake a stick at.  I don't think a sixth anniversary is all that auspicious, so I'm not going to write up some big huge retrospective or make a series of lists commemorating my 10 favorite posts or ten favorite pictures or any such nonsense.  Just a quick note to pat myself on the back, and to say thank you to all of you for visiting.  Here's to six more years!